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The Peculiarity of Takito Kousuke 2

Sempai's POV

What on earth is she?

That was what I used to a.s.sociate with the out of norm President Monika. But Takioto has already taken that phrase from her. It hasn't been long since we know each other but there were many times that I was left dumbfounded by him already.

“If it's a crossroad like this then the path you will have to take will be north, west, west, south, south, south, east, south, east and then north. If it's the T junction then it will be different though. Ah, I will put together a calculation table for you later, so please check that out.”

I don't understand. To a.s.semble this much information, just how much effort he put into this? Normally, you would keep this kind of information to yourselves or sell it for a huge amount of reward but he easily reveals all of that to us.

To get hold of this kind of information it would need a considerable amount of effort. Just remember the pattern and mapping the entire area would take a lot of time already. Not only that, but he also researched the method to reduce the capture time too.

He was willing to lower his reputation within the academy to continue diving into this dungeon and when he finally gained this information, he simply tells all of it to us without hesitation.

I was anxious because of how willing he is to give us the information so I try asking him why he would tell us so easily.

“Well, I'm telling because it's you all, right?”

Takioto lightly said that while smiling. Because it is us……..Did you trust me that much…….?

Marino-san said “I want you to not spread the secret of the beginner dungeon” but who would spread around the information that Takioto obtained with so much difficulty? How can I bring myself to tell it to anyone when I am benefiting from the information he put together with so much effort.

Ludi and Claris-dono must feel the same way. Hatsumi-sensei on the other hand……….. I don't really understand but since she cared about Takioto, she would never do something that puts him at a disadvantage.

Seeing us who obtained a skill after capturing the eleventh floor, Takioto looks so happy like something truly joyful happened to him. Yes. He looked truly happy.

That look has never changed even after he lost against me or Claris-dono in battle. He certainly looked bitter but he seems more happy about our growth.

Who would be able to hate him?

I let out a small sigh to Takioto who discuss the cause of his defeat with Claris-dono, his opponent.

Normally, I wouldn't care about the rumor of the first year students but at the center of that, he is there. Before people just referred to him as someone who always hangs around Ludi but now the rumors are getting more malicious.

Second and Third-year students don't seem to care much about him but among the first-year students, he seems to be hated no less than the s.h.i.+kibu-kai. (TLN: Reminder: Ceremony dept.)

Among those that are malicious toward him, there are also some n.o.bles. From what he said, someone said “Just realize that you are being a nuisance to Ludivine-sama, stop relying on her generosity and stop troubling her already” to his face. But I am wondering who exactly is relying on whose generosity right now?

Take the case of this beginner dungeon for example, it is us who have been in the care of his generosity. There's no denying that I and Ludi have been given a lot of things by Takioto. I who have taken care of him is now on the receiving end. Yes, it was we who have been given so much already.

I'm still feeling okay since I can still give him the close-quarter combat lesson. However, that's not the case for Ludi. On top of that, her own existence is the main reason that people are troubling him. It's unavoidable for the LLL to be hated by Ludi now.

Additionally, since a part of the LLL said “Just realize that you are being a nuisance to Ludivine-sama, stop relying on her generosity and stop troubling her already”, the fact that they did not realize that those words applied to themselves would be amusing from a third-person perspective. However, from the perspective of the concerning party like Ludi and Takioto, I think that's not something to laugh about, It shouldn't be something that should be tolerated but…

With a little tired expression, Ludi is looking at Takioto and Claris-dono who started their rematch.

“Takioto, the biggest victim of it all doesn't care about it one bit. And Ludi turned out to be only one who one-sidedly worries about it……”

I will do a follow up for her later, but more importantly….

“It's fine, I am watching too.”

The presence that I felt behind me was indeed Hatsumi-sensei. She came to my side and look over Takioto's group, I noticed that she lowered her eyes a little bit.

“I will leave them to you, Sensei. I have to train myself more in order to not get left behind.”

When I said that to her with a bitter smile, she turned toward me and stared at me with her emotionless eyes.

“Kousuke is looking up to you Yukine. “Surpa.s.sing Yukine might be my final goal”, is what Kousuke said.”

It's strange. Why does he hold me in such high regard?

I asked him before, to achieve his goal to become the strongest, who would be the biggest wall for him to surpa.s.s?

“The person to surpa.s.s to become the strongest? Well, if it's within the same year then I think it's Ludi but the final one would be President Monika Mercedez von Mobius and you, Mizumori-sempai. If it is someone who is not a student then there's the final weapon level person but…. Ah, that's right, there's one of my cla.s.smates that would definitely become a monster later.”

If it's president Monika I can understand. Her power is on a different dimension. Someday she might be able to become a magician that can even rival Hanamura Marino after all.

But why does he put me in the same category as her?

Even if I say that I am not such a strong person, Takioto never gives up. It's already close to wors.h.i.+p already. As I was arguing with him, the face of my sister came up in my mind. Since I was born, the only person who appreciated me to that extent was only her.

Certainly, other people also said that I have the talent too. However, they never said that I can become the strongest. The only people who said that is my sister and Takioto.

“Kousuke is strange, but his words are also strangely persuasive. Even if it sounded emotional or irrational, his words still seem credible.”

His words really are strangely persuasive. they sounded like an unchangeable fact that came from the long years of his experience. That too might be the influence of the harsh things he has been through.

And when he said some unbelievable things, it turned out to be true. Like what he told us about this dungeon.

His persuasiveness might be the result of his action so far. Whatever he does, the result will always be alright in the end.

On the contrary, the third party who only saw him at the academy might take him as arrogant and irrational.

“Surpa.s.sing Yukine might be his final goal but Kousuke said that he is aiming to become the strongest.”

Sensei repeats her words.

“That's why I will be watching you, Mizumori Yukine.”

Being stared at by her emotionless eyes, I involuntarily avert my eyes.

“………I don't know what you expected of me but, I will continue training

Magical Explorer Magical★Explorer Chapter 59

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