When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 12: Story 31-36

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When Xu Chi finished his last exam, it rained.

Once he walked out of the cla.s.sroom, a blast of cold air blew directly into his face. He forgot to check the weather forecast before going out, so he was stuck in the teaching building, waiting for the rain to stop.

Xu Chi handed in the answer sheet before the exam ended, while his roommate was still working on it in the cla.s.sroom. Taking out his cell phone from his pocket, he noticed someone had @'d him in a message.

Tingting: @ Shortie Dear Shortie, have you finished the exam?

Tangtang: It won't be so fast. The exam is supposed to be started at 1:30 p.m., while it's only 2:30 p.m. now. What's more, his last exam is about the tax law. Only the immortal could finish this exam so early.

Tingting: ??? How come you know everything?

Tangtang: He told us his last exam was the tax law. 

Tingting: I mean the time of it!

Tangtang: Call me Fortune teller Tangtang, please.

Tingting: ?

Tingting: You must have asked someone to spy on him!!! Tell me why you know so many things!

Xu Chi: [Crying emoticon]

Tingting: Oh My G.o.d! My dear writer shows up!! He must be the immortal!

Tangtang: ?

Tangtang: Shortie, what happened to you? Why are you crying?

Xu Chi: It's raining now. I didn't take an umbrella. [Crying emoticon] I'm staying in the teaching building now. My roommate hasn't finished the exam yet. He didn't take an umbrella either...

Tingting: [Crying emoticon] Don't get wet in the rain, or you will have a cold! Yu can share an umbrella with other cla.s.smates.

Xu Chi: No other cla.s.smate.

Tingting: ?

Xu Chi: I am the first one finis.h.i.+ng the exam. Others are still taking the exam...

Tingting: [Crying emoticon] I wish I could bring an umbrella to you, but I am in City B now. Do you have a hat or something?

Xu Chi: I wear a coat.

Xu Chi: Without hat.

Tingting: Then you'd better wait until the rain lets up a bit. Or, after your roommate finishes the exam, let him go back first and take the umbrella to pick you up.

Xu Chi: ...

Tingting: @ Tangtang Where is she? She has disappeared since you talked with us.

Tingting: @ Tangtang @ Tangtang @ Tangtang


Xu Chi looked up at the rain, which seemed not to let up a bit. Then he stared at his mobile phone, chatting with Tingting in order to kill the time.

"What are you doing here?"

A voice suddenly came from behind Xu Chi.

Turning around, he saw Tang Yanzhi standing in front of him with an umbrella in hand.

Xu Chi raised his eyebrows and said, "You spoke my words."

Tang Yanzhi pointed to the stairs of the teaching building. "I just finished my exam and went downstairs from there."

Xu Chi asked skeptically, "Students of Law Department are also so late to finish the exam, huh?"

"Anything wrong?" said Tang Yanzhi, "You didn't bring your umbrella?" 


"Let me walk you back."

Between "going back with the man I'm not familiar with" and "waiting for my roommate and going back with him in the rain", Xu Chi chose the former. He nodded.

"OK. Thank you."

Tang Yanzhi opened the umbrella and looked at Xu Chi, who went under the umbrella after a moment of hesitation.

Tang Yanzhi naturally took hold of Xu Chi's shoulder, which made Xu Chi feel uncomfortable and resist him. Tang Yanzhi let him go.

"Sorry. This umbrella is a bit small. You may still get wet."

Raindrops splashed under Xu Chi's feet. At this moment, most of students had left and gone back home. In front of the teaching building stood only Tang Yanzhi and Xu Chi. 

It rained even more heavily, which made the atmosphere under the umbrella quieter.

Xu Chi looked up at the gentle expression of Tang Yanzhi and suddenly felt that he was making a fuss. Well, it was embarra.s.sing for him to tell him "You can hold me closer". So Xu Chi moved closer to Tang Yanzhi.

They were so closer to each other that Tang Yanzhi could see a small red mole on his ear, covered by some hair. He was squinting. If that boy with baby face saw the look on Tang Yanzhi's face now, he would call Tang Yanzhi "a cunning Fox".

Well, that boy with a baby face was not here. So did Xu Chi.

Xu Chi bowed his head and said, "Let's go."



"Have you finished all the exams?"


"Are you from City A? Go home tomorrow?"

"Yes. Tomorrow I'll attend an Anime Expo before going home."

"You mean the one in City A?"

"Yes. You know that, too?"


"Hmm? You don't look like a person knowing these things..."

"Hahaha. So what kind of person do I look like?"

"It's hard to explain. I always feel girls know more about these things than boys..."

"That's because you know too little about them."


Soon, they arrived at the downstairs of the dorm-building. One side of Tang Yanzhi's shoulders got wet, even if Xu Chi had been as close to Tang Yanzhi as possible. Xu Chi said with embarra.s.sment, "Thank you."

"Which dorm-building?"

"No. 7."

"Go inside." Xu Chi pointed at the shoulders of Tang Yanzhi. "You got wet on this side."

Tang Yanzhi raised his eyebrows. "May I borrow something from you?"


"Do you have a mask? The disposable one."

"Yes. Wait a sec. I'll get one for you."


Five minutes later, Xu Chi went downstairs and gave Tang Yanzhi a black mask.

Taking it, Tang Yanzhi said, "Thanks. See you."

"Well, take care."

"By the way..." Tang Yanzhi turned around and slightly bent down to Xu Chi and said, "If I suddenly appear in front of you, don't be surprised."

Warm breathing was sprayed on Xu Chi's face, which made him astonished. Before he came around, Tang Yanzhi had left.


"Why did you hurry off just now? What happened?" The boy with a baby face (A) asked Tang Yanzhi gallantly as soon as he came back.

"To deliver an umbrella."

"What?" A was surprised, "Wow!! To whom? Tell me!!!"

Tang Yanzhi pushed A's face away from himself and said, "A friend."

It was no doubt that A regarded this person as a girl. So he asked, "Did she ask you to deliver the umbrella, huh?"

"No, she didn't."

"How come you know she didn't have an umbrella?"

"Someone told me."

"Wouldn't she be surprised that you suddenly appeared in front of her?"

"So I entered into the teaching building from another gate and went downstairs from the building, pretending that I just finished the exam."

"Gos.h.!.+ You are so cunning!"

"I'll take it as a compliment."


When Xu Chi stood in the crowd and saw Tang Yanzhi sitting at the table, with a big plate writing "Guinea Pig" erected behind the table, he finally understood what Tang Yanzhi said the day before.

He was just curious about what the two popular writers looked like. Actually, he didn't expect to give him such a big surprise.

No, such a shock.

When Tang Yanzhi looked up and accurately saw Xu Chi in the crowd, he even stopped signing and waved at him, which caused a sensation among fans.

Xu Chi saw that Tang Yanzhi wore a mask the same with his, turned around and walked out of the crowd.

It was ridiculous, thought he. Even if most of Tang Yanzhi's face was covered by the mask, Xu Chi recognized him at a glance.

Actually, they just met each other twice, but they could still recognize each other in the crowd at a glance.


Tang Yanzhi was busy signing names for his fans, and a girl in front of him expressed her love for Tang Yanzhi excitedly.

"Thank you." Tang Yanzhi looked up and handed over the book to her.

"To meet you..." He smiled and said seriously, "I also feel surprised and happy."

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 12: Story 31-36

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