The Last Slag Chapter 5

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The Last Slag (Quick Wear)

Chapter 5

See Danzi Qian looked at her and did not speak, she blinked innocently. “When the time has arrived we can go to the amus.e.m.e.nt park, I don’t want to go home again.”

“And, as for sister Xueqing, I have something to say to you.”

Perhaps the last sentence played a role. Bai Xueqing to Danzi Qian really occupies a great importance. Tang Ming smoothly followed Danzi Qian home.

The first world of each system novel is always the test trial ah. The primary world, on her current contact so far, the world has all ordinary students. Even if the rumors get especially disastrous, simply rea.s.suring Danzi Qian, she can get along with him.

The reason why no one can approach him, is not because no one dares to approach him. Bai Xueqing is the only person who is willing to get along with him in spite of his bad reputation. Is this not putting Danzi Qian in the heart?

Danzi Qian’s home looks quite normal, and the novel’s single-parent families are not the same. There is no tattered old house or anything. She followed him into the door, and saw the neat room.

At this time, there seems to be no one in the house, his mother probably went to work.

Looking at Danzi Qian did not take care of her, just went to his own room to change clothes. Tang Ming just hurriedly changed slippers to keep up.

Danzi Qian’s jacket took off half, only to find that Tang Ming actually followed him into his room. He suddenly stopped the action in his hand, the face also cannot see what expression to her, “You are going to stand here and watch me change clothes?”

This time, as a normal girl, Tang Ming should be red faced, shy to run out. After all, as a pure high school student, seeing boys change clothing is too shameful!

But there was no favorable impression and she had to work hard.

People need to be mentally prepared to develop feelings before they can do anything.

So Tang Ming thought of the cat that had run away from home, and suddenly she had grief in her heart.

She plucked up the courage, before Danzi Qian had time to react to pull open his b.u.t.ton-down s.h.i.+rt. Day and night fighting makes his body very fit, at this time he has a fresh cut on the waist. In fact, not too deep, its a little long, plus some scratched bleeding skin.

This small injury Danzi Qian has never put in the eyes, and this is really not a particularly big injury for him, usually this degree, two or three days can be good, as ordinary as a finger cut.

Danzi Qian was scratched on his body she had long found out, because his snow-white s.h.i.+rt was stained with a lot of blood. From the amount of bleeding is not particularly serious, she did not rush people directly to the hospital.

Seeing that the wound was no longer bleeding, Tang Ming seemed relieved. But the eyes were uncontrollably red, and Danzi Qian is afraid to say something.

He heard Tang Ming ask him where the first aid box is at home. But what first aid box in his home? At best, he usually has only alcohol and bandages. He went to the bedside table, from the drawer took out a small bottle of alcohol and a small half-roll of used bandages. Tang Ming picked up the remote control in her hand.

“I’ll go out and buy something, and you’ll watch TV, no moving around.”

Of course, Danzi Qian knows what Tang Ming wants to buy. Although it is not necessary, but looking at her want to weep expression, Danzi Qian cannot seem to resist, he can only symbolically resist a little “meddlesome.”

Who knew that as soon as his voice dropped, Tang Ming’s tears fell.

“……..The key is on the table.” Danzi Qian admitted to losing.

The promised Tang Ming, picked up her own small bag out of the door, as soon as she went out she wiped away the tears.

Although thinking of her house cat’s a little sad, but two tears are still good. After Tang Ming from the nearby pharmacy to buy things back, she found that Danzi Qian became particularly cooperative, at least for her to help him with the medicine, he did not have much resistance.

After Tang Ming went out, where is there a mind to watch TV. He was frightened by her sudden tears, he didn’t know if all girls were like this. See blood will cry, or if Tang Ming is an exception. After all, the only reference value for girls is only Bai Xueqing.

And for their favorite people, how could Danzi Qian show her his sloppy side. So although Bai Xueqing knows Danzi Qian will fight outside, but she never saw him, also did not see even a small wound. This is because Danzi Qian hides it.

He knew that maybe Tang Ming was concerned, but it was this ‘concern’ that made him a little afraid to think too much.

Undeniably, even Bai Xueqing’s concern for him is limited to advising him not to fight again, which of course is partly because he performed so well in front of her. Although he himself felt that perhaps childhood concern for him is not much, but even so, Bai Xueqing is still the best person in his life except for his mother.

Danzi Qian is not used to being cared for, which also led him to realize that Tang Ming shed tears because of concern for him. He’s somewhat at a loss.

His confusion continued until Tang Ming had bought stuff back, watching her pull out a pile of bottles and cans from the bag and then help him put a bottle into the drawer, and then took some other things in hand, she moved a chair to sit opposite him.

Danzi Qian suddenly remembered when they first met, it seems to be such a situation. He lay on the table dozing, and was woken up, he saw a bright, cheery girl sitting at his desk, smiling at him. Although she was looking for him to copy homework.

Out of everyone, Danzi Qian thinks its unlikely for her to have a connection with him. After all even if he’s incompatible with the whole cla.s.s, he’s also aware of the reputation of Tang Ming. Good nature, good family situation and superior, almost by the whole cla.s.s held in the heart of the hand, her life is neat and tidy, completely different from him.

But it is this person, who is now sitting in front of him, carefully holding his face, holding a cotton swab to his wound sterilizing it with medicine.

Speaking of medicine, Tang Ming is actually quite good at it. This and her rich love history is inseparable. Danzi Qian has always casually taken alcohol and treated himself. Its the first time to have such gentle treatment.

Tang Ming is seriously treating him, but even if she’s serious, she also cannot stand such a straightforward look. Her powdered jade small face immediately became red, long eyelashes slightly quivering, watery eyes also looked away, dare not look at him.

