The Love Of Black Veil Brides 7 Chapter 5

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*The room was spinning*

"Come on!! Just 8 more spins!!" Jinxx called.

"Woah, was that Jinxx??..I seriously don't know...I shouldn't have drunk so much..." CC thought to himself.

"4 more!!" Jinxx yelled excitedly. "You've lasted longer than last time we did this game."

"Yeah..I know...I don't even get why w-we have to do this.."

"Because it's fun." Jinxx laughed.

"Fun for-BLERGH!!"CC broke off what he was doing to throw up.

Everybody started laughing.

"Ugh...I lllose again..." CC wiped his mouth.

"Yep! And you know what that means...!" Jinxx grinned.

"R-rr.e.t.a.r.ded outfit in public..." CC sighed. "At l-least we don't show our faces when wwe do it..."

"Yep. So our fans don't make another account all about us dressing up." Jinxx broke off in a giggle. "I'm glad we have so many fans.."

"Yeah. M-me too."

"You sound depressed..." Jinxx looked over at CC.

"I feel horrible."

"Don't hang out with the big kids and think you can handle alcohol and you won't end up like that." Jinxx shrugged.

"Big kids you ssay??" CC broke off into a laugh. "I'm older thannn you!!"

"Zsso!! I can handle alcohol!!"


"You two stop it before an argument goes down and I'm not drunk enough yet to be able to half-way deal with y'all.." Andy cupped his forehead in one of his hands showing his soberness.

"Fine!!" Jinxx turned around and sat in a chair to pout.

"Haha!! Sssomeone younger than you tollld you whatt to dooo." CC was laying on the floor laughing.

"So..At least I can handle alcohol." Jinxx said in a mere whisper. Jinxx turned around when he didn't hear a noise from CC and saw he was pa.s.sed out. "Haha, only Christian..." Then he picked him up and carried him to the couch and placed him gently down and covered him up with a fluffy wolf blanket which was CC's favorite.

"Sleep well buddy..."

Jinxx walked off to go to the other part of the house to hang out with everyone else without bugging CC.

"Heh..You thought...I'm going to wait till you're asleep to prank you really hard.. BUDDY." CC laughed and pretended to be asleep for the remainder of the night until Jinxx finally pa.s.sed out...Then it was CC's turn to torture Jinxx just like how he tortured him...

The Love Of Black Veil Brides 7 Chapter 5

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