My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 163 Don't Wear Jeans 2

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"I came for you, Isn't it enough for you". Abhi said staring at her.

"You are already mine, what's so great about bringing me something that is already mine." Shriya answered him back.

Abhi laughed and asked mischievously "What do you plan to do with your gift then, I am more than happy to serve you in any way possible".

She ignored his words, afterall he was speaking all nonsense and becoming more shamelss and teasing her, so she directly went on the table seeing where all the gifts were kept.

She then started unpacking all the gifts and she saw all the dresses, perfumes and jewelry. She saw most of the dresses are evening gowns and asked looking back at him "I like to wear jeans, why did you bring all these gowns?"

"You girls always wear tight jeans, It will take a lot of time to remove those, I don't want to waste so much time and energy on that thing." He is becoming more and more shameless with his words and she is becoming more and more used to them.

"You don't have to help me with that, I can help myself, anyway thank you." Shriya replied but her face was becoming more and more red.

She then turned around and muttered to herself "That's the reason we girls wear s.h.i.+rts and skirts". She said in a low voice that he could not listen.

"Then why are blus.h.i.+ng so much, what weird thoughts are you having now ?" He asked and he placed the empty milk gla.s.s on the table.

Then she said looking at the dresses and said "Beautiful dresses, I love them all".

He then walked towards her and hugged her from behind. He said "I missed you so much, How have you been without me all these days ?".

"I also missed you so much", She turned around and hugged him.

He then took out a small blue coloured velvet box from his tracks pockets and placed it in his hands and showed her his hands. He gave it to her and said "This is for you".

She opened it and saw a beautiful diamond ring. The diamond was cut so beautifully and Shriya looked at it and said with her full of brightness "It's so beautiful".

He said while holding her hands in his own "I love you".

She was so surprised to hear his confession at such a moment and he said it without any preparation and his expression was calm and his eyes were gentle.

She said staring into his deep eyes "I love you too" and as soon as he heard it, Abhi kissed Shriya with such a pa.s.sion that she was out of breathing no time. She then withdrew from her for a second to allow her to breath and resumed back to kissing but this she responded to him with almost same pa.s.sion as him.

After a while he pulled back and stared into her deep beautiful eyes and kissed her on her forehead.

He took her in his arms and walked towards the bed. He was kissing her all the while and placed her gently on the bed. He didn't break the kiss and laid beside her.

Whm he pulled away from her, she giggled and seeing her all smiles he asked her "What are you smiling for and at ?".

She replied "I am just thinking about something else".

"What exactly ?" he asked as his curiosity peaked.

Shriya said while placing her both hands around his neck and he was laying beside her one sided looking at her cute and beautiful face "Rahul told me that you will go around having fun in America, afterall you are a man".

Abhi sighed deeply with annoyance and said "That fella is getting in my nerves lately and what do you mean by a man".

" I heard men are more desirous than women and You being like this all of a sudden seems to be like you want to win against your little brother".

Abhi replied instantly "No I'm not".

Shriya gave him a look and he said "I have been like this since you came here, but I wanted you to accept me wholeheartedly".

She just looked at him and he said "Actually I thought to plan a grand party for confession but you surprised me with the welcoming party, I thought and wanted to confess then and there, but When I heard the good news from Manvi, I didn't want to disturb that moment and occasion and wanted it to be special for them".
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Abhi is a man with few words, same like Kunal. They are both introverted and talks less about their ideas and thoughts. But when Abhi was with Shriya he tells her everything in detail. So he continued "I am happy for Uday and Manvi, and I also know that you don't like grand things so I thought to confess .....", he stared at her and she smiled.

She didn't say anything instead she kissed him and they both resunned back to it. After a while both fell asleep cuddling each other in their arms and after a long time both had a good night sleep.

Shriy felt warm and secure when she was sleeping in her man's arms. She felt protected.

* * * * * *

At Uday's place that same night

Uday was so happy that he didnot understand what to say or how to react to the big news.

He sat by his wife's side and asked her "How long?"

She leaned into his arms and said "I am late on my periods and When I tested with pregnant tests it's positive".

She continued saying with a happy smile all over her face "This baby is a result of our anniversary night".

He looked at her and she said "I counted the number of days from the report and it was the result of that particular day".

"Did you tell your mother this good news?"He asked her and seeing the change in her expression he patted on her shoulder and she smiled and said "No, I wanted to tell you first".

"But it was not me who you informed first right ?" He asked her and she replied "I wanted to tell you and made a call and somehow I called Shriya mistakenly and she advised me to get a report from doctor first and show you the report, so that you will be more surprised, Isn't our idea great?".

He said "Hmm" and asked her "But we shoulder tell our parents about this and I sure they will he happy to hear it ".

My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 163 Don't Wear Jeans 2

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