The Last Slag Chapter 6

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The Last Slag (Quick Wear)

Chapter 6

“…….Zi qiān?”

It seems that such a person appeared here, made Bai Xueqing very uncomfortable. She looked at his expression in panic and found that the expression of Danzi Qian did not change much, which made her relieved.

Danzi Qian is a man who suffers from mild facial paralysis. He looked at the man beside Bai Xueqing, Chen Shao Ze. Even if he did not show anything, but he can still feel the other sides hostility.

This kind of hostility is only known to men.

In front of Tang Ming was so thrown face. Chen Shao Ze’s mood is not very good. Bai Xueqing to see the person in front of her to throw away his hand action is too hurtful. She never mentioned this person in front of him, and at this moment she shouted so intimately.

The presence of a good mood I’m afraid its only Tang Ming. She seems to not to find that the atmosphere is not quite right, exclaiming: “Xueqing sister also knows Danzi Qian? That would be too good, Shao Ze, this is Danzi Qian, my cla.s.smate, Danzi Qian, this is Chen Shao Ze, who I grew up with, childhood friends, but also Xueqing sister’s boyfriend.”

The two men didn’t say a word, and they didn’t even mean to shake hands.

The most awkward one is certainly not Tang Ming. Neither person speaks, to say the most fl.u.s.tered person is Bai Xueqing. Although its nice that two excellent boys are competing for her feelings. But her relations.h.i.+p with Chen Shao Ze is not stable, it cannot afford such a toss.

She hurriedly held Chen Shao Ze’s arm, smiled and explained to him, "Zi Qian is my friend who grew up together with me, we have known each other for a long time.”

A simple single sentence let the bottom of Danzi Qians heart turn cold. He never thought that Xueqing will use ‘know a long time’ to describe their relations.h.i.+p. But she is too eager to seize Chen Shao Ze, and now she cannot afford to consider the feelings of Danzi Qian.

“It turned out to be like this!” Although it is not very kind to say this, Bai Xueqing’s straightforward rejection of Danzi Qian is truly honest. Tang Ming smiled sincerely. “Thanks to Danzi Qian’s help, my homework has been completed. Originally he and Xueqing sister are childhood friends, no wonder so gentle.”

Everyone knows that Danzi Qian and the word gentle is difficult to connect for a lifetime. Although this is praise for Bai Xueqing, in Bai Xueqing’s ears it is clearly showing off. Xueqing was unwilling in her heart. She believed that as long as she said a word, Danzi Qian would cast Tang Ming aside, but Chen Shao Ze was here. She couldn’t show a very close relations.h.i.+p with Danzi Qian.

“Well, let’s not stand at the gate.”

At the urging of Tang Ming, although a few people have their own ideas in their hearts, but today is after all to play, but for the other two people its a date. Bai Xueqing does not want to spoil the date. Chen Shao Ze although not happy, but looking at Tang Ming’s expectant manner, he did not say anything.

The couple first checked their tickets into the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Tang Ming and Danzi Qian were a few steps slowly behind.

“Thanks to my help?” Before the ticket was checked, Danzi Qian suddenly asked.

Tang Ming doesn’t care, “This is called tactics, seeing you gentle to other girls, Xueqing sister will know your importance!”

Danzi Qian still wants to say something, but Tang Ming suddenly turned her attention to his hands that did not move the squid kebab. “Your not gonna eat it? Give it to me if you won’t eat it.”

In fact, Danzi Qian has a particularly common ailment, a seafood allergy. But unfortunately his position is a supporting male lead. From the beginning, he had love for the female lead. This problem no one knows, but Tang Ming knows.

This trait is too easy to brush good feelings, but its also good to stimulate Bai Xueqing. Danzi Qian cannot eat squid, and this squid is hers originally. She asked him he certainly will not refuse, there is no reason to refuse.

Tang Ming is happy to take over Danzi Qian’s squid kebab. As soon as she looked up she saw Bai Xueqing’s stunned expression. She seems to not understand why her relations.h.i.+p with her childhood friend is progressing so fast.

Tang Ming also understands why the creator of the system doesn’t like this woman.

Feet on two boats, eating from the bowl and looking at the pot.

But she a.s.sumes that after the two boats are completed, won’t she be the same as the female lead? But in the end she had to refuse, at least compared to the woman who stepped on two boats at the same time to cross the river. She jumped from the boat to swim on her own, she is ruthless.

By the time the two of them had entered the amus.e.m.e.nt park, she noticed that Chen Shao Ze’s face was rather ugly, and almost before her feet came up to him, he pulled her wrists in the next second with a grim face.

It seems that this squid kebab stimulates not just Bai Xueqing.

“Xueqing, you first talk to your friend for a while, I have something to say.” He couldn’t help but put these words down and take Tang Ming to go to another place.

