When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 13: Story 37-42

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Two hours ago.

Tingting: @ Shortie Have you set out?

Xu Chi: Yes.

Tangtang: Ok.

Tingting: I'm coming. I'm wearing a beige hat today! And pink hair!

Xu Chi: I thought we wouldn't see each other.

Tingting: It won't hurt to let you know my look today. Maybe when you meet me at the show, you'll be deeply attracted by my beauty. [starry eyes.jpg]

Tangtang: Why are you wearing a hat today? You didn't wash your hair, huh?

Tingting: ...

Tangtang: [giggle] I guess you don't wash your hair often.

Tingting: I'm a lazy girl.

Tangtang: Well, I wash my hair every day. Shortie, you have no idea how greasy Tingting's hair could be.

Tingting: Wow, how come you wash hair every day?

Tangtang: I wash it while taking a shower. You don't do that?

Tingting: No.

Tangtang: Aha. The core of taking a bath is to wash hair! 

Tingting: ?

Tingting: I hate to dry my hair.

Tangtang: It won't take too long to dry your hair.

Tangtang: @Shortie Can you buy a Dyson (a brand of hair dryer) for Tingting?

Xu Chi: ?

Xu Chi: You mean Dyson vacuum cleaner?

Xu Chi: Tingting, Tangtang asked me to buy a vacuum cleaner for you to dry your hair.

Tingting: How weird!

Tingting: Why do Tangtang always taunt me?

Tangtang: ...

Tang Yanzhi: I am jealous of you.

Tingting: What do you look like, Shortie? I wonder whether I can recognize you or not.

Xu Chi: Two eyes.

Xu Chi: One nose.

Xu Chi: One mouth.

Tingting: ?

Xu Chi: :)


When Tang Yanzhi arrived at the Anime Expo, he was frightened by the crowd, which made him about to faint. Especially when he saw the banner that his fans pulled up spontaneously, he really wanted to run away.

What the h.e.l.l? Is he so popular? How come he doesn't know that?

X website has its own exhibition area. Wearing a mask, Tang Yanzhi walked through the crowd and found his own editor and agent. The editor was a lovely girl. Tang Yanzhi patted her on the shoulder. When she turned around, Tang Yanzhi saw her slightly dilated pupils and light brown cosmetic contact lenses.

Editor, "Who are you, handsome?"

Tang Yanzhi, "..."

Tang Yanzhi, "Guinea Pig."

A loud yelling came from the exhibition area of X website. At the moment, Tang Yanzhi wanted to do nothing but hide himself under the ground.

Editor, "Whaaaaaat!!!! You're Guinea Pig????!!!!"

Suddenly, many people around stared at Tang Yanzhi. Even he could also hear the discussion nearby.

No. 1 Onlooker: "Oh My G.o.d! Piggy actually looks like this?!"

No.2 Onlooker: "How come Piggy is so handsome?!"

No.3 Onlooker: "Goodness! Who is Piggy? Who is this handsome man?"

No.3 Onlooker's ignorance invited others' contempt. She said in a timid voice, "I just saw a lot of people here..." 

No.4 Onlooker: "I... What the h.e.l.l? He could have won popularity merely by his good look, but he chooses to gain success by working hard."

No.5 Onlooker: "I have imagined how Piggy looks like many times. The stories he writes are so sweet, so I think he must be a lovely boy with a baby face. I never thought that... he would as good-looking as the school hunk of the college next to mine."

No.6 Onlooker: "Friend, which college are you from?"

No.5 Onlooker: "Science and engineering..."

No.6 Onlooker: "So the college next to yours is...?"

No.5 Onlooker: "The Academy of Arts..."

No.7 Onlooker: "The eyelashes of Piggy... They're even longer than my fake eyelashes..."

No.8 Onlooker: "That nose of Piggy... How come? He has such a high nose bridge!"

No.9 Onlooker: "I want to take off his mask..."

No.10 Onlooker: "Even masks could not cover his charm."

No.11 Onlooker: "So how come Piggy is so handsome? Huh?! Should I be attracted by his appearance or his stories? Ah!"

All of the onlookers said together: "Both!"


The book signing session began.

On the right side of Tang Yanzhi sat a boy with grey hair. The editor told him that this boy was Scottish Fold. Then Tang Yanzhi took a few more glances at him. This boy was good-looking, with red lips and white teeth.

Although his beauty was far from Xu Chi.

While signing, Tang Yanzhi paid attention to messages on his phone. There were too many people here, so his phone lost its signal since he entered the venue. Meanwhile, he wondered what Xu Chi was doing now, being afraid that he would get lost.

Lost? Tang Yanzhi was amused by this thought. While, a fan in front of him were frightened by him.

