DOTA's Madness Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Crush Their Bot Lane!

Till now, four waves of troops have pa.s.sed.

On the top lane, the newbie was killed by the Scourge hero was completely fear. The soul of the hero he summoned is a powerful melee. At this moment, under the threat of the other party, he dare not come forward to farm, let alone interfere with his opponent. However, this was also good, although his own development has been affected, but cautiously, for a while did not give the other party a second chance to kill!

This undoubtedly gave Zhao Dingguo an opportunity to catch up.

Considering that the Dwarven Sniper has a long range and has been hiding behind the ghoul soldiers, it is very difficult to kill him from the front. Ever since, Vengeful Spirit has become the best target of killing.

Zhao Dingguo and Old Li agreed this without saying!

However, Vengeful Spirit had a skill called Magic Missile, which could stun the target while causing a lot of damage. If they let Vengeful Spirit release this skill, they may not be able to kill him. After all, after the first try, the opponent would be more cautious. Fortunately, Zhao Dingguo's Silencer was the best in this situation!

The second Curse of the Silent was released.

Vengeful Spirit, who had suffered a Curse of the Silent before, couldn't help it.

Seeing his mana continued to drop, Vengeful Spirit decided to throw a skill to lift the curse. However, in order to increase the attack power and facilitate the money faster, the second skill she choosed to learn was the pa.s.sive Command Aura, not the Wave of Terror that reduces the enemy's armor.

This time, her only choice was to release Magic Missile!

However, as soon as Curse of the Silent was casted, Zhao Dingguo and Old Li had consciously retreated a distance. Vengeful Spirit looked up and found that there were only creeps in front of him. In desperation, he found a treant with less bHPlood, and harvested it with Magic Missile!

After releasing the skill, the curse was immediately removed, but the mana of the Vengeful Soul was consumed a lot.

As an Agility hero, his MP was poor!


Old Li made a look to Zhao Dingguo, and then rushed up.

Through the gap between the warring soldiers, Vengeful Spirit discovered Old Li's intentions, but he did not choose to retreat in the first place. Instead, he used the ordinary attack to attack him twice before he wanted to withdraw.

But this time, he couldn't escape!

The acceleration effect of the Boots of Speed was very obvious. After pa.s.sing the soldiers who blocked the road, Old Li caught up with Vengeful Spirit in a few steps. The shadow of the Centaur Warchief on his body fluctuated, and the two front hooves lifted up fiercely, then slammed hard. Under the action of huge force, even the nearby ground was shattered and sewed together, which made Vengeful Spirit directly fainted!

“Double Edge!”

Old Li simply did not give the opportunity to the opponent, the second skill directly connected.

This skill has the same effect as its name, causing the same damage to both the enemy and Centaur Warchief. After leveling up to the top, the basic damage was very high 400 BP. For the a hero with high Strength as Centaur Warchief, this damage can be tolerated. For some heroes with a short HP bar, it's completely destruction!

The most important thing was that the Double Edge's cooldown was only eight seconds and had no mana cost!

Even if the Centaur Warchief summoned by Old Li was not high in level, but it is more than enough to deal with Vengeful Spirit. When she recovered from the state of Stun, her HP has fallen to the bottom, and then her life was taken by Old Li!

Zhao Dingguo, who helped the whole process, also mixed up with an a.s.sist.

Although the gold coin reward is not as much as the old Li, it is also a small profit. The experience of killing the hero is to raise his level by one level!

“So abnormal?”

Seeing that his companions were killed in an instant,

The dwarf gunman who tried to attack Old Li next could not grow his mouth.
He thought that his teammates could support it for a while, so he was still standing next to him with support. Seeing the revenge soul has been waiting for the resurrection of the resurrection spring water, he realized that his situation is in danger. But at this time, the old Li after killing Vengeful Spirit has been non-stop, rus.h.i.+ng over to the dwarf gunners!


At this moment, the idea of ​​the Dwarven Sniper is left in his heart.