Obviously just pulling his clothes casually, but now being stared at for a while she’s embarra.s.sed.

If Danzi Qian is aware of the contrast, then he will know how irregular his own heartbeat is at this moment.

At this moment there should be a good feeling prompt, but Tang Ming early on turned the voice prompt off.

Packed up the things, Danzi Qian again changed to a set of clean clothes, in addition to the corner of the mouth with a bit of bruising, there are no previous traces of fighting.

“So, what did you say you were going to talk to me about?” Perhaps the time is too far from the agreed meet-up, after everything was handled the silent atmosphere is really a little awkward. Danzi Qian wants to say something, then remembered the previous Tang Ming once said to talk about Bai Xueqing and Chen Shao Ze.

In fact, to talk to him about Bai Xueqing is just an excuse. But since Danzi Qian asked, then in order for the upcoming battle, Tang Ming feels that she still needs to strike first to gain the upper hand.

“Actually, there’s nothing, I know you like sister Xueqing, right?” After saying that she also regardless of Danzi Qian’s suddenly sinking face continued, “But now Xueqing sister likes Chen Shao Ze, if you still like her, I think we can cooperate.”

After she said that he liked Bai Xueqing, the mood of Danzi Qian was not very good. His brows were crumpled up. “Me and Xueqing just grew up together……”

Seeing that he did not want to admit, Tang Ming immediately turned a white eye. “Please, your is like is so obvious, don’t admit it!”


“You used to help her with her homework, right? You didn’t even let me copy your homework!” Tang Ming’s topic change was fast, and the serious atmosphere somehow, has become a bit cheerful.

Danzi Qian did help Bai Xueqing write several papers, but he didn’t think Tang Ming knew this matter. As a matter of fact no one should know. He is very sneaky at school.

Seems to understand the doubts of Danzi Qian. Tang Ming did not shy away from him, smiled. “Because I have been paying attention to you ah.”

She noticed the other side because of her words, a little dazed, hurriedly continued: “Look, now your Xueqing and her boyfriend are going on a date together! You won’t have another chance!”

Tang Ming’s tone was extremely sincere, but he felt very strange when he listened to her.

“Why are you helping me?”

Danzi Qian saw the girl because of his question suddenly had flushed red cheeks, suddenly understood.

She likes Chen Shao Ze.

After doing her best to help Danzi Qian chase Bai Xueqing, Danzi Qian to help her chase Chen Shao Ze agreement. Tang Ming suddenly did not have a little courtesy to him, pulled him out to start buying clothes.

Danzi Qian has never wandered the street with girls. His aesthetic to girls stay only in the standard of Bai Xueqing. Naturally gave no opinion, and Tang Ming did not intend to let him give advice. She picked a beige short dress, and picked a pair of sandals.

After changing her clothes, her whole aura softened.

Even the original bright smile seems to be suffused with a layer of warm suns.h.i.+ne, so that others cannot help but look and feel comfortable as well. She ran to him, turned a circle, “Good-looking?”

What else could he say other than nod?

See him nod, Tang Ming just smiled happily. The shop a.s.sistant rushed to ask her whether to help her boyfriend also pick a few pieces and then help her checkout.

From the shop out, she had a bag in her hand containing her changed clothes. The original’s family is quite good, so the original set of clothes even if it looks common, each piece is worth a few thousand.

Tang Ming’s usual pocket money is spent in strange places. For the standard of clothing has always been very low, usually buy some small cards, the original set of clothes she cannot take to the battlefield, also cannot throw away.

So she dragged Danzi Qian to find the nearest donation center, the clothes are sent back.

“……I can’t see that you’re saving.”

“Now it’s hard to find a thrifty person like me.”

When Tang Ming said this, the expression is particularly proud, as if she really has some kind of excellent quality. Danzi Qian looked at her, this look, cannot help but smile, “Then your future boyfriend will gain a lot.”

She didn’t answer that, turned her head and took the lead.

When they went to the amus.e.m.e.nt park gate, Chen Shao Ze and Bai Xueqing have not yet arrived. Tang Ming bought a small devil’s horn to wear on her head, but also bought a few skewers of grilled squid. In pa.s.sing gave two to Danzi Qian.

Her mouth is full, but she still tried to communicate with Danzi Qian. “Speaking of, you did not know before of Xueqing sister and Shao Ze are dating things? Aren’t you childhood friends?”

These words are simply a stab to Danzi Qian, he doesn’t know how to answer.

He never expected that the object of Bai Xueqing’s affection was not himself. Then he heard these dating rumors from someone else. “Perhaps she didn’t have time to talk to me.”

Tang was eating a squid kebab and nodding her head.

Where is it not time to say, its not intended to say. Originally how Danzi Qian found out that Bai Xueqing and Chen Shao Ze got together, was because on his birthday Bai Xueqing did not show up. Danzi Qian went out to find her, b.u.mped into the two people standing at the door kissing, then he knew.

In fact, until now, Danzi Qian is still reluctant to believe that his own childhood friend has a boyfriend.

But reality always. .h.i.ts you in the face.

Tang Ming finished the hands of the squid kebab. Saw not too far away wearing a white flowy long skirt, close to Chen Shao Ze, hand in hand walking with Bai Xueqing. Even outsiders can see that they are a loving couple.

Bai Xueqing is so cooperative, really did not expect.

Tang Ming immediately smiled, happy to wave to the distant two people, “Shao Ze~ Xueqing sister~ over here~”

Although she said to Chen Shao Ze that she would bring a friend to come together, but Bai Xueqing didn’t know that the friend is actually Danzi Qian. When she saw standing next to Tang Ming, that familiar figure, she was immediately frightened, hurriedly shook off Chen Shao Ze’s hands.

The Last Slag Chapter 5

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