The Love Of Black Veil Brides 6 Chapter 4

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Andy awoke with a start.

"Finally I woke up, I felt as if I have been asleep for 12 years."

Andy got up out of his bed and stretched, then he realized something..SHE KNEW HIS NAME!! DID ALL ANGEL'S KNOW HIS NAME OR WAS SHE LIKE HIS GUARDIAN ANGEL??

"How?" Andy thought aloud and it wasn't even 2 seconds before he said that the sweet voice of the angry angel came to his head and said "It is okay little one..Everyone knows...As well we all know what you really are..But now is not the time for chit chat..Farewell Prophet"

Andy shook a little by how she said 'Prophet' and at the thought of somebody else knowing.

"Well, I suppose it is best they know.. that is a big burden lifted up off of my shoulders"

Andy then left from his room and went into the kitchen to get some coffee.

"Hey sleeping beauty! I thought you'd never wake up!! Its 11:30 man!"

Andy jumped "Oh its you, hey Ash."

"Wooow, you sound disappointed that I am here....Something up?"

"No, I'm just surprised that you are here. What's up?"

"You're surprised I'm here?" Ashley laughed at what his band mate just said. "Well everybody gave each other spare keys to our houses, and I just felt like stopping by, we haven't seen each other in a long time!"

Now it was Andy's turn to laugh, "Long time?? Ashley, we all just met last night and had a couple of drinks at CC's house. Also, I see Jinxx had to go get you from hunting 'precious animal's' again last night. When will you ever learn that you can't hid anything from him?"

"And when will he learn that I'm going to continue to hunt and not burden him with asking for subst.i.tute meat when I'm on a binge?"

Ashley and Andy both laughed together.

"He says you are no burden but that's between you and him. I have no problem with it for one."

"I know, but its just Jinxx and his love for animal's, now hurry up, we are going to be late if we continue to talk."

"Right" Andy sighed and finished his coffee and headed back to his room to get dressed.

The Love Of Black Veil Brides 6 Chapter 4

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