Journey Towards Greatness 387 Back At The Lake

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The next morning as Julian was sleeping peacefully he suddenly heard a loud scream which caused him to get up and looked at the source, it was Daisy and Chloe, they are screaming in joy after seeing how cute Crystal looks on top of Julian while it is sleeping.

Julian "Shh, quiet down, or it will get up and cr-"

Before he could finish completing his words, Crystal got up and started to cry, it didn't like being woken up and would get irritated with it, so it will cry to show its irritation.
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Julian "Here, here take this and drink, go back to sleep"

Julian quickly pulled out a bottle of MooMoo milk and quickly gave it to Crystal as it fed on it and went back to sleep in his hands, he then put Crystal back in his pocket.

Julian "Next time don't scream, Crystal get annoyed by loud noises while it is sleeping"

He whispered.

Daisy/Chloe "We understand"

They whispered as well.

Julian "Good, let me prepare you lunch, then you guys can leave for your shoot"

He said and got into the kitchen since they asked him to make lunch for them he couldn't ignore it, he made their favorites for both of them and packed it in a lunch box and gave it to them when they got ready to leave.

They are dressed up well which caught Julian's eye as he admired the beauty.

Chloe "If you keep staring at us we might not be able to leave"

Daisy "Chloe our ride is here, let's go"

Julian "Why don't you leave Gardevoir and Flygon behind, I want them to spend some time together with my new batch, Infernape will tag along with you"

He said and called out Infernape, Infernape came out and looked around.

Julian "Infernape can you go with Chloe and Daisy and protect them, I want Flygon and Gardevoir to bond with others, and I trust you the most to keep Daisy and Chloe safe"

He said to Infernape.

Infernape nodded his head agreeing to it.

Chloe "You don't have to do this"

Julian "Don't worry about it, I am doing this for me, if Infernape is with you I will feel safe"

Julian said.

Chloe and Daisy nodded as they pa.s.sed Gardevoir and Flygon's Pokeball back to Julian.

Daisy then grabbed Chloe's hand and dragged her away, they bid their farewell as Julian closed the door behind them and sighed.

Julian "Time to do some research"

He said and sat down in front of the computer since he is in Snowpoint city he wants to challenge the gym before leaving in search of this cult.

He searched for the Snowpoint gym and a link appeared on the screen, he clicked on it and a large amount of information came in front of his eyes.

The gym leader's name is Candice, she is a seventeen-year-old teenager who is an expert in Ice-type pokemons, her main pokemon is Abomasnow and the rest of her pokemons keep changing according to the challenger she is facing against.

Her win-loss ratio is 70% in the first challenge which is the second-highest that Julian has come across, first being Byron, seeing that Candice is a promising gym leader Julian is curious to see what she can bring to the table, one more this is her pokemons are stronger that Byron's, those he used to challenge Julian were not his ace because Julian's Sinnoh team is still not at their best, this time things can get a little slippery because battling on ice is a difficult task.

Julian "Ice-type huh? Who should I choose for this battle? Cranidos has been holding off his evolution for a very long time and he should be ready to evolve as he is already at his physical limit, I will use him, and Togetic, she needs a little more experience in gym battles, she will do"

He said and decided to go with Cranidos and Togetic while Victini as his backup.

Julian "Now that I have decided, let's go train then"

He said and got off his seat and walked out of the room and headed toward the forest, riding his bike on the road that is covered in thick snow was very challenging so he had to apply spiky chains on the wheels of the bike, after applying them he headed straight to the forest as he didn't want to waste any more of his time.

After getting back to the forest he decided to go towards Lake Acuity, he still wanted to dive in with Crystal and see how things are inside the lake.

Once they got back Julian looked at the frozen lake once again, the hole he had made had already frozen once again.

Julian "It sure did freeze up fast"

He said and lightly patted his pocket, Crystal popped its head out and looked around finding itself back at the same lake as it was yesterday.

Julian "Crystal, use Flame Thrower on the ice"

Crystal got out of his pocket and floated on top of the frozen lake, it then shot a hot burst of flames from its little mouth but the flames that came out of it was enormous, it engulfed the ice on the top and melted it in a second.

Julian "Let's dive in"

He said and dove in and Crystal followed behind, as Julian and Crystal entered the water Julian felt nothing, not even a single trace of Omniforce inside, he looked at the pokemon living in this water and for some reason they seem to be sick.

He understood why it is like this, these pokemons have lived their whole life inside this lake that contains Omniforce and now that it has disappeared they feel weird.

Julian 'This is going to be a problem'.

Journey Towards Greatness 387 Back At The Lake

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