I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 94: A Fierce And Brutal Cub 4

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Chapter 94: A Fierce and Brutal Cub (4)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Under this kind of intense work, Orange only took three days to complete the filming, and then waited for the film to be edited and released for review.

Because the later publicity can save a lot of money, Zhao Rui was also in easy circ.u.mstances now. He chose the top editors of the industry, working extra s.h.i.+fts, and finally finished the editing job in only a month.

Maybe because of the raising of public's attention, Orange got the public release permit quite smoothly. On the day the result was out, Zhao Rui even shed some tears and asked Yu Qinghuan out for a drink and settled the release date on April 18th.

Since Orange was Yu Qinghuan's first film released in theaters, so Zhao Qingyuan and Qin Zheng had informed him that they would attend the premiere.

“Ge,” Before they left, Chen Ming asked him, “why are you so good to a minor star?”

“Am I?” Qin Zheng's hands that were tying the tie slightly s.h.i.+vered.

“Aren't you?” Chen Ming listed while counting with his fingers, “Forget about helping him attracting more followers, now you even go to the premiere of such a shabby movie because of him?”

One should know so many actors and director couldn't get him even they would like to pay a lot.

"What does shabby movie mean?” Qin Zheng's sharp eyes nailed on Chen Ming, “Every movie is the great efforts of the directors and the casts…”

Before he finished, Chen Ming shouted, “look at you! I didn't say anything and you already tried to speak for him.”

Qin Zheng got struck dumb, frowning.

All in all, he and Yu Qinghuan only met trice. Although he had a good impression of him, did he really need to defend him like this?

"Probably last life I owe him." Qin Zheng said jokingly, then pulled the door open and walked out.

The premiere of Orange was a big success. Zhao Rui wasn't a social man. So after a very brief opening, he started the movie.

Most of the people who were present had thought Orange would be a very heavy movie, but when it got on soundings, the audience found that they were wrong.

The theme of Orange was very heavy, but its focus was not on that, but on healing.

Zhao Qing'an, who suffered from both physical and psychological blows, finally could face herself and walked out the shadow in the past under the appeasing and encouragement of her brother Zhao Qingping.

In this film, however, the touching part was not only Zhao Qingping's care of his sister, but also neighborhood, and also care from school, from her teachers and cla.s.smates, and even from doctors and the judges.

In the film of one hour and forty minutes, through all kinds of details, it tried to express the moving feelings between people.

Sour and sweet, sweet and s.a.d.i.s.tic, very touching.

Yu Qinghuan's performance was natural and smooth. He could precisely express all kinds of emotions, which easily brought the audience into the movie. w.a.n.g Ruirui's performance was also commendable. Especially her interaction with Yu Qinghuan, which earned a lot of the audience's tears.

After the movie was over, no one spoke, and it was after quite a few minutes that the theater burst into thunderous applause.

Three months' efforts finally got paid off. Be it Zhao Rui or Yu Qinghuan, they both felt much relieved.

Now what they should do was only waiting for the audience's reaction after it was released.

When Yu Qinghuan was going to get up and turn on the light, suddenly Zhao Qingyuan's sobbing came to his ears, “Qing, Qing, Qinghuan…did you bring tissues?"

Yu Qinghuan turned around and looked right into Zhao Qingyuan's eyes that were swollen like walnuts.

Yu Qinghuan: "... "

Well, now he really had no idea whether he should feel happy or disgusted.

"Do you think I'd carry tissue with me?" Yu Qinghuan raised his brows, stretched out a hand to press his head down and intimidated him, “Adjust your emotions now, or the paparazzi would shoot ugly photos of you!”

“I also don't want that!” Zhao Qingyuan was still choking with sobs, “I really shouldn't have come if knew it's such kind of movie, I…”

Yu Qinghuan deliberately helped him to get out of the mood affected by the movie, so he joked, “What about you wipe your tears with the sleeve?"

“You think I don't want to?” Zhao Qinghuan peered at him, “But I borrow the suit and I have to give it back later. Oh!”

Yu Qinghuan: "... "

So he really wanted to wipe his tears with the sleeve!?

Finally, the media still captured the crying Zhao Qingyuan, which they took as a blister. After they got back, they started to focus on this point crazily, which happened to add some gimmick stunt for Orange.

When being interviewed by the media receiving Qin Zheng's congrats, Yu Qinghuan collapsed onto a chair and exhaled a long breath of relief after all the honored guests left.

After resting for a while, when he was about to ask zhao Rui of the next arrangements, suddenly someone sat next to him. He gave that person a casual look and immediately got his back straightened up because of great astonishment, “Huo Qu, what are you doing here?”

He suspected that he got dazzled by watching the movie and even rubbed his eyes childishly.

Isn't Huo Qu supposed to sleep at 9? Now is already 2 in the morning! What is he doing here?

“I come to watch your movie of course.” Huo Qu put his freezing cold hands into his palms.

Yu Qinghuan asked, “Why didn't I see you?”

Huo Qu smiled shyly, “I was at the back. This is your time. I can't disturb you.” After a pause, he looked at Yu Qinghuan's eyes, “Qinghuan, congratulations. I'm really happy for you.”

Yu Qinghuan was a little dumbfounded and then smiled, “Who taught you to say these? Your second brother?”

Huo Qu nodded, “No.”

“Then how do you to say such words?” asked Yu Qinghuan, “Do you know what the movie tells us?”

“No.” Huo Qu shook his head. When Yu Qinghuan picked his smile, Huo Qu said word by word, “But it doesn't affect that I'm proud of you.”

He then said, “It's simple. You may not understand it as much as I do on stage, but it doesn't matter, because I know you'll be just as happy for me. Right, qing huan?"

After keeping silent for quite a whole, Yu Qinghuan said while restraining his rolling emotions, “Yeah.”

“Well...if I make speech next time, will you also wait for me down there? I want you to look at


“Because…I also want you to be by my side when I am at the important time of my life.”

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 94: A Fierce And Brutal Cub 4

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