I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 97: I Miss You Already After Separating For Only One Day 1

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Chapter 97: I Miss You Already After Separating for only One Day (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Like triggering a catalytic b.u.t.ton, from the first day of its release, the box office of Orange had been rising steadily, rapidly surpa.s.sing most of the films released in the same period with a sweeping gesture.

The good word-of-mouth gained by the movie and the huge amount of discussions it triggered complemented each other.

Gradually, it attracted ever-multiplying moviegoers to theaters, and the number of its screenings was constantly increasing. No matter what would happen in the later period, Zhao Rui could already make a lot of money on the first three days of release alone.

Not only that, a famous film review network even gave Orange a high score of 9.3, which was the treatment that domestic films had not received for many years.

In fact, a good movie could bring much more revenue than the box office itself.

Immersing in the movie and unable to get out of it, the audiences began to gather information about Orange everywhere, from actors to director.

The bitter experience in making the movie turned into a sweet harvest at this moment.

Netizens who knew the film crew's financial situation in detail immediately felt they need to offer help. They volunteered to publicize the movie online and took the initiative to help crack down on the act of secretly recording the movie. For a moment, the popularity of Orange increased greatly, and some cities even had queued for tickets.

Yu Qinghuan received many congratulation phone calls. Even Yu Xin's cell phone never rested. All of them were for cooperation. Even a director offered a high price of 10 million yuan to invite Yu Qinghuan as the male lead for the youth idol drama.

“Reject them all,” Yu Qinghuan said to Yu Xin without lifting his head while packing the luggage needed for the roadshow.

“All right.” Yu Xin sighed and replaced the phone number for work with his private one. He could not help admiring Yu Qinghuan's calm secretly.

Because of the popularity of Orange, Yu Qinghuan's social status had also risen with the tide.

A good director and script contributed to its success, but his excellent acting was also an important element for the good result.

As the absolute leading role of this movie, Yu Qinghuan could be said that the meritorious character lifted up the box office of Orange.

It was hard to image that a young actor's first film could be so widely welcomed. This was unique in the entertainment circle.

Even his luck could make many people feel jealous, not to mention the fame and money that followed.

Businessmen all believed in luck, so many of them came to invite Yu Qinghuan even if they had to spend a lot of money.

For a young man who lost his parents at the age of 12 and was worried about money since childhood, the prices offered by these people were really too attractive. A TV play or a commercial advertis.e.m.e.nt could enable him to eat and drink without worry for many years.

To be fair, Yu Xin was moved.

However, Yu Qinghuan was still so calm and did not even move his eyebrows faced with these moneymaking chances as if he did not know what money was. He did what he wanted to do as usual and was not affected at all.

“Qinghuan, you are expected to be very busy in the next few days. Just let you know in advance,” Yu Xin sat down beside him. When Yu Qing Huan looked over, he took out his cell phone and flipped through the photo alb.u.m, saying, “The design renderings of your house have come out. See if there is anything you are not content with.”

Yu Qinghuan lowered his head. The design rendering was typical of the new Chinese style, warm in color and exquisite in design. Every s.p.a.ce had been used reasonably. At first glance, the room on the picture was warm and beautiful.

“It's quite good.” Yu Qinghuan put a s.h.i.+rt into his luggage and said, Just decorate the house like this, Ge.”

“All right,” Yu Xin nodded, feeling relieved in his heart, “then I'll communicate with the designer.” As soon as he stood up and prepared to leave, his cell phone rang.

He didn't want to answer it, but when looking at the name shown on the screen, he could only hand it to Yu Qinghuan, “Zhao Qingyuan, for you.”

“Qingyuan?” Yu Qinghuan held the phone with his head and shoulder.

“Congratulations, Qinghuan!” Zhao Qingyuan's voice sounded very excited, “I saw the box office of Orange and it is estimated to continue to grow. This is your wonderful start.”

Influenced by his emotions, Yu Qinghuan also smiled, “It's a pity that you are not here. Otherwise, we can share the luck together.”

“It doesn't matter,” Zhao Qingyuan said, “I'm calling to just tell you about this. Since you're going to River Town for the road show tomorrow, I'll be right there and I'll root for you then.”

There was a little show off in an ostentatious manner in his tone, but more of it was his whole heart for the sake of a good friend.

“Well,” Yu Qinghuan accepted his offer frankly, “Then I'll call you tomorrow.”

“Hmm.” Zhao Qingyuan replied, adding, “By the way, you are going to decorate your house recently, right? It's all on me. That's what my brother-in-law good at! I promise to give you a satisfying decoration.”

Yu Qinghuan's heart suddenly became warm. Though this person was reckless and seemed to care about nothing, he could remember Yu Qinghuan's stuffs so clearly, which was no denying that he really cared about Yu Qinghuan.

“Then I will leave it to you.”

Zhao Qingyuan clapped his chest and promised, “You can count on me.” After a pause, he suddenly became excited, “By the way, I've also picked out some kinds of floor tiles for you. I'll send them to your WeChat. See if you like them or not.”

“Huh?” Yu Qinghuan opened his WeChat doubtfully. When he saw the dark old-fas.h.i.+oned floor tiles, he couldn't say a word.

On the other side of the phone, Zhao Qingyuan was still urging, “Qinghuan, are they nice?! What do you think of all these floor tiles for your home decoration?”

Yu Qinghuan, “…Qing Yuan.”

Zhao Qingyuan, “?”

Yu Qinghuan, “I really appreciate your help, but why would you use these ugly things to hurt my eyes?”

Zhao Qingyuan, “…”

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 97: I Miss You Already After Separating For Only One Day 1

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