Journey Towards Greatness 355 The League Panics

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Back in the League headquarters things were going pretty well when suddenly an alert message appeared in the control room, some employees who are in the room quickly got to their work to see what has happened.

They suddenly realized that the team that went to take Hunter J have lost their connection with the main headquarters, this caused the men inside the room to panic and they bolted out of the room to inform their superiors.

Employee "Sir we have a problem"

The Employee ran into the conference room where they were having a meeting.

"You, what happened?"

One of the important men in the room asked as he saw the worried face on the employee.

Employee "Sir, the team that went to bring Hunter J and her men have lost contact, we cannot track their hovers.h.i.+p or chopper"

When they heard what the employee just said everyone panicked as well.

CEO "What happened?"

The CEO asked as he got up from his chair.

Employee "We don't know, our connection to them was lost in a second, we tried to track down the vessels but we didn't get any response, it is most likely that the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p has crashed"

The Employee said in a light voice but it was still clearly heard by everyone as the room was very silent.

CEO "Quick send out another team to their last location to find out what happened"

He gave an order causing chaos to fall in the meeting room once again.


Somewhere in Sinnoh, underground in a hidden facility, there are many men and women in black uniform, they all seem to be busy with their own work, they didn't care about what the person next to them are doing, they are just concentrated on their own work, they occasionally ask for help from the person next to them.

Deep into this underground base inside a room filled with beds and people in white lab coats, they are surrounding a woman on the bed, they seem to be doctors, behind these doctors is a middle-aged man with black hair and black eyes, he is staring at the woman on the bed, she is still cautious and murmuring something, her eyes are open but it looks like she is not able to communicate with them.

He is a special member of one of the underground faction.

"How is her condition?"

He asked the doctors.

Doctor "She is in a weird state, it's like she is dreaming something very bad, she is repeating the same words again and again, we don't know how to bring her out of this state, for now, we can only provide her with liquid food to keep her alive"

The doctor said.

"What is she murmuring?"

The middle-aged man asked.

Doctor "She is constantly asking for forgiveness, we don't know why she is doing this though, it may be related to her past"

The Doctor said.

"Fine, keep her in check, she might be useless right now but when she recovers she should get back to work"

The man said and walked out of the room, noticing the man walk away these doctors sighed in relief, the middle-aged man is very scary.

The doctors then went back to their work as they monitor Hunter J and keep her vitals in check.


Julian got out of the rocky mountains after walking for hours, after he could see that the road was clear again, he took out his bike and made his way towards Hearthome city as its the closest to the rocky mountains.

Julian "Hearthome city it is then, I should get some rest and refill my stocks as well, my pokemons have started eating a lot as some of them are close to evolving again"

He said and rode away towards Hearthome.

After traveling for a day he finally reached Hearthome city, he then rented a room in the same hotel as before and decided to take a rest, after getting into his room he took a quick shower and sat in front of the TV to see what's going on around Sinnoh and other regions, he switched through channels, he suddenly stopped as he saw Chloe on TV, he was surprised by this.

Julian "Is it a reality show? what is she doing there?"

He questioned as he looked at the TV in interest.

Host "Our special guest today is Chloe, she is a rising star in the film industry and she is also the girlfriend of the very famous trainer Julian, please give her a warm round of applause"

The host introduced Chloe to the audience, the audience clapped loudly as they welcomed Chloe, Chloe has become very famous as she started her career, she still hasn't done any movies or TV shows but she has been working as a model and she also gained a lot of following in the internet as well and being Julian's girlfriend made people interested in her as well.

Chloe "Thank you for having me, it's like a dream come true being here in this studio"

Chloe said and smiled.

Host "You're welcome, we are also glad to have you"

The Host said happily.

Chloe "Thankyou"

Host "By the way, I heard from a secret source that you are soon going to star in an upcoming TV series"
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The Host asked causing Chloe to get awkward.

Chloe "This, I don't know where you heard this from, but I cannot talk about it"

Chloe said and laughed awkwardly.

The Host knew he screwed up by releasing a piece of information that seems to be cla.s.sified so he decided to fix it, he is new to this show and he decided to do some of his own research and heard about this rumor of Chloe having a TV series of her own.

He thought of covering it on the show but seeing Chloe's reaction he f.u.c.ked up.

Host "Haha, I was just joking, I just tried to play and see if you really have a show coming up or not"

The host said and changed the subject and started to ask her about her life and how she met Julian and all the things the public are interested in.

Julian was also surprised by what he heard in the show.

Julian 'Is she really getting a TV show, from her expression she might be getting one, I should ask her'

Julian thought.

Journey Towards Greatness 355 The League Panics

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