When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 14: Story 43-45

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At 7: 35 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: h.e.l.lo?

At 7:55 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: When will you go home?

At 8:14 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: Are you busy?

At 8:49 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: Why didn't you reply?

Tang Yanzhi: [Crying.jpg]

At 10 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: I'm gonna sleep.

Tang Yanzhi: Good night.

Tang Yanzhi: Don't worry. I won't bother you again.

Tang Yanzhi: Even if I jump from where I live and die, I won't bother you again.

At 11: 01 p.m.

Tang Yanzhi: What are you doing?

Tang Yanzhi: I live on the second floor.

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: Are you always acting like a drama queen?

Tang Yanzhi: [You don't like me any more.jpg]

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: What's up? I was just packing.

Tang Yanzhi: Are you going home tomorrow?

Xu Chi: Yes.

Tang Yanzhi: Let me send you back.  

Xu Chi: ?

Xu Chi: No, thanks. I can go back by car. My home is not far from school.

Tang Yanzhi: It's okay. I am free now. I can take you back.

Xu Chi: ?

Xu Chi: Tang Yanzhi.

Tang Yanzhi: What's wrong?

Xu Chi: You don't have to do this.

Xu Chi: About the matter that you write BL fictions... I won't tell anyone else... So you don't have to do this.

Tang Yanzhi: ?

Tang Yanzhi: ...

Tang Yanzhi(os): I really don't care if you will tell others about it. I just want to take you home and talk with you for a longer time.

But in fact...

Tang Yanzhi: Oh...

Tang Yanzhi: OK...

Tang Yanzhi: I didn't cater to you for this matter. Anyway, you won't understand even if I tell you the reason.

Xu Chi: ?

Tang Yanzhi: See? You don't understand now, right?

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: No one can understand you if you talk in this way.

Tang Yanzhi: In fact, what I want to say is... you really don't need me to send you back, right?

Xu Chi: No, thanks.

Xu Chi: [be lovely.jpg]

Tang Yanzhi: By the way, I am indeed a straight man. That gossip is just a publicity stunt made by Scottish Fold!

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: Ok.


At 01: 23 in the morning. 

Guinea Pig: There is little logic in being fond of you, so it's hard to explain clearly.

No.1 Fan: ?

No.2 Fan: ??

No.3 Fan: ??????

No. 4 Fan: A benefit for staying up???

No.5 Fan: What Piggy said is about his feelings for me. Stop sending question mark, you playboys!

Poor Guy: ?

No.6 Fan: Piggy, what happened to you? Why would you suddenly become so sentimental?

No.7 Fan: Is it because you are not willing to finish Pillow Talk? It's okay, Piggy. You can write a 1-million-word side story!

No.8 Fan: Did you get dumped, Piggy?

No.9 Fan: Impossible. Piggy is so lovely! He cannot be in a relations.h.i.+p with someone.

Lying on the bed, Tang Yanzhi was scanning through these comments. At first, when he saw the familiar ID, he didn't realize that it is Xu Chi until several minutes later. Then he found that comment with dount in mind and clicked into the home page of this person. Finally, he made sure that it was Xu Chi! Xu Chi.... Why did he stay up so late? Wait, wait... Why did he make a comment on my post!

He opened the following list of Xu Chi, on which Guinea Pig was on the top.

Tang Yanzhi: ...


A scream suddenly broke the quietness in the dormitory. The boy with a baby face (Baby Face) was caught off guard and released a "flash" (a kind of skill in the game).

"Ah! My flas.h.!.+ Tang Yanzhi, why are you screaming?!!!!"

"Nothing..." Tang Yanzhi rubbed his nose, "the phone hit my nose."

"Then bear the pain, don't yell!!!! Is your nose more important than my flash?"

Tang Yanzhi: "?"

"I dare you to say that again."

"Ah hahahha. My dear Tang, go check whether your nose is fine. If it is hurt or broken, I am afraid most of your fans will be heartbroken. You'd better go to the hospital and have X-rays taken for your nose."

Tang Yanzhi: "..."

"Why don't you wear headphones when you play games?"

"I've been wearing headphones all night, so I want to relax my ears for a while..." A was chatting with Tang Yanzhi and clicking on the keyboard with a loud sound. "So how come your nose got hit by your phone?"

