My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 164 Sharing The Same Room With My Man 1

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Next day Shriya woke up and she saw her man sleeping soundly beside her. She tried to get up without disturbing him as she wanted him to sleep for a little bit of time. She knew he was punctual person and he always wakes up earlier than everyone else in the house. But he was tired with all the journey so she didnt want to disturb him.

She carefully removed his hand from her waist which he placed earlier during his sleep and went in to the bathroom to get freshen up.

She bathed and grabbed a pair if gym wear clothes and went out and she saw Abhi sitting on the bed with his head resting against the headrest of the bed.

He saw her and greeted her good morning with a smile. She wished him back and went downstairs to see if breakfast is ready.

Both Preeti and Rahul were already there at the dining table and were waiting for the couple to join them.

At the breakfast, Abhi said "As planned earlier, Shriya will be staying at the condo starting today and cka.s.sed will start for here starting this friday so she will leave this afternoon.

Hearing this, Shriya choked in her food and she was clearly shocked to hear this piece of news. He was angry with her before he went to America but the day he left there, he was convinced by her and that was the reason why she was doing all that. She wanted to make him forget about that, and she thought she was successful in doing so, but she has no idea that he remembered everything and will bring up that matter.

He was not smooth or gentle with his words instead he spoke in such a commanding tone that no one dared to question or argue with him.

They just nodded their heads and had their breakfast in silence.

Abhi left to his office as he had some important issues to discuss with Rahul and Barun. He was out of country for a few good days so he had to work overtime to copeup with the work.

There are a large stack of doc.u.ments he had to sign and other things. Kunal was busy with preparations for his next movie and he got a very little amount of time to spend in office.

Both Barun and Rahul were as busy as bees and they are already stressed out.

when Abhi went to his office all the staff wished him and he straight away went to his cabin in the first floor. There were files arranged neatly on various rows on his table.

A young woman in her early twenties came in wearing a black tank top and crew coloured mini skirt. She wore a four inch pencil heel and she has a light make up on her face.

She knocked on the door and entered the room with a smile on her face. She greeted him "Good morning" in her sweet voice and she said "I am Kristin, your personal secretary and I will serve you from today".

Hearing these words Abhi looked up and saw the girl who stood in front of him. He asked in an indifferent tone "Who appointed you ?"

She was a bit disappointed when she heard his indifferent and cold tone, but she answered him in a more sweeter tone "Rahul interviewed me and Uday was the one who appointed me as your secretary."
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Abhi said in a colder tone "Miss Kristin, next time mind your dress sense and also do address them in a more respectable manner".

She was sad seeing his att.i.tude towards her. She nodded her head and said "Sorry sir, I will do my best to do the job".

He resumed back to his work and said without lifting his head "Don't enter this room unless I ask you to and close the door".

She turned around and left the room with a disappointed face. She thought if she can become his secretary and follow him around she will have a chance with him, but she never thought that he will give her a cold shoulder.

Shriya packed her things and went there. As usual Naveen was there to pick her up but she didn't feel bad about it as before. She understood there must be some reason for his decision, so didn't ask much and followed his decision.

My Love Story : By Abhishek Malhotra 164 Sharing The Same Room With My Man 1

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