Magical Explorer Chapter 48

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Back to the dungeon we go.

Beginner Dungeon RTA

It might just be my personal opinion but I think that it is necessary to lose something to get what you want. It doesn't have to be an equivalent exchange. There existed a possibility that you might pay much more than needed for what you got.

However, if the price is what I considered to be small, I am willing to pay it anytime.

That's why I sacrifice the teacher's evaluation of me by abandoning the and head toward the beginner dungeon. Since the are taking place right now, there is no student around. The delinquent that normally skip the morning won't be here too.

I take out my student ID and channel my magic power into it to make the details on the card visible then I show it to the man at the reception table. 

He stared at the ID card with a face like he wanted to say something.

The reason that he made that kind of expression is that he is wondering if it's okay to send a first-year student into the dungeon alone even if the safety has been confirmed for the time being. Or was it because he is wondering why I would enter it again after I have already captured the tenth floor.

It might be both…

He made a face like there's a fishbone stuck in his throat but he let me pa.s.s without saying anything.

I took out my smartphone before stepping into the magic circle, open the stopwatch app and press start at the same moment I step inside the magic circle.

The most important part about time attack is to waste the least amount of time. One of the most time-consuming tasks in dungeon capturing is battling with the trash mobs. 

Of course, you may hunt them If you want to farm the experience points but normal time attackers would just ignore these trash mobs and fight the monsters at the place that you can acc.u.mulate the experience points more efficiently.

In this case, there's no need to earn experience points (raise level) midway so I will ignore all enemies and head to the next floor.

"Gyo Gyo!!"

Seeing me rus.h.i.+ng past them, the gyoblins are shouting at me. I paid them no mind and keep sprinting to the next floors. I collected all the items though.

Now, in the game, you can run through the dungeon without taking a break but that is impossible here. 

It's impossible to run for so many kilometers without taking a break. My breathing will be disturbed, my legs will turn to logs and I will be susceptible to surprise attack because of the drop in my concentration. 

Then where should I take a break? Wouldn't the place that the three of us take a meal break before be good? 

No, to get to that place I will have to take a detour. Then….

"It's the boss room after all."

On the fifth floor, there is a goblin boss that wield sword and s.h.i.+eld (goblin knight) I correct my breathing while running and immediately defeat the boss using third and fourth hands. After sometimes it turns into magic elements (experience points) and leaves behind the drop item. I don't really care about the magic elements (experience points) here but if I can't find a place to rest then I can only do it like this. It would be a different story if there's something I can ride to advance further while resting but something like that doesn't exist.

From the sixth floor onward, the monster's troublesomeness raised a level higher. The reason is the flying monsters. Sempai and Ludi are more compatible to fight them than me. Their attacks wouldn't get past my defense so I won't lose but since I don't want to waste time with them, I decided to run away.

I rush through the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth floor just like that and finally reach the tenth floor. The place I arrived at was not the place that I fought the hobgoblin with Ludi. 

I take out my smartphone and press stop.

"It's been one and a half hours. Seems like I can capture this place within two hours with time to spare, huh"

You can unlock the hidden floor by capturing the dungeon earlier than a certain time and it seems like I made it.

Now then, instead of the boss room, I am faced with a maze. To advance toward the hidden floor you have to get past this place. 

It is such a troublesome place to the extent that the gentlemen have to take notes while capturing this floor. However, once the information becomes available, the guide for RTA was made and this maze that shuffling its pattern all the time turned into just another straight path for the gentlemen.

This special tenth floor has eight patterns of layouts. All of them are very brutal as there are many branch paths and even some infinite loops in some pattern. I also had a hard time when there was no clear data for this place. The only saving is that monsters will not sp.a.w.n on this floor.

The eleventh floor that I aimed for can only be reached from this maze within two hours of game time. Incidentally, there's also a time limit for this place too. You have to reach this maze by one hour and forty minutes mark. 

Of course, the timer has stopped when I stepped into this dungeon. If you arrived later than that you will be sent to the hobgoblin boss room instead.

I control my breathing while continuing on a straight path.

The first branch I encounter is a T junction. I head east without hesitation. This time I encounter a crossroads. I proceed north and faced with another crossroad. Great, it's pattern D. If it's this pattern then from this point the route should be east, south, west, south, south, east and north.

I ran through all the branch paths without making a single mistake. 

What appears at my destination is a transfer magic circle.

"Jackpot, huh."

I check the time and step inside the magic circle.

At the transfer destination, there's a wooden golem. It's taller than me with a height of around three meters. Its body is made from many logs that gathered together to form a human shape. If a child made a human with wooden sticks it would like this. Moreover, thanks to the brown leaves on its head, it looks like the golem has brown hair which made its appearance closer to a human.

 Now, how will I take care of this? 

Of course, I will use an item to defeat him.

I take out two fire magic stones and use it against the wood golem. I got one from the time I captured the place with Ludi and another one from this run, so I will use it generously.

The two magic stones s.h.i.+ne and create two magic circles. Two fireb.a.l.l.s fly toward the wood golem, once the fireb.a.l.l.s. .h.i.t, flames ignited all over its body.

There are three types of wood golem. The dry wood golem with brown hair, green leaves wood golem, and bald wood golem. This time it is the brown wood golem. It is very vulnerable to fire damage and you can easily beat it by simple fire magic.

Of course, I can't use such magic, and I can't rely on the protagonist to do the RTA with me. However, since there's a magic stone that can be used against the hidden boss in this dungeon, there's no reason not to use it.

I smashed the burning wood golem with the earth element enchanted third hand. The wood golem fell to the ground with one blow. I keep punching it with third and fourth hands until the fires are extinguished.

All in all, it took less than a minute to defeat it.

I collect the dropped magic stone and advance further inside. There stood a statue of a winged woman. When I stand in front of the statue, a voice echoed inside my head.

-Thee did well reaching this place, As thy reward, I shalt grant thee a skill.-

My body gradually glows brighter.

-t's thought acceleration skill. Farewell, I hope thee wilt keep on striving forward-

As the voice faded away, a magic circle emerges from under my feet. When I noticed, I am already returned to the entrance of the dungeon.


I clenched my fist and raise it up to the sky. I got one of the skills that I set my eyes for. I am now one step closer to my goal.

I took out my smartphone from my bag and look at the time. I entered dungeon around eight o'clock and it is now nine forty.  Meaning, it took around one hundred minutes for me to capture the dungeon. It's a good record.

"Now then."

Since I already captured the eleventh floor…….

"Let's do it again!"

Magical Explorer Chapter 48

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