Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 22 New Devil Frui

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The blue , white , and red colours covered the fruit with a crown shaped yellow above its body . It's said to be one of the hardest fruit to awakened it's power , but i believe that Ace can do it.

" Ace , Here Let's gets stronger and we'll be conquering All Of The Sea Trade Route. " I Shouted even though Ace wasn't here.

This was one of the first place reward , i keep it in my Zone Inventory and started sailing Several days ago and now reached the Unstable Island. We've already achieved our goals so i need to pick them up and go home.
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" Let's go.... ! " Diabsol

" Must you do that? " Jeanne

" Hmmm.... you see i like being free in doing whatever i want. "

" So shall i do the same? "

" Well that's if you liked to do it. It doesn't matter if you're copying someone or not , Just do it and find what really you wanted to do. "

" .... "

"LET'S GO!!!! ... hah.... That's felt great. " Jeanne said while smiling with smiles that blinds everyone and everything as if she was the greatest treasure ever.

' The h.e.l.l... can i keep myself sane till we're back. d.a.m.n.... This is a torture.'

' If Boa Hanc.o.c.k is the Most Beautiful Queen of pirates then This girl will be the Chef Version Most Beautiful one with different appearance though she even more charming. '

Ohh... back to the Devil Fruits abilities is an ability to control Temperatures so there's many things that it should be able to do.

But That should be Ace's problem.

Anyway the ideas was reflecting light, lowering and rising temperature.

in the books said that there's a move named Burning h.e.l.l Motion and Frozen h.e.l.l Motion that only describe that with a hand the user will be able to unleash a heat more than a sun core in the direction of hands movement.

or cold as the place that far from the sun. For how much cold or hot they are wasn't being guaranteed at all.

" Hey , Teacher Wake up! " Jeanne shouting

" Uh... sorry things need to be think there. " Diabsol who saw Jeanne right in front of his face so close a bit shocked but quickly regained his calm poker face.

" Hmm... is that also your secret? "Jeanne look with curiosity Straight to Diabsol eyes or face?

" Why do you really want to know my secret?" while Diabsol looking back at her .

" Why? Huh..."Jeanne thought it over again for the reason when she was being stared at that boldly .

"Is the things you've said in that Compet.i.tion is real?" Diabsol continued making Jeanne thought about it once more.

" What! .... hmph... " Jeanne shocked but in another second she turned her face away from Diabsol.

' Weird temperaments .' Diabsol thought

Then She keep walking the entire time till they're reached the Unstable City that was full of Chaos . The left side was more like the Womenfolk Flag and the right side was the Menfolk Flag. There was a fight with many kind of things fillings the entire streets with people fighting. Of course it was a woman and man fight. They're fighting using their own rules like chess that should be a normal looking one but every time a piece killing the enemies then a hit should be received from the person who lost the pieces.

The most absurd was there many people walking normally like they're never seen anything at all. And whenever someone challenging them they could refuse and throw it to another person . As long as the pointed person accepted then they're free to walk away. The bets also differents, some bet their goods, some their property, some their money, some even betting their own person and their friends. Anything goes as long as they accepted the terms on their own will.

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 22 New Devil Frui

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