Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 4 Whitebeard's Real Death And Ace's Fake Death

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Kizaru ignored ???? and pointed his finger to Jinbei , to be precise was Luffy.

" Pressure Gla.s.s!! Steam Mirror!!"

A Mirror thin as an string of silk appeared in the middle between Kizaru line with an angle around 30° . The light pa.s.sed through but deviating from the target pretty much until the mirror break . The damages was multiplied when it pa.s.sed through the mirror , Right after the first damage could be seen a hole can be see deep pa.s.sed through the ice and continued to the sea and made a hole through till they could see the bottom nit to mention the large whirlpool that it made. And after the mirror break Buggy already bring Jinbei and others even more further making the Beam missed. but the damage only made hole through the ice , while the sea just surging to close the small damage.

Kizaru was really dumbfounded not to mention the other that could see the difference. Fear accidentally placed in their deepest heart and mind. The Ability that could support another devil fruit to that extent.

This several seconds that being given by stunned Marines given time for ???? reach the ground and rush to Buggy . After ???? almist arrived ???? jumped then grab Buggy and shouted " Link " " Time conversion 20:1 sec .

In just 8 sec ???? released it back while Buggy was complaining non-stop with a very loud voice.

Akainu who was stopped for a second by pressure cage already get rid of crocodile .

He started to fly with eruption style.

Meanwhile WhiteBeard location.

" Only you i won't call as my son.... TEACH!! "

" But You TEACH...!!! "

s.h.i.+rohige throw up his halberd and Made a punch with a very large With sphere of light towards Kurohige that spread his palm towards the punch with his darkness power.

This time the shockwaves was neutralized completely and instantly s.h.i.+rohige made the second punch with the other hand that also being negated by Kurohige other palm.

Kurohige attack with his fist first in the abdomen and second on the chin that made s.h.i.+rohige flying up but right after s.h.i.+rohige feet touch the ground He grab the flying halberd that he thrown up before and slashed at Kurohige and Pinned his neck in the ground with his hand pinned by the halberd hilt.

" No... , Don't kill me ..."

s.h.i.+rohige sent the shock with full might he had left . And situation become worse because the enemies were targeting his holed stomach .

" Father !!!" All commander and s.h.i.+rohige crews Shouted.

Eventually He stopped moving and after several more barrages the marines and Kurohige's Pirates stopped their attacks.

" Not You!! "s.h.i.+rohige

" You're still alive??!" Kurohige

" The person that roger had been waiting for... At least It wasn't You!! Teach!"

" Harrgh!!!!" s.h.i.+rohige made one more punch that sent Kurohige Flying far from him . almost half of the first distances between Him and the Execution Altar.

" There's a person who inherited Roger will and Continuing Ace's will. Eventhough their bloodline ended but their Spirit never will end. That Spirit has pa.s.sed down since long time ago. And one day in the future there will be someone who bear this ancient history, a person who dare to challenge this world. "


" SENGOKU!! You and the world government are afraid of the war that involving the whole world will come ." " I don't have the interest But when someone found that treasure ,the whole world will be in chaos AND I'm sure that day when someone found it ,THAT DAY WILL COME!!"


" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"






Everyone was wide agape.

" Big news , Big news !!!! Sent it to every corner of the world.... " A journalist Shouted in Sabaody.

" YOU!!!!" Sengoku exclaimed

" Hahahaha, Excellent last Announcement ."

" Father !!!!" All commander and s.h.i.+rohige crews cried

" Forgive me My sons , I'll go and leave stupid and troublesome people. You guys had given me everything. Gave me Life ."

" Goodbye My sons.... "

" Teach , b.a.s.t.a.r.d...I'll give you one last present !!! " With that s.h.i.+rohige made a Very powerful punch that reach even the far away teach and blown the Marine ford along with him.

Then s.h.i.+rohige Stopped after the attack and standing with closed eyes holding his halberd. His figure that had hole from the front and b.l.o.o.d.y body still not budging even a bit.

heavily wounded Kurohige pushes to the side The rubbles. He was buried by the rubbles. He was standing albeit with difficulty.

" s.h.i.+rohige , Die Still STANDING !!! " Kurohige.

In Sabaody Island .

" s.h.i.+rohige , Finally huh" Silver Rayleigh said while drinking his wine.

" Finally the war is over. " " yeah you're right, due s.h.i.+rohige dies!! " " we can live peacefully now" People in some city that watching the live broadcasts.

Back in Marine ford.

" undoubtedly With this the world era will change a big time , but...

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 4 Whitebeard's Real Death And Ace's Fake Death

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