DOTA's Madness Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Old Li's Ambition

One thousand winning points!

Zhao Dingguo couldn't help admiring the treatment of Old Li.

For Zhao Dingguo, 1000 WP was equal to ten times the basic reward of the Regular Match. Even for the veteran user like Old Li, the total value of all equipments he has earned until now was just more than 1,800 WP! Now he could get this compensation only because some men sneak into his building. It's so easy!

“How dare I…?”

Although there was joy on Old Li's face, he didn't have much surprise expression. Obviously, the compensation of the Order of Light was in his expectation. After a few excuses, he accepted it.

For the Order of Light, 1000 WP was really a single hair from nine oxen. But for Old Li, this amount was indeed not a small number. However, what surprised Zhao Dingguo was that Old Li immediately transferred 500 WP back to the director.

“The director comes here in person despite the trouble. This is a small gift. Please take it.”

Old Li's att.i.tude was very sincere. It did not look like facing a director whom he just met today, but is more like facing his closest people. This acting technique deeply impressed Zhao Dingguo. That's 500WP, but Old Li's generous performance looked like giving a little souvenir to the other party!

For some reason, a common scene in TV dramas suddenly appeared in his mind: “Ah, director, it's rare for you to visit this rural area. There is nothing good here. Here are 20 pounds of sweet potatoes. Take it home and taste it …”

Old Li's expressions and movements are just like those movies!

If it wasn't for the occasion, Zhao Dingguo would laugh.

“Well, how can this be embarra.s.sing?” The director did not know what Zhao Dingguo was thinking. Seeing Old Li being so generous, the smile on his face became even more confusing. Even though he said so much on his mouth, he didn't take it for granted, not even the sincerity of half-pointing!

“That's what I should do!”

Old Li was very eloquent and praised the director for his hard work. Finally, he sent the director away in his satisfied smile. However, after the director went out, Old Li turned around, his expression did not look so good.

Zhao Dingguo asked curiously: “Does even the BG organization require a rebate?”

Old Li sneered, and said, “BG users are also humans. Not to mention, there are all birds in the forest, and the huge Order of Light, it is normal to have a few! Did you not notice what he said to me? ‘Under my insistence'! How can I not give something? After all, he is a director, and it really is not good for me to be remembered by him. ”

Zhao Dingguo hesitated: “Just a sentence, it will be divided into half. This guy's heart is too dark.”

“Can't help it!”

Old Li's mind was wide enough, his anger went as fast as it came. By the time he got up, his face had returned to normal: “Dingguo, you should look at the bright side. In the country, except for the Order of Radiance, other major organizations have more or less such situations, the Order of Light is already pretty good. Anyway, these five hundred points are also free, it is better than nothing! ”

“That's it!”

Zhao Dingguo nodded, and it was a fortune to be able to take five hundred points for free.

“Today, I made a mistake. I didn't expect that the guys really dared to come and hacked the monitoring system of the building. Moreover, they also obtained the privilege of the VIP elevator. Fortunately, you are lucky to find a way to avoid it. If not, my face will be lost! “Old Li blame a few words first, and then transferred 200 WP to him.

“What is this?”

After receiving the prompt from the nameplate, Zhao Dingguo couldn't help but have to ask.

Old Li smiled and said, “What's so surprising? I said before that I will give you an answer, right? Is 200WP enough to surprise you?”

“No need!” Zhao Dingguo hurriedly refused: “I hid here and I touched your light, and then I took the winning point …”

Before Zhao Dingguo's words were finished, he was interrupted by Li: “You don't have to be polite to me! It's yours, and there's nothing to be embarra.s.sed about. Besides, my WP is not for nothing! Your strength is now poor. It 's time to strengthen yourself. In this way, you can help me when I fight the enemy. In addition, I have another idea, and I will tell you all together. I want to form a team in the future, I hope you can join! ”

Zhao Dingguo hesitated and asked, “Are you leaving the Order of Light?”

“No, no!”

Old Li shook his head and said, “I just managed to join the Order of Light. With such backing, how can I get away from it? The team and the organization are not the same. The former is smaller but more reliable. The size can be varied from 3-5 people to 10-20 and can be anch.o.r.ed in the name of the Order of Light. As far as I know, there are now more than ten teams in the Order of Light! If you want to make a name for yourself in the Order, you'll need the support of one or more teams from behind… ”

That's it!

After listening to Old Li's words, Zhao Dingguo immediately understood a lot of things, and then fell into a brief contemplation.

It seems that Old Li wants to build his own force, and then make a faction in the Order of Light. He himself was only a Dawn user, thus it's difficult to recruit users at the same rank. However, Old Li didn't want to wait after he advanced to higher ranks to begin. Not only it's too late, but people who were recruited in a hurry may not be reliable. After much deliberation, it's estimated that he intended to train some newbies himself. This would not only gradually cultivate the relations.h.i.+p, but also ensure that he could directly call a team whenever he needed!

No wonder Old Li treats me so well!

Hatred for no reason didn't exist in the world, so did live for no reason.

Before this, he already felt that Old Li was a little too enthusiastic. Although it is not impossible to use the word “kind” to describe Old Li, such a kind person couldn't live for long. If the reason was that Old Li saw his potential and wanted to recruit him, this made sense. If Old Li did not give enough benefit, who would want to follow him?

Seeing that Zhao Dingguo didn't speak, Old Li thought he was still considering whether to agree to the question, so he laughed: “I just mentioned it to you, not for you to decide now. Forming a team is not so easy. With my advance speed, it will not be possible until next year! Moreover, you deserve these 200 WP, and it has nothing to do with whether you want to join my future team! ”

“Is this …”

Zhao Dingguo was a little embarra.s.sed.

There was an old saying “it's hard to say no when you have received others' benefit”. Zhao Dingguo was not a person who turned his face and did not recognize the favors he owed. As long as he received this gift, he would most likely be tied to Old Li's faction in the future. It's okay to hug someone's thighs before he became strong, after all, it's cool under the trees. Zhao Dingguo was just measuring whether it is necessary to join such a team and whether the benefit worth the risk!

Old Li was not in a hurry, but just continued to persuade him: “I know that your current AP has risen a little bit too fast, and your strength hasn't kept up with it. With these two hundred winning points, you can make up for your situation. Even if you enter the Dawn rank, you will not be a weakling! ”

These words had an unquestionable authority, Zhao Dingguo finally accepted.

But he didn't have much joy in his heart!

Old Li was kind, even if he wanted to buy him, he did give Zhao Dingguo benefits anyway. Naturally, Zhao Dingguo would not hate a person who treats himself well. His depression and shame come from the underdog feeling when facing three men from Arcana Party. In front of them, they have no power to fight back and can only escape by relying on a quick wit – posing as ordinary people. This feeling, after Zhao Dingguo has contacted the BG platform, he met it more than once!

Although Zhao Dingguo also knew that he has just joined the BG platform for a short time and it was normal to feel weak in front of veteran users, he still wanted to escape this situation as soon as possible!

200 WP turned out to be an opportunity!

Before that, Zhao Dingguo had acc.u.mulated more than 300 WP. Plus this gift, that's more than 500 WP.

Leaving aside his Boots of Speed, these five hundred WPs were enough for him to buy tier-1 equipment and then bring it out in the next Death Match. Because not having enough WP, Zhao Dingguo wasted a once-per-month Death Match. This month's Death Match must not be missed. If he successfully won, then Zhao Dingguo's strength would have a qualitative improvement!

At least, he would not be so weak when facing some veteran users!

DOTA's Madness Chapter 51

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