DOTA's Madness Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Don't Have To Worry About A Dead Person!

The first to be killed was still Vengeful Spirit.

The battle was almost a replay of the previous one. Sniper was caught up by the two when he turned around and fled, and then he was directly killed by Old Li's Double Edge.

Centaur Warchief pwned Vengeful Spirit's head! a.s.sist: Silencer!

Centaur Warchief pwned Sniper's head! a.s.sist: Silencer!

Centaur Warchief just got a Double Kill!

Although this time, the majestic voice of BG platform did not appear, but Zhao Dingguo still saw these prompts through the battle statistics of the nameplate. For Sentinel, this has undoubtedly greatly improved morale. The user of the middle lane who used Zeus, the king of the G.o.ds, also sent congratulations through the communication function of the nameplate, apparently very satisfied with the situation of the bot lane.

“Are you at level six?”

After releasing many Double Edge in succession, the remaining HP of Old Li was less than 100 points. He bought a TP at the Side Store and asked about the middle lane.

“I'm about to reach level six.”

Although Zeus received EXP in the middle lane alone, because not only he didn't kill anyone, but also let the other side deny a few ghouls, so his level was not as high as expected. Similarly, the Scourge's middle lane player Viper also hasn't reached level 6 yet.

Zhao Dingguo listened carefully to him and roughly understood the situation on the middle lane: “Be quick. With your ultimate, killing is more convenient!”

The power of Zeus was to manipulate lightning, and his ultimate skill was to release lightning from enemy heroes on the whole map. The damage was not too high, but its AoE was Global. Even if he stayed in the Fountain, he can kill the enemy in any corner of the battlefield! With his global support, Zhao Dingguo and Old Li were equivalent to having one more trump card in a small group battle!


The person who controled Zeus was also a Dawn-rank user, not a rookie. He knew the meaning of his ultimate, so he was also trying to catch up with the experience.

Ignore the top lane, stall the middle lane, crush the bot lane!

Holding this strategy, Old Li teleported back to the Fountain, ready to purchase some new equipment. Considering that his HP was already insufficient, the MP was also exhausted, Zhao Dingguo also ran back to the Fountain – not that he has no money to buy TP, but that he did not have enough 75 points of mana to use it!

In the Death Match, the equipment that the BG user brought in and the equipment purchased temporarily in the game could be temporarily synthesized. After the match was over, the equipment would be automatically split into the original, so players didn't have to worry about the original equipment disappearing after the synthesis. Knowing this, Old Li was relieved to upgrade the Boots of Speed to Phase Boots, and by the way, bought a Healing Salve.

Compared to the normal Boots of Speed, Phase Boots added an additional 24 points of attack and had an active skill called Phase. When activated, it gave 16% movement speed bonus and let the hero move through units.

This would undoubtedly make Old Li's Centaur Warchief more powerful, and it's easier to chase after preys!

At this stage, Zhao Dingguo knew that Old Li was the main force on their side. As long as he's well developed, they could win this Death Match. Therefore, seeing that he had a.s.sembled new equipment, Zhao Dingguo was undoubtedly happy for him.

“Let's go to the bot lane again.”

Old Li, who had already been replenished, took the lead and went out, but just as he was just out of the range of the Fountain, he stepped and turned around.

At this moment, in addition to him and Zhao Dingguo, there was also a man who has not left the Fountain since the beginning of the match. No one knew what this person thought. He was very indecent lying in front of the small hero statues next to the Fountain, sleeping deeply.

“Get up!”

Old Li kicked him in front of him, his face was not so good, and his eyes were a bit cold.

Probably Old Li's strength was not light, and the man with flat head and eyes with dark circles jumped up. He looked around and put his attention on Old Li. He was quite fierce: “How dare you to kick me? Want to die?”

Old Li ignored him and said: “You, buy an Animal Courier in the store, and then share its control!”

