Journey Towards Greatness 375 Talking To Cynthia

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Julian finished preparing the food and started to serve it, Cynthia took her bowl and took a spoon full and ate it, once she did she was really surprised, she knew that this would be delicious food from how it smelled but the taste is way over her expectation.

Cynthia "Wow, this is delicious, no wonder your pokemons were so excited to have their lunch"

Cynthia said and started to eat the food, eat bite made her eat faster and she finished it in a jiff, she looked at Julian and saw Julian staring at her with a bowl in his hand still filled with his food, she realized that she ate all that in a minute, she is embarra.s.sed by this.

Julian "Seconds?"

Julian asked with a smile.

Cynthia "No, I am good and the food was delicious"

She said and pa.s.sed the bowl back to Julian.

Julian "Thankyou"

He said and put the thing away, Cynthia then looked at Julian's pokemon and saw how they trained, while she saw the little ones train with each other, she saw the older ones having their eyes closed zoned out.

Cynthia "Are they also training?"

She asked as she pointed at Infernape.

Julian "Indeed, once you reach the physical limit, its all about the internal strength, the better they are at it they more powerful they become"

Julian said.

Cynthia "I see, I wondered why Garchomp has not advanced after reaching a point, she has been stuck on the same level"

Cynthia said.

Julian "Maybe you should tell her to master her dragon and ground energy, understand once energy and wavelength is the next step"

Cynthia "I will look into it"

She said and nodded.

Cynthia "So what is this we wanted to talk about, I think I need to know everything"

Julian "Yes, I think you should know about it because Sinnoh is in big trouble, maybe not only Sinnoh but the whole world as well"

Hearing this Cynthia frowned and looked at Julian.

Cynthia "Why do you say so?"

She asked.

Julian then pulled out the Griseous...o...b..and showed it to Cynthia, when she saw the Orb she got surprised.

Cynthia "Is that the real thing?"

She exclaimed as she got close to Julian and looked at the Orb in his hand, she could feel the power of this...o...b..radiating off it.

Cynthia "How did you get it?"
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She asked and looked into his eyes.

Julian "Cyrus"

Cynthia "Cyrus? How did he get his hand on this...o...b..and how did you receive this from him?"

She bombarded him with a lot of questions.

Julian "For some reason, Cyrus has found a way to get these orbs, the legendary pokemon Uxie seems to be in trouble as well, my speculation is that Cyrus has the hold of it"

Cynthia "Cyrus has the hold of the legendary pokemon Uxie? How is that even possible?"

Julian " my hand belongs in Lake Acuity guarded by Uxie. If the Orb is in my hands where is Uxie?"

Cynthia "It's captured or killed"

Cynthia said as her voice stuttered, she couldn't believe something like this could happen.

Julian "No Uxie cannot be dead, Cyrus needs it to accomplish his goal"

Cynthia "What is his goal?"

Julian "That I don't know, but he is after these Orbs, these Orbs have the will of the three creators, Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina, with all these three Orbs he can rule the world, I was lucky enough to find him while he was doing something stupid"

Julian said.

Cynthia "I thought these Orbs were created to call the legendaries into our world"

She said.

Julian "That's what the legend says, these Orbs hold their will, any one of their wills is powerful enough to destroy this whole world, there will alone can create another dimension where a whole new world can be created"

Cynthia "How did you find out about it?"

Julian "I had this...o...b..for months, I have been doing my research, these Orbs are more than just calling devices, they hold their power as well"

Julian said.

Cynthia "So how will you handle Cyrus?"

She asked.

Julian "No, it won't be me who will handle Cyrus, you are in charge of him, I will go after this cult that wors.h.i.+p Giratina, for some reason I think that this cult is very dangerous and I need to find them"

Cynthia "A cult? I think I know who you are talking about"

Julian "Do you know about them?"

Cynthia "Yes, the League is after this cult but they are very dangerous, their method is cruel, the League actual found human sacrificial remains in one of their hideouts"

She said, hearing this Julian frowned, human sacrifice is something that he has never experienced, he doesn't like the idea of sacrificing a life for wors.h.i.+p.

Julian "I think it settles it then, we will go to Lake Acuity, find out if Uxie is present or not, then you go after Cyrus, get the League behind him and his Team Galactic, while I go on this wild hunt after this cult"

Julian said.

Cynthia nodded her head as she saw Julian put away the Orb.

Journey Towards Greatness 375 Talking To Cynthia

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