Fan: "Piggy...Why are you laughing?"

Tang Yanzhi: "No... nothing. Sorry. I'm just a little distracted."

Fan: "It's okay. You must feel tired to sign so many books!"

Tang Yanzhi smiled politely. "It's okay.  After all, you travelled afar from another city. Thank you for coming."

This fan blushed at Tang Yanzhi's smile and said, "No… no need to thank me! Piggy, you look so handsome! I think it's worthy of coming here! I prefer attending such exhibitions for you for even ten times!"

Tang Yanzhi: "..."

Sure enough, it made sense that his fans were as frank as he was.

Tang Yanzhi: "Thank you."

Fan: "You are welcome! Piggy, may I have a request?"

After Tang Yanzhi signed his name, he looked up and asked, "what?"

Fan: "May I... take a picture with you? Mhmm… If you don't feel like it, that's ok."

Tang Yanzhi: "Let's take one."

After taking a picture, the next fan came up. After signing, the moment he looked up, he saw Xu Chi, who wore a white down jacket, a black woolen hat and the same mask with him. Tang Yanzhi raised his eyebrows surprisingly and wondered when he showed up.

Luckily, he wasn't lost.

The fan in front of Tang Yanzhi was confused, "Piggy, what are you smiling for?"

Tang Yanzhi: "Nothing. I just saw a person."

Fan gossiped: "Who?! Your girlfriend?!"

Tang Yanzhi smiled, seeing Xu Chi turning around and getting out of the crowd. Then he said, "No."

That was his idol and his boyfriend in the future.


After the book signing, Tang Yanzhi and the boy with grey hair returned to the lounge for a rest.

They were the only two staying in the lounge; the boy with grey hair break the ice to introduce himself. "I am Scottish Fold."

Tang Yanzhi took off his mask and was relieved. "Guinea Pig."

Seeing the face of Tang Yanzhi, Scottish Fold raised his eyebrows and said, "No wonder girls like you so much."

Tang Yanzhi poured himself a gla.s.s of water. "They like you too."

"I guess so..." Scottish Fold leaned against the table. "But they don't like my writing that much."

"Why is that?" Tang Yanzhi said, "You have become a focus by making use of my popularity and misleading the fans, haven't you?" 

"It's not like that." Scottish naturally took over the water poured by Tang Yanzhi and said. "It's beneficial for both of us to increase our popularity... My boyfriend believed the gossips and misunderstood us. He has been angry with me for a long time."

Tang Yanzhi poured himself another one gla.s.s of water, "But I think your writing...You don't need to do this."

"There are fewer and fewer people reading heartbreaking stories. Of course I should prepare for a rainy day."

"You regard the reader as a fool, huh?"

"That's not fair.  I didn't do anything. The fans imagined the nonsense themselves."

"But it's true." Tang Yanzhi sighed, "Your writing is excellent. You don't need to do this."

"I said I am..."

"What you have done will disappoint your readers, or yourself."

Scottish Fold were interrupted by Tang Yanzhi.

"No matter how bad your writing is, there will always be someone liking it. Besides, you are so popular that you don't need to worry about the publicity of your stories. You can make a good living by writing. I just hope you don't use this kind of method to increase the hits."

Tang Yanzhi smiled, "Have you ever waited for the update of a story?"


"I have."

"That's why you couldn't understand how your fans feel when they stared at the computer and the notice from the phone and waited in suspense for the update every day. Meanwhile, you couldn't understand how surprised they felt when there was a new release. Especially when the story is coming to an end, not only the writer but also the writer felt upset."

"It's like a long-distance running. You think only you are suffering. In fact, behind you, fans are running with you."

"So... Don't waste your writing and the fans' love for your works."

"What if no one read it?"

"Just as I said, no matter how bad the writing is, there must be someone liking it."

"What if there is really no one reading it?"

Tang Yanzhi thought a while and said, "Well. It depends on whether the writer is writing for others..."

He continued, "Or for himself."

With these words, Tang Yanzhi put down the gla.s.s and walked out of the door. "Sorry for telling you so much without asking about your desire. I have to go now. Bye."

Scottish raised the gla.s.s in his hand, "Thank you for the water."

"You're welcome. Wish you happiness."


When Tang Yanzhi walked out of the lounge, there were still a lot of people. Fortunately, his mobile phone finally had a signal. Then he hurriedly checked the message of that chatting group.

Tingting: @ Shortie Where are you, my dear writer?

Xu Chi: I left.

Tingting: ??? So early? Why not stay for a longer time?

Xu Chi: There are too many people...

