The Love Of Black Veil Brides 5 Chapter 3

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An angel approached and grabbed Andy by the arm.


The angel then turned around to head back to another destination to search.

Andy shook a little by the touch of the angel's hands.

"Wh-What do you mean?? Who are y'all looking for??"

The angel then shot her head back and looked at Andy with the most fierce eye's he's ever seen.

"The boy who made us act like this..He destroyed our home...HE NEEDS TO BE PUNISHED FOR HIS MISTAKES!!"

"O-oh..., sorry I asked....But I am not the one, you are like the 15th angel that has approached me looking for that same boy I am guessing and I just want y'all to stop... I just want this dream to be over...Every time I go to sleep this is the same dream and it won't allow me to leave or wake up..IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!"

The angel jumped at his boldness in his words, "I can get why you are screaming little one, but fear not, this dream will end once this matter is resolved, but be careful with who you scream so loudly at next time, all the angel's who you will encounter aren't going to be as nice as I am being to you.."

Andy then realized he took out his anger on the angel.

"I-I'm sorry.."

The angel nodded to Andy, "Very well, I accept your apology, now, may I leave to go find him?"

Andy jumped realizing a couple of minutes pa.s.sed "I'm sorry!! You can continue your search!! I hope you find what you are looking for!!"

"Thank you Andy.." She flashed a smile then took off, and that was the last he saw of her..

The Love Of Black Veil Brides 5 Chapter 3

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