Animal Courier, an auxiliary unit in dota, could help heroes transport and purchase equipment. Its price was not expensive, just 150 gold coins. If Zhao Dingguo had an Animal Courier just now, then Old Li didn't have to go home, relying directly on the Animal Courier to buy a Healing Salve, and then continued to fight on the bot lane. Because the form of this Animal Courier usually appeared as a chicken, sometimes it was called Chicken Run!

Having such an auxiliary transporter could really save the team a lot of time.

The man was irritated by the contemptuous feeling of Old Li. He picked up his sleeves and snorted: “Animal Courier? What is it? Why should I buy it?”

Old Li was still the contemptuous expression, faintly said: “Let me ask you again, buy or not?”

The man smiled a little arrogantly and said: “I just don't buy, what can you do to me?”

Old Li shook his head disdainfully and said: “In the matches with low AP, we can always encounter some idiots. Especially the rookie who partic.i.p.ated in Death Match for the first time is really a disaster. I'm really unlucky, having a ranked nameplate, but can still be divided into a 600 points match! Well, since you want to die, I have no reason to stop you.”

After saying that, he bought an Animal Courier with his own gold coin, and then shared the right to control it to Zhao Dingguo.

“Who are you?”

The man's temper came up and he wanted to go forward to beat Old Li. But when his eyes met Old Li's gaze, he inexplicably felt not only a little scared, but also a dangerous feeling. In addition, Zhao Dingguo also gazed at him. Didn't dare to fight two men at once, he retreated and squat down. Zhao Dingguo noticed that his mouth was muttering something, although he could not hear it, but also knew that it was not a good word.


Old Li's face was restored to a dull state, as if the situation had not happened before, and he returned to the lane with Zhao Dingguo.

When he went down to the high ground, Zhao Dingguo looked back at him and said: “This kind of guy is too annoying. Not only he doesn't partic.i.p.ate in the battle, he won't even buy an Animal Courier. Gold coins will automatically increase over time, but they are completely wasted on him!”

“Why do you worry about a dead person?”

Old Li has probably seen it many times, and his mentality was very indifferent: “In general, before you get the Dawn rank, the teammates you met are not reliable. After you have the rank, even if it's lowest-level Dawn, the strength of your teammates is gradually coming up, basically you can't meet such an idiot!"

“Dead person?”

Zhao Dingguo was somewhat puzzled by the positive tone of Old Li. How could that guy die? In the same side, they couldn't attack each other, could they? And even if he was killed by the enemy, he could still resurrect in the Fountain!

“You don't know.” Old Li waited a little for a slower pace, and then said: “The BG platform has restrictions on such an idiot who does not listen to the rules. If he continues to stay in the Fountain, he does not make any contributions to the team. By the end of the Death Match, he will be directly killed – no matter how many WP he has!”

Zhao Dingguo was a little surprised and said: “Is it the truth?”

Old Li nodded: “However, it is only possible to have such a situation in a Death Match with novices. People who knows that if WP isn't enough, they will really be obliterated, who dares to stay there? I suggest you go back and ask about his address and phone number, and call him after the end of this match. Then you will know that the obliteration of the BG platform is not a joke to scare you to play!”

Zhao Dingguo's heart was moved and promised with himself to try. This was a rare opportunity for verification.

Although he was convinced of the ability of the BG platform, it is always good to personally confirm, especially when it involved his own life.

“Right, about the nameplate…”

Zhao Dingguo asked him this question twice before, but he didn't have time to explain it clearly. Now there should be a chance.

Hearing him again, Old Li smiled and willfully explained: “As far as I know, the nameplates are divided into four different ranks. The basis for the division is the AP, less than 800 is unranked nameplate; 800 to 1400 is Dawn nameplate. Then, it's followed by High Noon, Twilight and Dusk. I heard after Dusk, there are more ranks, but the conditions for promotion are not only theAP… but I don't know specific details. After all, I have just only become a Dawn-rank BG user not long ago!”

DOTA's Madness Chapter 15

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