Tingting: So did you go to the exhibition area of X website?!!! Gos.h.!.+ Both of Guinea Pig and Scottish Fold are handsome!!!

Xu Chi: Yes...

Tingting: May I interview you? How do you feel at the moment?

Xu Chi: How do I feel?

Tingting: About their appearance?

Xu Chi: I have no feeling about it...

Tingting: ?

Tingting: Wow! It seems that you are as handsome as them.

Xu Chi: ?

Xu Chi: How did you come up with this conclusion?

Tingting: It's a secret.

Tang Yanzhi sent a message to Xu Chi on WeChat.

Tang Yanzhi: Have you gone back?

Xu Chi: Yes.

Tang Yanzhi: Are you surprised?

Xu Chi: A little.

Tang Yanzhi: [pity .jpg]

Xu Chi: Why didn't you tell me?

Tang Yanzhi: You didn't ask me.

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: How come I know...

Tang Yanzhi: Know I can write?

Xu Chi: Hmmmm.

Tang Yanzhi: Don't you think it's strange for a man to write fan fictions?

Xu Chi: I don't think so...

Because I also write this type of stories.

Tang Yanzhi: Good. I'm afraid you'll think I'm weird if I tell you that.

Xu Chi: I won't.

At the same time, Tang Yanzhi and Xu Chi's mobile phone vibrated frantically.

Tingting: !!!

Tingting: !!!!!!!

Tingting: Come on!!

Tingting: Come on!!!!!

Tingting: In a hurry!!!

Tingting: [Link of a post on Weibo]

Tingting: Give you three seconds to read this post!!! 

Tang Yanzhi clicked the link and saw a post from an alt account.

No.4 Bystander: h.e.l.lo, everyone. I'm No. 4 Bystander. I'm sure you're familiar with my name, because I was the earliest "he" fan. Today, I went to the Anime Expo in City A. Let me show you some photos.

[picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]

No.1 "he" Fan: h.e.l.lo, everyone! I'm coming!!! Oh My G.o.d!!

No.2 "he" Fan: Wow! Pig peeked at Cattie! So sweet!!!!

No.3 "he" Fan: Hey! Listen to me! Today, when Piggy was signing for me, his pen just ran out of ink!!! Then Cattie naturally handed his own pen to Piggy!!!

No.4 "he" Fan: No one mentioned about their fantastic appearance? How come they are so handsome? So is a good look important for a writer now???

No.4 "he" Fan: Well, speaking of the appearance, I saw a good-looking boy at the scene today.

No.5 "he" Fan: Show me the picture please! I need evidence.

No.4 "he" Fan: I... I had no chance to take a picture... He's standing next to me, with white clothes, black hat and black mask.

No.6 "he" Fan: Friend! I know the boy you said!!! I saw him too!!  Wow, he has such a delicate appearance!!!!

No. 1 Onlooker: Can you see his appearance under a mask?

No. 2 Onlooker: Piggy also wore a mask today... But his good look was found by us...

Tingting: @ Tangtang @ Shortie How do you feel?

Xu Chi: ...

Tangtang: ...

Tingting: ?

Tingting: What do you mean?

Xu Chi read a few comments under this Weibo, silently put the phone in his pocket.

Tingting waited for a long time, not receiving a reply from them.


Guinea Pig: Thanks for attending my book signing! Take care on your way back! By the way, a lot of fans asked me who my idol is. He is a n.o.body. Forgive me for not telling you about his pseudonym. I don't want him to be bothered, just writing his stories.

No.1 Fan: Can anyone explain this post to me?

No.2 Fan: That means Piggy's idol is a n.o.body, not Scottish Fold. Please stop matching Piggy with him and doing such stupid things like "he" fans. He doesn't like it. And he doesn't want to tell you about his pseudonym. He wants to own that person himself! So, got it?

No.3 Fan: Crystal clear.

No.4 Fan: Wow! This explanation... Piggy is a doting type, huh?

No.5 Fan: Finally! Piggy clarified this matter!!! I've been thinking about punching those "he" fans!!!! They have nothing to do but match Piggy with Scottish Fold!!!

No.6 Fan: Does it mean it's Scottish Fold who made up this gossip?

Guinea Pig replied to No.6 Fan: No, it was just a mistake. Before, we really played games on Weibo, which was over-interpreted by others. Besides, I'm straight.

Soon after, Cattie also reposted this Weibo, and Tang Yanzhi received a message.

Scottish Fold: Thank you.

Guinea Pig: You are welcome.

Scottish Fold: Are you really a straight man?

Guinea Pig: I don't look like one?

Scottish Fold: Yes.

Guinea Pig: That's it.

Scottish Fold: Alright.

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 13: Story 37-42

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