I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 95: Blockbuster 1

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Chapter 95: Blockbuster(1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Huo Qu's tone was so sincere. Every word he uttered seemed to come from the bottom of his heart, with bare sincerity.

Yu Qinghuan only felt that his heart was both itchy and painful, like a tiny bud breaking through the border of his left atrium and growing rapidly through his disorderly heartbeat.

He couldn't help looking up to Huo Qu.

Huo Qu was wearing a well-cut dark blue trench coat tonight. He was tall and slim. His handsome face looked deep and charming in the dim light of the screening hall, full of youthful exuberance.

Seeing Yu Qinghuan looking at him, he sipped his lips and his eyelashes quivered shyly, revealing the little round dimple on his left face.

The bud in Yu Qinghuan's heart seemed to have absorbed enough nutrients instantly and grew into a huge tree, stretching his chest to the brim. There was no s.p.a.ce for anyone in his heart now apart from Huo Qu.

How could this boy be so cute? His words and behaviors, or even every move of him was so charming that Yu Qinghuan could not move his eyes from him.

His eyesight was depicting Huo Qu's eyes and eyebrows, as if to deeply carve Huo Qu's image in his heart.

“Qinghuan?” Under his hot stare, Huo Qu's cheeks were flushed and his ears felt burning, even the palms of his hands oozed a little damp sweat. He suddenly felt a little embarra.s.sed and wanted to let go of Yu Qinghua's hands to wipe the sweat from his palms, but he was reluctant to do it.

While he was hesitating, Yu Qinghuan had already gently drawn back his hand.

“I'll let Yu Xin take you back later,” he said softly, looking away from Huo Qu. “It's too late, you have to go back to sleep early.”

Hearing this, Huo Qu immediately became anxious, “But I want you to go with me.”

“Don't be silly,” Yu Qinghuan smiled at him and pointed to Zhao Rui on the stage. “Do you Director Zhao there? We have got work to do later.”

Encountering with Huo Qu's black and beautiful eyes, he felt his heart quiver slightly, but he could only repress the surging guilt inside. “Wait till I have time for you, okay?”

This boy knew nothing, just like a blank sheet of paper. He was the only friend Yu Qinghuan had ever made in his life, so Yu Qinghuan used up all his sincere heart to treat Huo Qu well and took this friends.h.i.+p on the tip of heart. However, Yu Qinghuan had sprouted some to-be-blamed feelings for him because of this treasure.

He had to give himself some time to deal with his chaotic heart, thought Yu Qinghuan.

“Really?” Huo Qu's eyes glued to Yu Qinghuan, repeatedly confirming, “Qinghuan, will you really come to me soon?”

“Of course,” Yu Qinghuan a.s.sured him, “I will definitely come to you right after I finish the movie promotion.”

Then Huo Qu reluctantly followed Yu Xin and left. Before going out, he looked back several times, but Yu Qinghuan kept his head down and did not notice him. He could only sip his lips and stepped out of the door under Yu Xin's urging.

“Won't you go with them?” Zhao Rui was smoking a cigarette and looked at Yu Qinghuan, puzzled. “The day after tomorrow, we will begin our journey to several cities to publicize the movie. You should reserve your energy in advance.”

Perhaps the smooth post-production of Orange was much smooth, which changed Zhao Rui. Compared with his gloomy appearance three months ago, he had been much more cheerful now.

At the very least, he would not keep staring at people with that bleak look now, and he would not be treated as a bad guy by parents with children on the road any more.

“I'll go later.” Yu Qinghuan closed his eyes, looking a little tired. His head tilted back and leaned against the chair, and his voice was hoa.r.s.e.

“Don't get sick, otherwise no one will follow me to do the movie promotion.” Zhao Rui was startled by his wilting appearance. Looking around, he saw that there was no one in the screening room. He reached for his things. “Let's go, I'm going back, I can give you a ride.”

“Okay.” Yu Qinghuan nodded and walked out ahead of him.

Looking at his back, Zhao Rui frowned, he always felt Yu Qinghuan was kinda not in the mood today, was it his illusion?

Although there were not many screenings of Orange in cinemas, the box office of the movie was much better than Zhao Rui had expected due to the popularity it created in the early stage. On the day of its screening, many netizens who had been paying close attention to the movie bought tickets in the first place and went to the cinema for it.

Compared with Yu Qinghuan's calmness, Yu Xin was like an ant on a hot pan. He searched for the keywords on Weibo every few seconds. He wanted to see the movie reviews. Unfortunately, he failed to find any comments after half day's labor.

Yu Xin gradually cooled his ardor.

He also attended the premiere of Orange and even shed a few tears for the first time when watching the movie. He thought that the movie would at least make a small hit, but unexpectedly, the public did not respond at all.

After peeking at his own artist's quiet side face, Yu Xin silently hid his mobile phone.

He cheered himself up secretly in his heart. This was Yu Qinghuan's first movie, and it had a very heavy theme and not easy to please the audiences, so it was not a big deal even if it flopped. Just do well in the next movie.

He did not dare to search for the film reviews any more. Yu Qinghuan was also not in the mood to search for any comment after he sensed his own thoughts on Huo Qu. Therefore, neither of them knew that a few hours later, Orange went on the hot search list.

[At the beginning, I just felt that the film crew was so pitiful, so I bought a ticket to support them. Unexpectedly, I was immediately attracted by the movie itself after watching it. When I walked out of the cinema, I felt that I should write something about it, but I where to start. I think it is so good that no words could match it. I am crying in front of the computer now like an idiot. For real, go to the cinema and see it, you will never regret it.]

[Orange is really too warm. It's totally different from what I expected, and I still can't stop crying no. Qinghuan's acting is so f.u.c.king good. I feel what acting is for the first time on an actor. I highly recommend everyone to go to the cinema to watch it.]

“I'd like to explain in advance that I am no paid poster and I don't think the crew have the money for that. But I have to say this movie is really too good! The lack of funds, a director with no fame, and actors from nowhere made me think I would see a very terrible movie on the big screen, but I did not expect it would give me a big surprise! I absolutely want to watch it again!”

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 95: Blockbuster 1

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