Magical Explorer Chapter 33

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The double chapters as promised.

Magic Academy 3

In Magical Explorer, Takioto Kousuke is considered a poor student.

It was not because he can't use long-range magic despite possessing a large amount of magic power. There is a troupe you often see in a light novel setting such as "This d.a.m.n second rate can't even use basic magic" but that is not the case here. This world recognizes the thing that should be recognized. For example, if you can't use magic but instead you can invent magic tools you could still get invited to teach at the Magic Academy. 

Then why did people treated him like a second rate? That is simply because he was a muscle brain (Even his brain is made of muscle) and even his academic ability was poor. Also beside muscle, his brain is filled with erotic stuff (His brain was made up of Ero).

Seem like I have the quality to become like that too. Not that I am against the Ero part though.

"s.h.i.+t, this doesn't make any sense."

Basic arithmetic and language are pretty much the same as j.a.pan so I am not worried but in terms of magic knowledge and history, rather than middle school level, I am at the level of elementary school students. On some subjects, I might even be worse off than them.

"What's wrong?"

Ludi called out from the seat in front of me. Originally she should use some uncomfortable n.o.ble's polite tone but……recently it seems like she can talks with her informal tone a lot. She still uses the polite tone against other people besides me though.

"It's nothing, I'm just shocked by my own lack of academic ability."

Actually, I'm especially bad in history cla.s.s. What's wrong with it you asked? Over half of the commanders in the warring period turned out to be female. It's like I wandered off into a world of smartphone games. Rather, this eroge world keeps getting more and more confusing every day.


She said while smiling at me. I don't know what she is thinking but it is certainly nothing good. I might not be able to avoid that but I still have a hand to play.

"Well, I got Nee-san so it should work out in the end, probably."

Since I have a teacher at home, I have to enjoy her service to the fullest. I believe with all my heart that Nee-san will help me out.

Come to think of it……. I gaze at our protagonist and main heroine, Iori and Katrina (Katou Rina).

Iori met my eyes and say "hmm, what's wrong." Seem like this guy has no problem studying. From the game setting, he has an average academic ability so he doesn't have any particular problem with studying.

But Katrina on the other hand. I remember seeing her staring at a formula like a snake stare down a frog in the game.

"Iori, seems like you are not my true comrade, huh."

"Eh, what with you all of the sudden."

"My true soul friend is Katrina over here."


Replied, Katrina like half her soul already left her body.

"Katrina….. Well, that's fine. Anyway, what with this soul friend business about?"

So she is okay with being called Katrina… since I have been unconsciously called her that, I will appreciate her permission. 

"If we fail, we fail together you know!"

I shook her shoulder while saying so.

"Wha…I won't. I was just only a little bad at studying."

Her voice getting smaller with each sentence. Moreover, putting it as just a little bad is quite optimistic of her.

"Fret not, for we have our savior."

"Hey you,……. Takioto Kousuke, right? You didn't listen to a word I say at all, right?"

I turn around and lightly poke Ludi's back.

"We can just ask Ludivine-san here to teach us. Rest a.s.sured, her brain is made up different than ours!! Now our grade is in safe hands."

"As I thought, you didn't listen to me at all. You have been casually treating me like I am an idiot for a while now you know."

"It seems you already decided on your own that I will help you study, huh. Well, I don't mind teaching Katrinsan though….."

So you won't teach me? Well, it's fine since I don't really mind from the start. My real objective here is to have Ludi and Katrina get along after all. These two, along with another sub-heroine can trigger an event that will be convenient for Iori in the future, that event will trouble me in a lot of ways though.

Though, I expected that they might not get along so easily because I kinda force them together but on the contrary, it seems they have moved on from having an awkward conversation to having a friendly chat with each other. The reason might be because Katrina is an honest person and is very easy to talk to. To be honest, I had a lot of fun talking to her. She does retort to every joke I shot her way after all.

However though, even if they're chatting so friendlily, Ludi is still using her polite language like an Ojou-sama (TLN: Lady). I hope there will be a day when she can chat casually with her friend.

All that left is………… I move my eyes toward Iori.


He gave me a rather cute reaction and continue to pack his stuff to move to the next cla.s.sroom. Even though he is the protagonist of an eroge, he is so unreliable. Who would have thought that a boring guy like him would be an eroge protagonist?

Well, let's have him meet some suitable strong guy. He can probably get stronger faster than I can even notice.

TLN: Iori's impression this chapter

Magical Explorer Chapter 33

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