Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 5 Shirohige's Real Death And Ace's Fake Death 2 Bit Of Zone Zone No Mi

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"...i Don't think that it will stop till this point. "

" The world Worst Criminals now are free, b.a.s.t.a.r.dy Kurohige, What you're planning to do?!"

And then it went the same as the original where Kurohige rampaging there after taking the Gura Gura no mi power and stopped by Sengiku and Garp. The exception was Kurohige almost lost consciousness because all the acc.u.mulated damage.

Meanwhile The three admirals and other marines were chasing After luffy because the didn't realize that Ace still alive albeit fainted like he was dead. Akainu shook off every single obstacles in front of him without exception. The pirates, he burnt them with his magma power. He rushed straight to Jinbei way using his magma power to injure Jinbei

just to be blocked by ????.

" Absolute Zone : Fortified Zero Gravity Stone Wall" The ground rising up and moulded into a regenerative solid Ice wall that made all directions of ten meters groundless.

" Air Platforms" While he made an Air platforms below his feet to stand on it also give him a movement in the air with the same speed as when he was on the ground while Akainu stopped there because the ground was gone.

Heart Pirates appeared with their submarine type s.h.i.+p and offered their help.

???? " Go with them Jinbei!!! Buggyy!!! Go! Quick...!!!".

Kizaru attacks also being reflected by the mirrors on many different angles but never on the Luffy and s.h.i.+rohige pirates side.

While Akainu tried to flew pa.s.sed through him only to be blocked by Marco and other commander that comes after s.h.i.+rohige death.

Only Jinbei and Marco knows that Ace really alive but he still wasn't sure himself. He just wanted to believe he is alive. Aside from him no one else even Luffy and

other than that it went smoothly till Shanks arrived and asking to Sengoku for the corpses of s.h.i.+rohige and Ace.

" Everyone !!! From Now You Must Do What I Said !!! s.h.i.+ROHIGE ,ACE Give us both of them for their funeral. This war will be broadcast to the whole world live. I don't want you to Showcase their deaths anymore longer !!."

" That's Ridiculous We should have announce their deaths to the world!!" one of the Marines Captain said.

Sengoku " Fine , But for Ace we can't. "

" What's your meaning? " Shanks

" No, in the first place Where is Ace's corpse? " Someone from marines and Ben Beckman exclaiming .

" We don't have Ace's corpse, it had been brought away by Jinbei. " Sengoku

We're back to a few moments after Akagami Pirates Arrives, a moment before Shanks stopped Akainu from attacking Coby.

???? Was holding Two Admirals on his own from chasing Luffy with difficulty . Their target change at ???? very suddenly while Kuzan starting freezing the sea water. ???? Ran after making a feint and decoy attacks to stop them for a while and other Commander of s.h.i.+rohige Pirates were holding them for a while to buy time till he reached the Heart Pirates submarine.At near Heart Pirates Submarine ???? Jumped and entered the s.h.i.+p safely . Eventhough In the middle he was attacked by Kizaru but that was easily blocked and avoided as Kizaru almost always talking before his attacks. Before Kizaru wanted to attack more he was stopped .

" Don't move !" Ben

" Ben Beckman..."

Buggy throwing the hat that Shanks given to him to ???? instead of Trafalgar Law because ???? jumped in the middle of his throw.

???? Going inside with Luffy's strawhat that being given by Buggy with the bear ? and met with Trafalgar Law. He gave the hat to him to let him keep the hat for now.

" Law , Keep that hat for now. thanks for letting me in. " ????

" Not a problem, it just Mugiwarya will owe me one more. " Law

" Can you show me Ace body ? no.... can you save him? "

" I can if i have more blood. but none in the s.h.i.+p that has the same blood type with those two. "

" Except Jinbei !!!"

" !!!!! " " How do you know that? " Law

" Well , you can use mine too . I have the universal Blood type ." " Let me heal Jinbei."

" No need , i am fine . More importantly save both of them. Give my blood to them if that can save them." Jinbei

" Wow... I thought that Fishmen doesn't want their blood to be mixed by human blood. "Law

" It's a long story , quick!! " Jinbei

" Calm down Jinbei!"???? walk and raise his arms and spread his palm till it reached Jinbei Bandaged Chest that almost become hole from Akainu attack when Akainu Persistently Chased Luffy . It was a moment where Kuzan Joined attacks at ???? making Akainu had a second free time and Kizaru stalling ???? from interfering.

The hole wasn't deep because ???? quickly shook away both admirals .

" Revert " ???? murmured

After several seconds ???? finally speak once more.

" Open The bandages now. "

The wounds looked like it never existed even the blood wasn't there. only medicine and blood on the stripped bandage was left for being the evidence of he ever being wounded.

" What was that!!! If that exist ... " Law was shouting and then thinking if this ability exist then he might be saved even without ope ope no mi.

" What!! How.... Luffy and Ace you can save them !!!"

" Sorry , that I can't. I can only reverse the things that i touch or at least in my zone at the cost of something else in my zone that i aware of. "

" If i want to control life and death I must've understood it first, otherwise i won't be able to do it. So as long as I've never experience it or understood it i won't be able to save them. "

" While i can preserve their life more longer but they had to always inside my zone or within my reach. It was better if they're in my reach but they would never be able to be healed. "

" I see ... let's get on the surgery , don't waste more time." Law

" Ouh!!.. " Jinbei and ????

" By the way ....What's your name? " Law

Zone Zone No Mi In One Piece World 5 Shirohige's Real Death And Ace's Fake Death 2 Bit Of Zone Zone No Mi

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