DOTA's Madness Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: WP Compensation

As a site built by Old Li himself, the building's defense measures are naturally good, with more than 60 security guards. In the harsh reprimand of Old Li, and seeing three men in suits dare not to murder, the security guards took out all their strengths and dragged them hard!

In the layers of blocking, it was already five minutes after the three men in suits rushed out of the building.

“The people inside, listen! Raise your hand and drop your weapons immediately!”

Five minutes were enough to do a lot of things, especially when the accident happened in the urban area like ​​Pearl City. As soon as the three men got out of the building, they saw no less than 20 heavily armed policemen standing at the door, holding guns one by one and waiting. They received an alarm the first time, saying that three gunmen had rushed into the building!

At the same time, more police were still coming!

“The situation isn't right. The only way to make out is to kill!”

Facing the employees of the building belonging to the Order of Light, the three BG users did not dare to shoot. Faced with these ordinary policemen, they had no such scruple. Because of the presence of so many people, they could not openly use supernatural force, but with ordinary firearms and a teammate responsible for coping outside, these three people still cause huge damage to the police forces.

“A shootout!”

Many ordinary people who were watching nearby were frightened and quickly dispersed. However, there are still some bold guys that are very exciting. They didn't expect to see such shocking gun battles that can only appear in Hollywood blockbusters and couldn't help but watch in the corner. There were even people who thought this was a movie and looking for cameras everywhere!

However, when more than a dozen police officers were killed and three men in suits took to the car to leave, they realized that this was murder!

“It's a big deal!”

After getting on the bus, although the leading man in the suit was relieved, the anxiety in his heart was even more serious.

By now, he had realized that the target was slipped away. However, complaining about the target's treacherousness was no longer useful. The most realistic issue they had to worry about now was to evacuate the Pearl City quickly!

In the face of the famous Order of Light, no matter how careful they were, it's not too much!

The only hope for three men now was that the Order of Light people didn't take a few shrimps like them seriously. Or maybe the man named Old Li reacted a little bit slower, leaving them even an hour!

Perhaps the prayers of the leading men came into effect. After the covert replacement of the vehicle, they drove all the way to the suburbs of the Pearl City and saw no one catch up. But when he breathed a sigh of relief, three helicopters descending from the sky made them dumbfounded, and the Order of Light emblem was printed on it!

“Boss, what should we do?”

The men in charge of coping and driving couldn't hold their breath. These helicopters were obviously aimed at them!

“What to do? How do I know what to do?”

The leading man in the suit said angrily that he was hesitant now. In front of the helicopter, they could not escape, unless they took the initiative to destroy the helicopters. But in that case, it's undoubtedly a taunting to the Order of Light. Once this giant got serious, even their boss couldn't keep his own head at all!

But if we just surrender, will they accept?

He prayed in his heart and wanted to see how the Order of Light would treat them. Perhaps, they may just give him a small punishment.

While he hesitated, the three helicopters landed in the triangle shape at a long distance. Several powerful BG users were afraid that they would escape. They jumped down as early as ten meters above the ground, and then quickly approached them. Seeing that speed, the leading man in a suit clearly distinguishes the strength of the other party was much stronger than him – at least Twilight rank!

“The Order of Light really overestimate us!”

The other two suit men also saw the strength of the people and said bitterly.


At this time, they have missed the best time to attack. Although with their strength, attack first meant dead, but now they didn't even have that choice!

Sixteen High Noon and four Twilight!

This strength was enough for a full-scale war with the Arcana Party!

“Oh, let me see … Three High Noon and one Dawn rank rookie, dare to come to the Order of Light site to make troubles? I thought only great masters would dare!” The leading Twilight expert raised his head and looked at them with disdain. The ridicule in the words made the Arcana men a little angry, but their face was full of humility and flattery, and they dared not have any unusual behavior.

“Okay, don't talk nonsense with them, take them all away and leave them to the Chairman!”

Another Twilight expert was a little impatient. He was discussing a problem of enhancement routines with his teammates, then suddenly be sent to perform such a task. If the opponent was really experts who could stand the battle, at least he would have a good fight. But the few guys in front of him were clearly at the High Noon rank, so that he didn't even excited!

The higher the rank, the harder the promotion. Therefore, the gap between Twilight and High Noon was big!

Although men in suits were unwilling, they could only be obedient. Under the surveillance, the four obediently drove back to the headquarters of the Order of Light. As for their fate, the Chairman of the Order of Light naturally has a set of ideas. The key was to look at the cooperation of these people.

Naturally, Zhao Dingguo did not know the end of those who attacked him. He was now with Old Li to meet a special director of the Order of Light.

“Mr. Li, sorry for the late help!”

The att.i.tude of the special director was not bad, but there is a little pride left in the expression of kindness. In this regard, Old Li is also accustomed to it. After all, this one has entered High Noon rank a long time ago, also a member of a large organization. It's normal to be a little proud.

As for Zhao Dingguo, who was considered to be Old Li's subordinate, he was automatically ignored by the director.

Zhao Dingguo did not react to this man's att.i.tude. “Might makes right” was a truth since ancient times, and this one was particularly prominent in the circle of BG users. He was just an Unranked user, why should he be respected by others? However, this also promoted his thirst for power from another aspect!

“… We have already asked the four culprits, they are indeed Arcana Party members. However, their purpose is very venomous. Under the instructions of the Arcana Party's President, these people want to sneak into the Pearl City and secretly members of our order, in an attempt to eventually overthrow the Order of Light! In this regard, we have sent members to hold solemn representations with members of the Arcana Party, asking them to give a statement … ”

There, the special director chattered and said something obviously exaggerated. Zhao Dingguo first felt something wrong, but when he saw the meaningful smile in Old Li's eyes, he suddenly understood.

The game between BG organizations was sometimes the same as the politics between nations.

    It seemed that the Order of Light has thoughts about the Arcana Party. At the very least, they would take the opportunity to exploit the Arcana Party. Even if there was no reason, they could make up one, not to mention the fact that the boss of the Arcana Party made mistakes first.

    However, in case the President of the Arcana Party was pushed enough, maybe he would reveal about the Oath of Inheritance!

Suddenly, Zhao Dingguo discovered that the card was a bit too hot for him. Of course, he could deny it, but if someone in the Order of Light was so intimidated that he privately threatened him to demand the signing of a BG contract and asks him to hand over all the props in the nameplate s.p.a.ce, it would be troublesome. Although this was unlikely, he must prevent it in advance!

However, before he could figure out how to deal with it, the special director had ended his speech and threw out a pie.

“After being ‘educated', the four members of the Arcana Party who dared to offend Mr. Li expressed their willingness to donate 200 WP. Although some people in the Order of Light still have doubts about the usefulness of these winning points, under my insistence in the meeting, the Order decided to add an extra 200 WP to make a full thousand winning points, which would be the compensation for Mr. Li! “

DOTA's Madness Chapter 50

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