Tang Ming was dragged all the way away, and when Chen Shao Ze stopped, she still had a squid whisker in her mouth.

She didn’t panic in her heart, but Chen Shao Ze looked incredibly irritable. He frowned and seemed to worry about something particularly important.

Swallowing the last mouthful, Tang Ming calmly ran to throw it in a garbage bin. When she came back, Chen Shao Ze seems to not have thought about how to say.

“Shao Ze, if not quick, Xueqing sister will be angry ah?”

I am troubled, but the other party does not care at all. It really makes him inexplicably angry. At least the present Chen Shao Ze has this feeling. He doesn’t like Danzi Qian, doesn’t like him at all, he doesn’t need a reason. He got the attention of the two most important people to him besides his relatives, this alone is enough to make him hate him.

But he is not a narrow-minded person. If Danzi Qian is only a simple childhood friend, then Chen Shao Ze still has a little tolerance, but the most unacceptable thing is that Tang Ming and him are so close!

“Should you eat his food?” The thought of when a clean freak Tang Ming and he first shared was after they had known each other for more than six years, Chen Shao Ze felt his chest in pain.

“He hasn’t eaten it, has he? What does it matter. Shao Ze, do you not like him?” Her expression slightly questioned, then revealed a sudden look. “You are eating Xueqing sister’s vinegar? Also, Danzi Qian specially accompanied me to buy clothes, others are really good and gentle - you having a sense of crisis is normal! But you should also trust in Xueqing sister ah, aren’t couples in most need of trust?”

She said so, Chen Shao Ze only realized that today’s Tang Ming is a little different. She did not wear the usual jeans and a t-s.h.i.+rt. She wore a beige dress that was fresh and sweet in this summer heat.

Childhood friend became a little different, but such a change he did not partic.i.p.ate in. Such a thing made him very unhappy. Its hard for him, he even wants to take her home now to change her clothes.

He suddenly realized something, “……You like him?”

Chen Shao Ze remembered that day in Tang Ming’s cla.s.sroom when he saw her talking to a boy. He was lying on the table so he could not see his appearance, but now it seems that this person is undoubtedly Danzi Qian.

From the knowledge that Tang Ming has a favorite person. Chen Shao Ze wanted to know who that person was at all times to satisfy his concern for his childhood friend, but at this time he hoped that Tang Ming would give him a negative answer.

But when he finished, Tang Ming nodded without hesitation.

“No! You can’t like him!”

“Why?” Not getting the support of best friends, Tang Ming looked somewhat sad, “I thought you would help me!”

“In any case, its out of the question!” Seeing Tang Ming become irritable because of his opposition, Chen Shao Ze is more and more uncomfortable. She likes that Danzi Qian? Likes him enough that shes so eager to get his support?

“I didn’t say anything about you and sister Xueqing! Why do you interfere with me? Who I like is my freedom! Is it only that you should have a girlfriend, won’t allow me to secretly like someone?!”

“Are you going to argue with me for him? Moreover, I and Bai Xueqing have already broken up.”


Tang Ming was shocked. Weren’t they holding hands together before? How do you say break up and break up? When were they separated? Why are there no signs?

Seeing Tang Ming’s unabashed surprise, Chen Shao Ze did not explain much.

There was a time when he was afraid to be liked by his childhood friend, because if he could not respond to her, he would lose a very important existence to himself. But now he found that if she liked others, he would also lose her.

He softened his tone, and carefully said: "You don’t like him, I will not a.s.sociate with others, OK?”

“Not good!“ Tang Ming simply refused, her expression is a little weird, seems to not understand the idea of Chen Shao Ze. This is new ground that she has not touched. “I like Danzi Qian will not change!”

Chen Shao Ze’s face suddenly became cold. Tang Ming feels not quite right, she carefully chose her words, then slowly said. “Even if I don’t like him, then I will like others sooner or later. We can’t only have each other forever, we are just childhood friends.”

In saying this, Tang Ming has been carefully observing the expression of Chen Shao Ze. To be honest these words, she wants to understand his meaning. She felt that this world’s author and her painting style is a little different. She is not very understanding of this because of a good relations.h.i.+p, so each other can only have each other mentality.

What’s more, if it wasn’t for the fact that she had been crying at the beginning of the break-up, and now she is saying that she has a person who she likes. I’m afraid Chen Shao Ze would not have developed a sense of crisis to this point. After all, the original secretly liked him from beginning to end.

Tang Ming does not care about Chen Shao Ze’s sense of crisis. Whatever it comes from, whether it’s between childhood friends or between men and women, she will go all the way in the direction she wants to, far, far away.

"Then in that case, as long as it’s no longer a childhood friend, then can we?” Sure enough, in Tang Ming’s words, Chen Shao Ze also gave up resistance, he looked at her carefully:

“Mingming, let’s date.”

The Last Slag Chapter 6

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