Magical Explorer Chapter 47

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Beginner Dungeon Aftermath

Seeing the state the teachers were in, Ludi and I decided to immediately head home. 

Of course, our ramen trip was canceled. Well, it couldn't be helped since the situation has turned out like this. The cause of the panic is likely to be the Majin. The game described the event as "It became a hot topic inside the academy" with only one line though.

I changed into my running clothes as soon as I got home and prepare to head out. 

When I said that I will be going out to Ludi who is relaxing, she frowned at me.

"….Don't tell me, you are going to run?"


Isn't that obvious?

"We just got back from the dungeon right? Aren't you tired?"

If you asked me whether I'm tired or not then Yes, I'm tired. But…..

 "It's not to the extent that I can't run or do a practice swing though."

She shook her head like she was giving up and stretch while standing up.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm going to train too."

She called Claris-san and left the room with a wand in her hand. Claris-san glanced at me before she left. As for what she wanted to say, I am totally clueless.

Mizumori-sempai is not at my running course nor the waterfall. Of course, a serious person like her wouldn't leave the scene before the incident resolved. Well, since the only one that got attacked should only be the protagonist's party, the rest is to deal with the resulting panic of the incident. Let's pray that everyone can go home soon.

"Now the protagonist will attract the attention of the three committees."

If it's the first lap of the game then the incident will end with just that. First of all, being able to attract the attention of the three committees (with Takioto in the party) is already a considerable feat. If it's the second lap then the event will be gloss over though…… 

That's probably not the case this time but If it is then I will have to be more careful.

When I arrived under the waterfall I start practicing third and fourth hands. 

After that, I proceed to do practice swings. 

I will aim for a thousand swings for the time being.

Once I started swinging the wooden sword sempai gave me (which seems to have additional weight added to it) I try to recall the figure of sempai's swings then swing the sword down again. 

I felt a discomfort coming from my right side so I adjust my posture and swing down again.

After I swung the sword for a while, I started reflecting on the things that happened so far. Using the game standard to judge the action I have taken up until the dungeon capture, the score would be close to a hundred points. 

I acquired all the available skills that I can get, Acquiring the presence detection skill from Nee-san was out of my expectation too.

Even if my acquisition method is a little out of the norm, I did acquire mind eye which is a skill that was quite tricky to learn. Iori seems to be able to raise his power in his own way too so I have nothing more to say.

What a smooth start. 

Everything goes so well to the extent that I'm beginning to worry.

If we are talking about the future course of action then, firstly, I will have to completely capture the beginner dungeon.  Once I got all the skills that can be acquired from beating the eleventh floor, should I go for the dungeon outside the academy? 

Since I already captured the tenth floor of beginner dungeon, I should be qualified to challenge the other dungeons now.

Then where should I head to first? Personally, I want to capture the store bonus dungeon first since there is a special clear bonus there. 

Well, there's a possibility that I might not get it though. If that's the case then it might not be such a good dungeon to capture first.

It's almost time for dinner, the surrounding has already gone dark. I stopped swinging and head home. 

I take a shower and cancel the sleep mode on my phone. 

It seems like Nee-san still hasn't come home yet.

Marino-san and Nee-san came back when the dinner was already over and the late-night anime is airing. Their faces looked tired which is rarely the case for them (Ludi still can't read Nee-san's expression so she still sees the usual expression.) 

I served them coffee filled with plenty of sugar and milk, they thanked me and started drinking.

"Even though I investigated so much, I still don't know much about what caused the incident."

"It's a good thing that the students are safe."

Seems like the only one who encountered the Majin was the protagonist group. Well, it is the same as the game. His party was fine since they have president Monica accompanying them. If she is with them she alone would be enough to wipe the floor with that Majin. 

That person, unlike Mizumori-sempai, she was a cheat character from start to finish. 

Rather, out of the strongest three, Mizumori-sempai is the only one who was not strong from the beginning so let's considered sempai as the minority here.

But the event turned out to be troublesome now.

"The entry of the beginner dungeon will be banned for the time being due to safety inspection."

Nee-san said with an indifferent tone.

Apparently, they were able to capture some suspicious individuals but they still have to find out whether there are any dangerous elements remains in the dungeon.  

