I Just Want To Be In A Relationship 156: “Then Why Don't You Call Me Husband?” (2)

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His makeup was not strong, only with a thin layer of foundation. His amorous eyes with a good shape were sketched again by the makeup artist with an eyeliner, making it more profound and charming.

His chiseled side face was painted with a beautiful vine-shaped totem, extending from the corner of the eye to the cheek, which looked rare and beautiful.

Mixed with Yu Qinghuan’s slightly aloof temperament, such contradictory was novel and seductive.

"That’s it! That’s it!” Dim was so excited and almost incoherent. Under the makeup artist’s stupefied eyes, he pulled Yu Qinghuan out directly and began his creation.

Finally, his a.s.sistant reacted first and, under Dim’s dagger eyes, he bit the bullet to bring Yu Qinghuan to the side of the car.

Kenn prepared two sports cars for shooting the commercial. One was scarlet and the other was silver gray and white. The former was magnificent, while the latter was coldly beautiful.

Following Dim’s instructions, Yu Qinghuan leaned against the scarlet sports car and looked up slightly, revealing the totem on his side face.

He smiled with his head hung down, lips slightly hooked, standing beside a beautiful and eye-catching sports car without reducing himself to a foil at all. The man and his car complemented each other and looked extremely gorgeous.

"Well, down your head a little bit! Yes!” Dim pressed the shutter excitedly and took more than a dozen pictures from different angles. Only then did he feel satisfied and let Yu Qinghuan change another makeup.

After Yu Qinghuan changing his makeup five or six times and taking photos for a whole afternoon, the task finally done.

Kenn had a fast move. After editing those pictures, the brand posted the photo to Weibo and announced the cooperation with Yu Qinghuan without even a second’s delay.

This immediately attracted frenzied discussion among netizens.

[Holy c.r.a.p! I’m licking my screen! My ‘husband’ is so smoking hot!!!]

[s.h.i.+t! Do me, Qinghuan! This photo is so amazing! Oh, boy! I’ll convince my elder brother to buy this car!]

[I really want to do some dirty things Qinghuan! He is really alluring! He got me turned on!]

[Ah!!! Why is my ‘husband’ so cute?! My goodness! I can’t stand it anymore!  Husband, look at your wife! I’m here!]

Huo Qu, who was browsing his Weibo, was so unhappy at these comments and glanced at Yu Qinghuan gloomily.

Yu Qinghuan was looking for his pajamas then. Ever since he moved in with Huo Qu, he could hardly find anything of his own.

Huo Qu had a serious obsessive-compulsive disorder. He would make clothes in the wardrobe in order without a little skewness. Yu Qinghuan compromised at first and would fold his washed clothes neatly before putting them in the wardrobe.

But soon, he became more and more lazy and often slipped his clothes into the wardrobe while Huo Qu was not paying attention.

However, Huo Qu seemed to have set a pair of eyes on him. Every time Yu Qinghuan did so, Huo Qu would get him busted immediately. Then, the clothes had to be taken out, recla.s.sified and tidied up again.

As time went on, Yu Qinghuan just asked Huo Qu for help every time when he wanted to look for something.

"Huo Qu, again, where did you put my pajamas?” Yu Qinghuan did not find it after a round of searching, and did not dare to mess up the wardrobe casually. He could only turn his head and look at Professor Huo, saying, “I give you one minute to find them for me!”

"Here,” Huo Qu opened the closet next to him, easily found Yu Qinghuan’s pajamas and put them in his hand.

"What kind of weird habit you are having!” Yu Qinghuan said frantically, “Even if you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, when the cabinet is closed, what can you see? Can’t I just put things wherever I want in it?”

Yu Qinghuan was the so-called white moonlight in front of strangers. But in private, the more he faced those close to him, the more willful he became.

He knew Huo Qu could not be corrected, but he just want to complain.

“Don’t be mad.” Huo Qu held Qinghuan’s waist, bowed his heads and kissed him on the lip corner. “Call me if you can’t find anything, and I’d like to help.”

Huo Qu just had this kind of super power. With a simple sentence, the anger and mania of Yu Qinghuan was completely eliminated.

Yu Qinghuan kissed him with embarra.s.sment. When he was about to change his clothes, Huo Qu suddenly lifted the phone before his eyes.

Yu Qinghuan was confused, “What?”

Huo Qu’s face slightly sank, “Why do they call you ‘husband’?”

"Ahem,” Yu Qinghuan didn’t expect that Huo Qu would notice that and was caught off guard. He coughed for a bit and then said, “It’s a trend among those netizens. You know, they call all good-looking men their ‘husband’.”

Seeing Huo Qu still sipping his lips and looking unhappy, he added, “Really, if you send a photo on Weibo, I bet these people will also call you ‘husband’.”

Huo Qu digested his words for a long time before finally refining the key point, “Qinghuan, do you mean I look good too?”

Yu Qinghuan was in a hurry to appease him. He didn’t realize that this was actually a pit. He ‘jumped down’ in haste and replied firmly, “Yes!”

Huo Qu’s eyelashes quivered and his beautiful black eyes looked at Yu Qinghuan. “Then why don’t you call me husband?”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

Huo Qu, "You said so. I look good. So you should call me husband.”

Yu Qinghuan’s face turned slightly reddish and he kicked Huo Qu, “Don’t talk nonsense! How many husbands will I have if I call all the good-looking men ‘husband’?” He gave Huo Qu a push and tried to change the subject. “All right, all right, let’s stop, I’m going to take a bath.”

However, the moment he took a step, Huo Qu pulled him from behind. Huo Qu looked at Yu Qinghuan. His upstanding eyebrows puckered slightly and his face was filled with grievance. “Qinghuan, do you think other people are also good-looking except me?”

He paused and said with a sour tone, “Is it Qin Zheng? Or Zhao Qingyuan?”

"No...” Yu Qinghuan didn’t expect him to bring up Qin Zheng again. His scalp felt numb and even his mind went stiff. He hurriedly explained, “No, never, you’re the only one. I think you are the only good-looking one, okay?”

Huo Qu, "Then you should call me…”

Yu Qinghuan, “...”

The author has something to say: Qinghuan: my little cute fool is gone forever _(:з」∠)_

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship 156: “Then Why Don't You Call Me Husband?” (2)

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