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The imperial knight order (Fanclub) LLL's Jealousy

(Unnn, somehow the atmosphere is kinda bad.)

I know the cause but it can't be helped since Ludi who can act as their stopper isn't here.

Visiting the cafeteria alone after a long time, I take in the atmosphere and walk inside. If it was me from the time I was in j.a.pan I would be busy worrying about the meal price before ordering and head to a vacant seat.

Of course, there are a lot of people who are not interested in me, but there are also those who throw a glance at me. I would welcome the gazes of beautiful girls but spare me the resentful gazes of men.

(On the contrary, Iori's impression seems to be favorable though.)

For Iori who got featured in the Tsukuyomi newspaper a function that was built-in with the Tsukuyomi Traveller (The academy distributed portable information terminal), his impression is soaring through the roof. It seems they described him as [That normal looking guy who helped president Monika driven off the Majin”. Was the normal part really necessary?

Well, I think this development is pretty good. If it continues on like this, he should be able to enter the student council or the public moral committee. If he got the recommendation from the president or the saint and join their respective sub-organization he should be able to become a full member in no time. Rather, if he doesn't become a member there will be some troublesome events so I will have him join even if I have to force it.

When I put the mushroom potage in my mouth, several male students sit down at the nearby seats

They clicked their tongues after they saw me eating the most expensive dish from the cafeteria's menu and put their tablewares down on the table. Our order is the same.

“Speaking of which, you, I heard you lost against a girl in the mock battle right?”

He said so and laugh which was followed by the laughter of his entourage.

I doubted my ears.

In the first place though, aside from general games, most of the strong characters in eroge are women. Normally thinking, it's obvious. The gentlemen who play eroge are all aiming for the cute girls, it's normal that female characters would be stronger. An eroge that only featured some muscular old man like the western games or unadorable female characters would never survive in j.a.pan.

Magiero was not an exception. Male characters were not treated well. Except for some, most of them are small fries, they served as losers to complement the heroines. These guys probably never fought against a talented person.

The imaginary opponents in my road to becoming the strongest were mostly women in the first place, it's only natural that I would lose to a woman. Of course, no matter who you lose to, it would be emotionally frustrating. It's completely normal for you to want to be the winner next time.

Oh well.

“I forgot when, but It was true that I lost to Katrina. But I don't know about how you talked like you are making fun of her too though?”


I smile cheek to cheek and start eating again. Looking closely, I think I met this guy before, Ummm.

“Umm, Gnocchi-san right?”

“It's Gnecci! I am not a pasta!!”

Right, Gnocchi was an Italian dango-like pasta. was it? So it was considered a pasta even if it shaped like that. I never eat one from this world but I remembered that it was delicious. The one with tomato sauce and the one that has white asparagus and mushroom sauce was delicious too.

“Gnocchi sounded delicious right? I want to eat one now.”

“Drop the food talk already! My name is Lanfranco Gnecci!!”

Come to think of it, that was the case huh.

“Ah, sorry.”

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are talking with me like that despite knowing who I am…..?”

Gnecci-san glare at me. Speaking of which, he's a n.o.ble, isn't he?

According to the academy's rule, there shouldn't be any privilege given to aristocrats though. Well, there might be damage to Marino-san if he complained about me to his parents, let's play an adult here.

“Okay okay, calm down. The food will get cold you know?”

Hmph, he takes his eyes away from me and starts eating.

“Looking at your face only made the meal taste terrible.”

What are you saying when you are sitting next to me? I think it's fine if you don't sit next to me though…. Looking closely, the cafeteria is packed. I wonder why only the seats around me are empty.

Somehow a big shock came to me. I am feeling that loneliness like when

I was sitting on the train and people wouldn't sit on the seats next to mine and sit down somewhere else instead. I am not fat though……then is it my body odor? My middle-aged man's odor didn't come along with my memory right?

Gnecci's entourages are grinning while looking at me, some looked at me with annoyed gazes too. It felt like I became a bullied child. No, am I being bullied right now? I don't remember doing anything to them though.

“You missed most of the morning cla.s.s, you never show up at any afternoon Just what are you trying to do huh?”

As he continued his meal, Gnecci said that to me.

“Well, I want to become stronger.”

Gnecci and his entourage gave me a [Stop joking around] looks.

“You are such an eyesore! You are lowering the evaluation of people around you just by existing.”

He said that with a voice loud enough to make the people around us looking our way.

His words must be the consensus of his group. No one challenged what he said and give me irritated gazes, look down on me while pinching their nose and some just continue with their meal like nothing happen.

Feeling that the atmosphere is getting worse and worse, I-

“Right, sorry 'bout that.”

I said that and left the cafeteria. Personally, I have worked in a lot more stressful places before, if you asked me whether am I used to things like this, then yes I am used to it. Moreover, I don't care about it in the first place.

It just that, there was no need to disturb the people who want to have their meal in peace. It's easy to be the center of attention when you are fighting, it wouldn't do to disturb the surrounding people. This time is not a fight but some false accusation though.

After I apologize to the surrounding people, I put away the tableware and left the cafeteria. I planned to have a coffee at the cafeteria at first but I have to change my plan and buy it from a vending machine.

I sat down on a nearby bench and open the lid.

Summarizing the things that I have to do today, I throw away the can after I drank its content. Later, I join Ludi for her second time capturing the beginner dungeon.

“Everybody a.s.sembled?”

“Seems like Yukine-san is not here yet.”

Ludi said so while she is operating the Tsukuyomi Traveller to confirm some message.

“I see……… Well, since it's sempai, she should be here soon.”

Sempai who is always right on time would never be late. If she is, then she would definitely contact us first.

I look at Ludi who is operating Tsukuyomi Traveller and thought.

“Speaking of which, should we visit a drugstore on the way back?”

“I don't mind but why?”

“Well, I was thinking about buying an antiperspirant spray that contained silver.”

I don't know whether that will help with my middle-aged man smell though.

Ludi tilted her neck and approached me, the distance between us is close enough that our skin can touch. There was no time to avoid her. Without hesitation, she moves her face toward my chest.

She raises up her bang and puts it on her pointed elf ear. Her trivial action was so bewitching, I ended up staring at her.

She has a lively fine white skin. Her beautiful nape draws a beautiful curve, stirring up my l.u.s.t.

I can't think about anything besides the feminine scent that is coming from her.

When I desperately holding myself down, she looked down and sniffed me.

Although I was a little numb because I was always with her but Ludi is a very beautiful woman. It can't be helped that a lot of people would be jealous because I am close to her.

“I don't think you smelled though?”

She said while moving her face away.

“Is that so.”

Well, it seems like the middle-aged man smell didn't come along with my memory. Honestly, I'm relieved.

However, I will still buy the spray. She might have said that out of consideration after all. So, just in case.

Magical Explorer Magical★Explorer Chapter 60

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