I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 96: Blockbuster 2

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Chapter 96: Blockbuster(2)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
The film had won rave reviews and good public praise.

A movie with a heavy theme had received so many favorable comments! And most of the audiences said it was warm! This was simply incredible and so aroused many people's curiosity!

At first, some netizens were still in hesitation. After seeing these reviews, they immediately felt itchy in their hearts. So they changed their original plans and went to the cinema.

Especially, after Zhou Mingjiang, a well-known film critic, posted his review, the number of people following this trend to cinemas reached the highest.

Zhou Mingjiang V: “This is the first time that I feel I don't know how to put my pen to paper after all these years of film review experience. Orange is really beyond my expectations. The last movie that touched me so much was as long as ten years ago. I won't say too much, lest you blame me to be an annoying spoiler. And I think such a good movie should really be watched at the cinema.

Zhao Rui really has earned all my respect to have been able to make such a heavy subject but stuffed of love. Yu Qinghuan's acting is also exceeding my expectations. It's really not easy for a young movie star to interpret the various emotions of a role so fully. I believe I will have more understanding when I go to the cinema to watch it again tomorrow. Finally, by way of a digression, I hope my wife can give birth to a lovely girl like w.a.n.g Ruirui.”

Zhou Mingjiang's film reviews had always been famous for their sharpness. Taking a look at his Weibo, the most recent one was to comment on a blockbuster, which claimed to have invested 200 million yuan. But he just commented a few words: What the f.u.c.k was this gadget? Shoot you to Mars!

Since he strongly recommended the movie and even joked about himself, the movie should be good, thought the netizens.

Holding the att.i.tude of trying, another wave of people went to the cinema.

This was how Cheng Ya was dragged by her best friend to the cinema. Until she sat down in her seat, she still had some dissatisfaction.

She chewed a big mouthful of popcorn and glared at her bestie angrily, “I am tired enough doing experiments every day. Why should I watch such a heavy theme movie? Can we still keep our friends.h.i.+p?”

The physics department had a heavy workload. Cheng Ya usually had to write her homework until two or three o'clock at night. Not only that, she had to get up early every day for fear of being left behind by her cla.s.smates if she was not working hard.

So she envied Huo Qu's clever brain very much every time when she felt dizzy about her homework.

“Let's consider it as a contribution to the film crew. We'll leave in the middle.” Her bestie grabbed a handful of popcorn from her popcorn pail and stuffed them into Cheng Ya's mouth, “Didn't you read your Weibo? The film crew is super poor. The director and actors are so miserable. It is only a few tens of yuan anyway.”

“The thing is I have no time for Weibo,” Cheng Ya sighed. She could not even finish her daily homework!

Just as they were whispering, the movie began.

The role Zhao Qing' an's tragic experience immediately let the two girls heart wrenching and they instantly entered the atmosphere created by the movie.

Later, when they saw Zhao Qingping, the sad and hopeless boy, pretended to be strong, comforted his sister and cooperated with the police's investigation, their eyes became red. Seeing Zhao's neighbors' concern for Zhao Qing' an, and the group of little angels in the school who were innocent but took Zhao Qing' an as their precious care, the two girls immediately shed floods of tears.

Until the ending song sounded, they were still immersed in their emotions.

“Xiaoya,” Cheng Ya's bestie pushed her, her voice still choked, “Let's go, the movie is over.”

Cheng Ya's crying eyes were swollen. She even didn't realize her scattered popcorn on the ground. When she heard this, she sobbed, “I don't want to leave. I want to watch it once again!”

“Come on,” her bestie urged, “Next time. We still have a cla.s.s tonight.”

“It's really annoying.” Cheng Ya wiped her tears from the corner of her eyes and walked out with her bestie. “I'm going to find out who the male lead is. He was really an ideal brother! His acting is amazing! I also want such a warm brother.”

“I just glanced at the big screen, his name is Yu Qinghuan,” said her bestie.

Cheng Ya's head tilted in disbelief and she muttered, “I always think this name is a bit familiar.” She said, while searching his name on Weibo on her phone, and when she saw key words Model CP of Hua Univ., she was eerily silent.

Her bestie felt worried and could not help asking, “Xiaoya, what's wrong?”

Cheng Ya sighed deeply, “Do you know what the saddest thing in the world is?”

Her bestie, “???”

Cheng Ya, “I fall in love with my rival in love.”

Her bestie, “…”

The movie must have spelled a cast on its moviegoers. Even Chengya lost her mind after watching it!

When the first day box office results of Orange came out Yu Xin didn't dare to look at his mobile phone. Yu Qinghuan was actually a little nervous too. After all, it was the first movie in his life released in the theaters. But when he saw Yu Xin's cowardly behavior, he was relieved immediately.

He had already done what he could do for the movie. No matter what the result was, he felt no shame.

Taking a deep breath, he clicked open his cell phone and was shocked when he saw the figure.

“How much is it?” Yu Xin's breath trembled a little. He leaned over and did not dare to look at it directly. Instead, he asked Yu Qinghuan with his face tilted.

“See for yourself,” Yu Qinghuan had no expression on his face, and Yu Xin could not see whether he was happy or angry. He pondered for several seconds before getting up some courage and looking at the screen.

“Holy s.h.i.+t!” Yu Xin blurted out after a few seconds of silence. He rubbed his eyes and said in shock, “Did Zhao Rui fake the box office?”

60 million on the first day of screening for such a movie? For real?

Actually, apart from them, Zhao Rui also went crazy. He never dreamed that Orange would get such a result. When he saw the figure, he was so excited that he almost dropped his cell phone.

Different from the film crew, the cinemas were always the shrewdest. At first, they despised the movie. Now the box office statistics had made them increase the number of screenings immediately.

For now, Orange totally made a hit and became a blockbuster!

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 96: Blockbuster 2

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