"Quite simple. It just slipped out of my hand."

"Really?" Baby Face quickly turned his head and glanced at Tang Yanzhi. With the white light on the screen reflected on his face, Tang Yanzhi looked a little scary.

"Then go to sleep early." Baby Face smiled weirdly, "Don't bother me from getting scores."

Tang Yanzhi: "..."


Guinea Pig: Why are you here?!

Tang Yanzhi was about to send this message. While, finally, he logged out his official account and into his alt account. After finding his official account, he looked for that comment from Xu Chi in his latest post.

Sweet Boy: How come you are here?!

Poor Guy replied to Sweet Boy: Tangtang? Why are you still awake?

Tang Yanzhi (OS): It's all because of you! Why did you refuse me?!

Sweet Boy replied to Poor Guy: I couldn't fall asleep.

Tangtang: @ Shortie Why didn't you sleep?

Xu Chi: ...

Xu Chi: I couldn't fall asleep.

Tingting: Good evening, sisters.

Tingting: [picture]

Xu Chi: What is this?

Tingting: "Liu Wu" (a brand) Hair Growth Serum. Some people on Weibo say it works well. But why do I think it looks like a mouthwash?

Tingting: @ Tangtang, do you know how to use it?

Tangtang: Just take a sip before you wash your hair.

Tingting: ?

Xu Chi: @ Tingting You won't lose hair as long as you go to bed early every day.

Tangtang: @ Shortie

Xu Chi: What's up? I'm typing.

Tangtang: It's too late!! Why are you working so hard?! I will be worried about you!

Xu Chi: I suddenly feel inspired and want to write it down... Don't bother me now!  

Tangtang: How much money do you make per month?

Xu Chi: About 100 yuan...?

Tangtang: Well, If I give you 10 yuan, can you talk with me?

Xu Chi: ?

Tingting: Bargaining wonder.

Xu Chi: Math wonder.

Tingting: Arithmetic wonder.

Xu Chi: Logical wonder.

Tingting: Business wonder.

Tangtang: @Shortie How come you follow Guinea Pig?

Xu Chi: Uh... I am following his stories.

Tangtang: ????

Tangtang: Which... story?

Xu Chi: His latest serial story... named Pillow Talk.

Tangtang: When did you start reading it????!!! As an angst writer, why would you read sweet stories?!!!

Xu Chi: Is there any rule that a writer who writes heartbreaking stories couldn't read sweet stories?

Tangtang: Uh...Well...What do you think of that story?

Xu Chi: Brother Nan, Come on!! [fist] [fist] [fist]

Xu Chi: But the update is so slow. Why does he update just one chapter every day? I heard he has finished all of this story. Why can't he post all chapters together?


"Tang Yan Zhi!!! What's up?!!! My double DF (another skill in the game) are released because of you!"

"My phone... hit my eyes."

"I'm begging you, please be quiet. I just gained a few scores..." Baby Face turned his face and looked at Tang Yanzhi, saying coldly, "If you yell all of a sudden once again, I will tell Mr. Xu that you have strong feelings for him."

"What?" Tang Yanzhi was really surprised now, poking his head out of his bed and saying, "Who will you tell?"

"Haha..." Baby Face smiled with white teeth, "Is there anyone else named Xu Chi in Management Department?" 

Tang Yanzhi was confused, "How come you know that?"

"That day after the party, I saw..."

"What did you see?"

"You kabe-doned Mr. Xu after the activity and tried to do something to him. I have found long ago that you are different from other men... No wander none of these petty girls could attract you."

"Well..." Tang Yanzhi nodded and echoed, "Usually I thought you are foolish, not paying attention to anything. I am surprised that you are smart in terms of such matters."

"Am I supposed to take it as a compliment? You shouldn't have said I'm foolish."

"You..." Tang Yanzhi pointed to the screen of Baby Face's computer, "Take care of yourself."

"Oh!!!!! s.h.i.+t! Tang Yanzhi! I hate you!!"

"Good night. Enjoy your game this evening!"

When An Angst Writer Meets A Doting Writer Chapter 14: Story 43-45

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