Well, it's reasonable. It's reasonable but this is troubling. I want to acquire the skills that I can get there before heading out for the other dungeons but it seems like I have to change my plan a little.

It seems the captured individuals are being interrogated right now. Since they said that this is a joint investigation with the Trefle empire, they might have found out about the culprit's connection with the evil G.o.d cult already.

Because it has only been a day after the incident, the academy is buzzing with the stories of the beginner dungeon. Mizumori-sempai said that normally we would already be a center of attention right now because we are the first party that captured the tenth floor but since there's the Majin incident, the dungeon ranking hasn't catch the eyes of the general students.

Normally, the ranking will be posted on the general information terminal Tsukuyomitraveller (the smartphone-like device) provided by the academy. But somehow the information about the majin was leaked out and now Iori's party became the center of attention (especially the party leader Iori). Some uppercla.s.smen even sneak a glance at him.

"Oh, there's someone here to see you again. You sure have gotten popular lately, huh! Now then, which one do you prefer?"

"I'm curious too, you are a handsome guy after all."

The orange-haired male student added.

Originally, it should be my job alone to act as the clown among the group but he (Orange) seems to have become the friend character instead of me. He is originally a possible party member in the game though.

To our question, Iori lowers his eyebrows as if he was troubled.

"Aren't they both men? Moreover, it seems like their main objective is Trefle-san though……."

Certainly, they peeked at Ludi while pretending to pay attention to Iori. Yeah, Iori is certainly the side dish here.

I don't know whether Ludi noticed or not since she kept chatting with Katrina. It might be quite a bonus for those who were aiming for Ludi, they got to see another beautiful girl like Katrina too after all. Her chest is non-existent though.


She glared at me so I quickly avert my eyes.

"Th, that's right, orange, you were with Iori when you guys dived into the dungeon right? How was it? Especially about that Majin."

"Ha? Orange…? Whatever. Well, I was a little scared but… Iori is surprisingly reliable, Kato was doing quite well too."

"Surprisingly, huh….."

Well, I guess you wouldn't be able to tell how strong he is from his appearance, huh. He usually looks so normal that he doesn't leave any impression after all. 

"Then how about the president?"

"Prez huh, she's quite bad news. She's totally a monster, right Iori?"

 "Yeah, even though our opponent is supposed to be a majin…….. it was like an adult picking on a baby. I almost felt sorry for that majin"

Fumu, the president's cheat is confirmed.

"And she is kind and super beautiful. I now understand why her fanclub is so big." 

"I even thought about joining MMM you know?"

Both of them praised her highly. But orange. If I remember correctly, aren't your preferred type……..

"Are you going after the president, orange?"

"Nope, Prez is certainly cute but I can not go Moe for her. She's not married after all."

Iori's face stiffens. Yeah, I was surprised too when I first learned of his preference. 

Remember, this guy love Netori, you know? Moreover, his level is so high that he will not succ.u.mb to any women unless they are married. Besides this point, he's a good guy though.

"As expected, I will be going after the math teacher, you know her? Seems like she just got married last year, you know?"

"E, Ehh, is that so!"

Oi Iori, your face's a mess you know?

"We pa.s.s by each other a lot lately, I think I will try calling out to her next time!"

"Yeah… do it in moderation okay?"

"OH, married women are so Moe. The trembling appearance when she tries to hold on to her fidelity when I forcefully corrupting her is the best!!"

"Y, Yeah?"

"What? Don't tell me you still doesn't have experience? It was the best you know?  But I will lose my interest immediately if they get divorce though, I wonder why?"

The h.e.l.l is up with this guy? If you don't watch your mouth, you will get stabbed you know?

I whisper to Iori with a small voice.

"If one of us ever get married, let's break the relations.h.i.+p with this guy"


Rather, it might be better to just cut ties with him now.


Author note: I still haven't come up with a name for orange yet.

In shoujo manga, there's always a rival character who seduce the male leads (or just there to repel the other women) and get jealous. However, in eroge, the friend character always says "I won't lay my hand on the heroines". They are the exact opposite of each other.

Well, An old man and a young girl's existent are the complete opposite from the beginning though…..

Magical Explorer Chapter 47

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