I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 155: “Then Why Don't You Call Me Husband?” 1

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Chapter 155: “Then Why don't You Call Me Husband?” (1)
Translator: Guy Gone Bad
Yu Qinghuan signed a two-year endors.e.m.e.nt contract with Kenn with a total endors.e.m.e.nt fee of 18 million yuan, which was already the level of an lister.

Different from Yu Qinghuan's calm, Yu Xin was almost driven crazy. Qinghuan had climbed to this height in less than a year ever since he stepped his feet into the circle. This was what Yu Xin could never dream about!

He held his fist tightly and stared at the contract price, almost crying. After more than 20 years as an agent, he finally fostered out an lister!

He was on longer the old Yu Xin, who could be easily treaded underfoot and even ignored by his own artists. He finally had a voice! After 20 years, he met Yu Qinghuan, what he suffered worth it!

However, what Yu Xin did not know was that the agents in Starlight had long targeted at Yu Qinghuan. Among them, some were famous so-called 'gold agents' with shares in the company.

Yu Qinghuan was acc.u.mulating his fame so fast that it was not difficult for them to breed another super star.

Everyone knew what Yu Xin's true professional ability was. It was really a waste to put such a promising artist in his hands.

For this, some agents even went to Huo Rong directly.

To be fair, Huo Rong really hoped that Yu Qinghuan would change his agent. In his opinion, Yu Xin was more suitable to be an a.s.sistant. Such a person with no personal connections and resources was not the best candidate for Yu Qinghuan at all.

He once hinted this to Yu Qinghuan but was firmly rejected by the latter.

If it weren't for the relations.h.i.+p between him and Huo Qu, Huo Rong would not care about his opinions at all. There were so many promising artists out there. Starlight was no short of stars like Yu Qinghuan. How to deal with artists who were not obedient? Extending their blank period!

But now, Yu Qinghuan could also be regarded as a member of the Huo family. Family affairs should be treated in a special way.

So whenever there was a broker who came to poach Yu Qinghuan from Yu Xin, he would send him off directly.

Yu Qinghuan deleted the message from a gold agent who wanted to invite him to have dinner and thrustered the contract into Yu Xin's arms. “Ge, I'll stay here and take photos later. Please order me some more coffees except mine and deliver them to the staff.”

“No problem.” Yu Qinghuan's words made Yu Xin adjust his own mental state quickly. He wiped the sweat off his forehead and stuffed a vacuum cup into Yu Qinghuan's hand. “Your voice is dumb. Drink more water. If the water drank up and I haven't come back.”

He pointed to the corner of the studio and said, “You can go there to have some more.”

“I see, ge.” Yu Qinghuan took the cup, took a sip of the water and tried to push him out, “You should go now.”

Just as Yu Xin left, a tall white man in black leather jacket came up. Seeing Yu Qinghuan, he smiled and held out his hand to him, “h.e.l.lo, Yu, I'm Dim. I'm the photographer who will take your pictures later.”

Yu Qinghuan paused, then withdrew his confused expression and stretched out his hand. “h.e.l.lo Dim, I'll all count on you later.”

"As long as you cooperate, everything will be fine.” Dim gave him a big smile, revealing his s.h.i.+ning white tooth. His words seemed to have kind of special significance. He bowed his head, fiddled with his precious camera and then absorbed in his own works.

Yu Qinghuan did not expect Dim to be the one who took the pictures for him. This man was the world's top photographer with a price comparable to that of an list star. It was generally difficult for companies to hire him. Especially in recent years, the photographer had deliberately reduced his workload. Even Ada's creative director who wanted to invite him to take over the camera was rejected.

Although Dim looked smiling and seldom spoke, he was actually very difficult to get along with.

He was tough and irritable. Once he entered the working state, he would jump up and swore at others if he was not satisfied. It was said that there were countless Hollywood stars who had been scolded to tears by him. But even so, numerous stars had spared no effort to ask him as their photographer and having him to take photos had become a trend.

Kenn seemed to attach great importance to sports cars of pa.s.sion series. Yu Qinghuan rubbed his vacuum cup and thought.

Dim didn't give Yu Qinghuan much time to rest and recuperation. After a brief communication with the makeup artists, he pushed Qinghuan into the makeup room.

Kenn's sports cars always gave people the impression that they were sedate and dignified, unlike those ordinary sports cars, so they were quite popular among middle-aged customers. However, with such product image, they would also lose a huge group of sports car consumers: the young rich second generation.

After several years of brewing, Kenn tried to launch the pa.s.sion series super run.

This series was very suitable for young people who wanted to show off their lifestyle. Its appearance was cool and gorgeous with a conspicuous and eye-catching design.

At the first sight of the car, even Yu Qinghuan, who had no special hobbies for cars, froze for a few seconds.

"Are you ready?” Perhaps having been waiting for too long, Dim became kind of impatient. He put the camera on the table and pushed the dressing room door open, frowning.

He shut his mouth the second he saw Yu Qinghuan, even forgot his original intention to urge him be quick.

Dim had his own personality, but he was very dedicated. Before the meeting, he had already seen the photos of Yu Qinghuan.

At first, he did not understand why Kenn chose such a spokesperson. He did not deny that Yu Qinghuan's appearance was indeed impeccable, but his cold temperament was totally inconsistent with the style of the pa.s.sion series.

To this end, he conceived countless ideas in his mind, and finally drove out a makes.h.i.+ft design after working sleepless for two days.

He had already made preparations for numerous times of reshooting, but now, seeing Yu Qinghuan wearing makeup, the inspiration in his mind suddenly gushed forth.

I Just Want To Be In A Relationship Chapter 155: “Then Why Don't You Call Me Husband?” 1

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