However, how can he escape from his inferior road and the same shoes? Old Li always chased him to play, and once the double-edged sword skill cooled first, it started again. At the same time, Zhao Dingguo, who is far behind, also throws a silent curse within the limit of the cast range!

The second level of Silent Curse damage is already good. The Dwarven Sniper's blood volume is only a little left, and he happened to be taken away by his curse.

This killing reward was obtained by Zhao Dingguo!

The dwarf gunman is also a tragedy. In fact, he is already escaping under his defensive tower, but he eventually sent his own head.

“not bad!”

Old Li's far-reaching thumb to Zhao Dingguo is a timely compliment to him. Although Zhao Dingguo had a bit of suspicion of grabbing the head when he finally killed the Musketeers, Old Li did not mind this little thing. It doesn't matter who gets the killing reward, just kill it anyway!

“In the death team battle, death can also be resurrected?”

Taking advantage of the gap, Zhao Dingguo continued to fight money while asking casually.

Old Li looked at his life value and felt that there was no need to go home to supply immediately. So he followed the money and explained: “Yes, in fact, the death group battle is not as complicated as you think, except for the soul of the hero. In addition to the setting, the other things are roughly the same as the regular season. Of course, there is a difference in the final reward. The regular season only gives the winning point, and occasionally there are some small equipment. The death team war is given. Special rewards can also give you the opportunity to bring these abilities to reality!”

“But if it is like me…”

When Zhao Dingguo's question was not finished, he was interrupted by Old Li's smile: "Nothing, right?"

Zhao Dingguo nodded. He did not experience any reinforcement. The team battle was also empty-handed. Even if the victory of the death team battle is finally won, it seems to be a white fight. Just don't know if this opportunity can be retained.

“No way, missed it and missed it.”

Old Li shook his head and hurt Zhao Dingguo's heart with a very simple sentence…


After screaming the depression in his heart to the ghoul in front of him, Zhao Dingguo finally only took out these three words.

This death group battle has just begun, the outcome is uncertain, and his current super-sacred victory point is zero. If you lose, that is to be obliterated. I took a big risk and hit a game. In the end, even if I won, I couldn't get anything. There is nothing more tragic than this in the world!

“Not as bad as you think!”

Old Li comforted him with a sentence: “The so-called benefits are not just the visible wins. UU reading After playing this game, you can gain experience, lessons and growth from it. It is also a kind of improvement in strength. In fact, many users of the Super G.o.d platform have experienced successive successes, not only did not get any benefits, but the victory point was deducted to zero and faced with being wiped out. But in the end They have all succeeded in the past! The long-term vision, don't worry too much about the gains and losses of one or two games.”

After careful consideration, Old Li's words are still very reasonable.

With such a relief, Zhao Dingguo quickly calmed his mind and calmed down again.

At this time, the newcomer who had gone all the way on his way was killed again. As for the battle line on the middle road, the two are still entangled in each other, and there is no difference in winning.

Up to now, the record has become two to two, and there is no way to see which side is more advantageous. Zhao Dingguo, who has no winning points on his body, does not want to be obliterated, so his request for this battle is that he can win and not lose. The way to win is very simple, in the current situation is to kill! Try to kill the heroes of the Scourge as much as possible!

This of course requires the cooperation of the other party.

The two heroes of the Scourge did not let Zhao Dingguo wait for a long time, and soon rejoined the battlefield one after the other. Old Li, who is only half of the blood, is slightly more cautious, and more relies on Zhao Dingguo, who is almost full of blood, to consume his opponent. Although after a death, the Vengeful Soul and the Dwarven Sniper are more eager to revenge, and the performance is also brave, but Zhao Dingguo has a silent curse on this line of magical skills, so it is not empty!

This is a war of attrition.

When Zhao Dingguo's magic is consumed and half of the blood is left, the Dwarven Sniper and the Vengeful Spirit also have no magic to put their skills, and their health is much less. Naturally, the next step is to re-apply the old Li, and re-harvest the rhythm of the two!

DOTA's Madness Chapter 14

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