Magical Explorer Chapter 32

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Magic Academy 2

Magic Academy's when compared to normal schools are a little special.

In the morning we take essential subjects like general education and in the afternoon we can take optional like an applied magic lesson. Surprisingly, both the essential subjects and practical lessons are not the only requirements for advancing the school year or graduation. Instead, you can drop the and graduate by acquiring the dungeon credits. On the contrary, you can also graduate by dropping the dungeon credits and focus on the as well.

"It is not good for you to neglect the essential Why? Because earning dungeon credit will not be easy.”

The teacher said so and write the number 60 on the whiteboard.

"The 60th floor of Tsukuyomi academy dungeon, this is the floor that you have to aim for in order to graduate."

In the game, capturing the 60th floor is the requirement to avoid the bad end. You will enter the bad end for sure if you can't capture it by your third year. No matter how well you get along with the heroines you will end up working alone at the frontier, a lonely ending for your story. Well, there is an ending where the protagonist joins hand with the demon which you can get without capturing the 60th floor though. If Iori ever goes into that direction I will use all my power to stop him.

"Only 50 percent of the students are able to capture the 60th floor by their third year, in other words only half of the students are able to graduate using dungeon credit."

So, how much time should I take to capture the 60th floor? In the game, if it is your first run the normal speed to capture that floor is around the second year or the end of the first year at the earliest. If it is your second run, you can capture it the same day you enter the dungeon though. To surpa.s.s the protagonist, my goal is to capture it within my first year.

"Those of you who aim to be a researcher wouldn't have to capture the 60th floor but I think you should still aim for it. There will be a lot of things you can learn by going in there."

The teacher said so and put down his pen sweeping his gaze around at the students.

"Well, in short, both ways are applicable but the ideal is to have a pa.s.sing score in both fields. It will help you get a job after all. Ah, for those who aim to join the magic knight order, having good grades in both fields is a must. Be sure to take note of that."

I lean against the wall(window) while taking a peek at Iori. It is the same old boring face of an eroge protagonist. He earnestly listened to the teacher so much that he doesn't notice my gaze.

The reason why he is listening so seriously right now is probably the same as the game. He was saved by a certain magic knight when he was a child so he looks up to them and even his reason for entering the academy was to become one. When there's a talk about the knight order he will always listen to it seriously. Well, if there's a talk about eroge I would listen seriously too.

"Well then, for those who want to enter this dungeon, you will have to enter the beginner dungeon which is managed by the academy first."

The beginner dungeon has eleven floors. If you capture it normally you will only be able to advance up to the 10th floor but if the conditions are met the path to the 11th floor will open.

"The dungeon will be available in five days, we will tell you more details at that time. For now, use this period to thoroughly prepare yourselves. "

Speaking of which, how will this world treat the existence of extra floors or hidden dungeon? Do people just announce the clearing condition or are they keeping it a secret? Is it possible that no one knows about them at all?

A little research might be necessary.

While I was deep in thought the bell chime signaling the end of the cla.s.s. The only cla.s.s left for today is the physical fitness measurement, it is a very very important scene in the game.

"What are you doing looking so serious?"

Iori calls out to me while staring at my face.

"Nothing, I was just thinking about something."

"Let's go then."

Iori said, pointing at the door.  I get up from my seat and head toward him.

Now, what should I do? Speaking of fitness measurement, in the game, it is an opportunity you can witness the heroines(plus the mobs) in their underwear from the third person point of view (G.o.d POV) and get the CG(Ill.u.s.tration). If I can, I want to get one……. No, I want to burn it into my own eyes.

Then, isn't there any way I can get a peek inside that changing room?

Can I pretend to coincidentally enter the room? No, that's too difficult. Should I get in by using some kind of magic? I don't remember such convenient magic though. d.a.m.n it, I should learn some illusion magic for a situation like this.

"Ugh….I can't remain like this."

A question mark appears on his head.

I stare blankly like an abandoned cat (One of the heroine's moves) at Iori.

"Hey Iori, what kind of girl do you like?"

"Eh, what are you saying all of the sudden."

"Well, it's a fitness measurement, right? You can see the girl's unde–Ahem You can see their athletic abilities, right? Wouldn't you want to look at the girl you like?"

"Eh, don't you have to think about getting a good result yourselves before that?"

SO EARNEST!! Wouldn't you normally worry about the girl first (I'm joking.)

"No no, there are a lot of cute girls in our cla.s.s, right? The cla.s.s rep for example, even Ludi is cute too."

There're both main and sub heroines in the cla.s.s along with characters that can join the party. I am interested in which of these people is on his mind.

"Yeah, th, they're certainly cute."

Iori turned a little shade of red when he muttered so.

"RIGHT? If you have any girl you like just tell me, okay? I can tell you their blood-type, favorite food, hobbies to their three-sizes."


The color in his eyes change and shouted with a loud voice.

"Tsk, you idiot, your voice is too loud."

Iori flutteringly covers his mouth with both hands. Good thing that there's no girl around. I don't mind being stared at by men after all.

"Of course I won't tell you for free, all I need is a little compensation."

Saying so, I made a circle with my right hand.

"You are charging money?"

"Well, the price will depend on the importance of the information. You can find out their favorite food just by doing a little investigation after all. Some juices or lunch coupons will be enough for that. I could tell you their blood-type for free though. I will have you pay for the information that I have to risk my neck to get them and I won't be selling you any of their personal information though."

As a matter of fact, the game's Takioto Kousuke did something similar. I can pay him with magic stone or money to get information about the heroines but it is not really useful since you can just save and load when you made a wrong choice after all.

"M, Money.."

Somehow Iori is looking depressed. Come to think of it, the protagonist hasn't got much-starting money, huh. He will be loaded by the end game and the second playthrough though. On the contrary, on the third run, you will start running out of things to buy and by the fourth run, your money will just stay rotten inside your inventory.

"Well, I can give you a friendly discount for the first time though. How about one lunch coupon for a piece of information sound?"

We continue our meaningless banter while changing our clothes. After that, we just head to the test venue for our fitness test. Regrettably, I couldn't collect any CG today.

Magical Explorer Chapter 32

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