Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 21 A Real Rarest Delicious Dishes

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When the others had already done, Diabsol still preparing to make another dish. The Five ranger dishes was as expected a top world cla.s.s chefs cuisine with 5 servings that heightened the later the dish was. It was a servings of Fruits, deserts, and the main dish was a high steamed raining sea lockne dish. Sea Lockne was a rare creatures that only exist deep in the sea almost near the bottom.

they're very hard to acquire not to mention practicing on it as the ingredients

The last course was a mixed fruits juices that being made like ice then being shaved like a shaved ice but with caramels cream , soy bean , and some fruits topping.

oh.... the fourth was a heavy dishes that made the tension reaches the peak and the last was the bomb.

Jeanne made a dishes that simple looking but somehow they're glittering , the smell also a mellow one but there's a tinge of spices sometimes.

By the way i Don't really know so i just watched the judges expressions and i know that The five rangers fXcked up. The judges shocked expressions with some satisfied as they didn't need anything anymore and would be pleased to die after that dishes . ahhh... not to mention someone had opened his all clothes and shouting Excellent three times in a big loud voice.

Well.... i really don't know whatever that's good about them so i focused on my work more.

I creates more and more ingredients that i did in my previous life , they shouldn't be able to find in this world . You can make a similar taste but they won't be the same. The needs to redo and recook it over and over just made the food taste more lower than i usually made in my previous life. Well , if anything I'm glad i have Ace and others as my food testing subjects.

Then times up and it's my turn to serve them my dishes. i brought seven dishes of mine with my ability , they're surprised but i ignore them. It doesn't matter because the prize of this match is what i really need.

" What the h.e.l.l is this cuisine? ".

" There's too many of them. How do you expect us to eat that when we're already ate their foods? "

" Shoo .... shoo... "

" What?!"

" Do you think your food will satisfy our palate? "

" your thinking too highly of yourself"

" your food must be a low grade one "

" ENOUGH... !!!! I as Nakiri Erima apologize and Let's Judge! "

" Gulp.... What's this???? "

" This fresh feelings ....."

" Amazing , I've never felt anything like this before "

" This went beyond amazing, look how much the ingredients that being mixed , This proofs of his experience. "

" Experiences?! This Is a Genius works . Only Genius Like Liaison can do this. "

" Look how you guys changing so quick a hundred eighty degrees. "

" Hmph... We only Judge the food. "

" So What's my score is? " Diabsol

" Hmm... wait for us to finish the foods first. "

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" What!!!! "

" This Also something otherworldly"

" I felt like I'm not in this world anymore."

" I thought I'm in Heaven of Foods. "

" Where the ingredients came from? "

" Are you guys stupid or what? "

" Dare You say that againn...!"

" Well If you think that it just because of the ingredients then you're truly an idiot for sure. "

" Ah! The skills , baked cake and All heated dishes had completely out of our expectations. Some was crunchy , some soft like there's nothing we bite but some as fresh as mint while soft as cotton. "

"Too formidable , May i know your name and your teacher? "

" I already Said my name Diabsol and i don't have any teacher here, Liaison was a

co-partners on the various things though. "

" Well... thanks for coming here and for the dishes. but can you leave some of the ingredients for us? if you can tell the source too."

" well, that's okays and Just search for Diabsol Merchant Mercenary COMPANY. "

" The Winner Is Diabsol The Magician Of Ingredients and Recipes. "

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 21 A Real Rarest Delicious Dishes

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