HOTD Mature Parody 33 Time To Go

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After f.u.c.king her senpai, Saeko for what seems to be an eternity, Takas.h.i.+ finally thought that they must go back at Takagi's house if not, the others will get worried sick and they might even come and find them which means that they'll be putting themselves in danger because of them not returning soon enough.

Saeko then went to fetch some clean water outside, still fully naked with her v.a.g.i.n.a dripping with her and Takas.h.i.+'s love juice and the moment she opened the door, she saw walkers and a lot of them. She then hurriedly cleaned the c.u.m off on her body and her v.a.g.i.n.a as soom as possible for her not to alert the walkers outside.

She then closed the door silently, "Komuro, there's a lot of walkers outside" she said. "What? Impossible, how did they even find us here?" exclaimed Takas.h.i.+ because he thought that walkers can't go up using the stairs, well he's wrong.

"We better get ready" said Saeko as she went and grabbed her clothes that's all over the place. Her bra, panties, and s.h.i.+rt they're all scattered.

"But, i think you need to rest first, Saeko" said Takas.h.i.+ as he noticed that the way Saeko walked is a little bit funny.

"Ow, i didn't even notice" said Saeko after dressing herself up she then proceeded to take a seat and rest her legs and knees that are shaking after being f.u.c.ked with Takas.h.i.+'s ma.s.sive d.i.c.k.

Takas.h.i.+ also went and dress himself up, he then sat besides Saeko. "I think they're worried sick already back at Takagi's house" said Takas.h.i.+. "Well who wouldn't be worried we're gone for almost a day and half" said Saeko.

"The detour turned out to be more than a shortcut with all of this happening" said Takas.h.i.+ as he looks at Saeko, looking more mesmerizing than ever before.

"What are you looking at, Komuro?" shyly asked Saeko after noticing that Takas.h.i.+ is looking at her. "I've already knew that you're beautiful but i never thought that you'll get even more stunning after this" said Takas.h.i.+ as he laughed and thought about the crazy moments they have done.

"It's all because of you!" exclaimed Saeko with her face flushed red. Then after a moment of silence they began to laugh at each other.

The gloomy atmosphere generated by them being surrounded by walkers immediately got dissipated as they reminisced the things they've done moments ago.

"Let's go, Saeko" said Takas.h.i.+ as he stood up and went to fetch the katana that Saeko was supposed to use from now on.

"Here, nothing beats a katana in terms of sharpness" said Takas.h.i.+ as he handed her the katana that he took from the temple.

"Thank you, Komuro" said Saeko as she stood up and received the katana, Takas.h.i.+ is giving her.

"Are there a lot of them outside?" asked Takas.h.i.+ because if there are only a little of them then it's easy but if there's a lot of them then it'll be a little hard.

"About 20 walkers" said Saeko as she placed the katana at her waist. Saeko then drew the katana out of its scabbard and with a few swings of the weapon, she's ready.

"A good katana" said Saeko. Takas.h.i.+ then went to grab his shotgun and after loading it up he's also good to go.

"Let's go, Saeko" said Takas.h.i.+ as they opened the door and welcomed the walkers outside.

Saeko dashed in the front first with Takas.h.i.+ at her rear providing cover for her. With every swing of the katana Saeko is using a walker falls to the ground, headless.

With every shot from Takas.h.i.+'s shotgun cl.u.s.ters of walkers gets killed because of the shotgun's containing shrapnels.

Saeko swings the katana with elegance and prowess that her movements are all so fluid and perfect, she's a G.o.ddess, a G.o.ddess of War.

But thankfully Takas.h.i.+ is there to keep Saeko in check and always maintain her from going psychotic. After taking care of the walkers, Saeko stood below a Sakura tree with her hair being blown by the wind and the petals pa.s.sing over her silhouette.

Takas.h.i.+ is stunned at Saeko's beauty, there's nothing to dislike from her, she's every man's ideal girl.

Takas.h.i.+ then went towards Saeko that's under the Sakura tree. "Isn't it fun?" asked Takas.h.i.+. "It's irresistible" said Saeko as she brandished her katana, cleaning the blood stains off of it.

"Glad to know" said Takas.h.i.+ as he smiled and gave Saeko a thumbs up because its good to know that Saeko have released her pent up frustrations rather than keeping it inside of her.

"Komuro, i don't know what to say, if you haven't been there i..."said Saeko but immediately Takas.h.i.+ held her hips and kissed her in the forehead.

"Don't worry about it, Saeko" said Takas.h.i.+ as he and Saeko b.u.mped their foreheads.

"Uhm" nodded Saeko with a smile. "Then, time to go it'll take us only 20 minutes to arrive at Takagi's house" he said.

They're now currently going down the stairs of the shrine and is heading towards Takagi's house when they've stumbled again with a walker that's the same as the one that made Saeko froze up.

"Saeko..."said Takas.h.i.+ worrying that she might still froze up just like last time." I'm okay, Komuro" said Saeko as she sliced that walker's head effortlessly.

Takas.h.i.+ can't help but smile, happy that Saeko have at last gotten over her fears. Both of them grew in the time they've been together.

"Saeko, over here!" yelled Takas.h.i.+ because they're now getting close at Takagi's house. Saeko then followed him from behind.

"Takas.h.i.+..." Saeko called him out, Takas.h.i.+ then stopped after hearing her called him Takas.h.i.+ rather than the usual Komuro.

Saeko held his hand, looked at his eyes and said, "You'll take responsibility, right?" Saeko asked him this question back at the temple but Takas.h.i.+ didn't give her a clear answer so she wants an answer now.

Takas.h.i.+ then smiled and looked at Saeko, held her chin and lifted it up, "if that's what you want, Saeko" he said.

Saeko immediately blushed after hearing Takas.h.i.+'s remark, she's so happy inside that she can't help but smile.

At Takagi's house, Kohta and Alice are standing besides each other, "why the back?" asked Alice curious as to why Kohta must wait Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko here.

"Because if they have to slip in, they'll have to go through the back" said Kohta because he knew Takas.h.i.+ would want to use the back entrance because from the direction that they've went when they parted with each other it will automatically lead them here where they're standing.
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Kohta has always been waiting here everyday, waiting for Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko to come.

After a few minutes, two silhouettes can be seen at the back gate, Kohta's expression immediately lightened up. "Onii-chan!" yelled Alice, happy to see Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko back again.

"I told you they'll use this gate" said Kohta as he went down to receive them at the gate.

Hearing Kohta's yell, Takagi looked through the window and what she's seeing is not good, Saeko is currently supporting Takas.h.i.+ from falling down and Saeko's aura seemed to have changed, she's now giving the air of a full fledged woman.

"I wonder..."thought Takagi in her mind because a lot can happen between a man and woman when left alone for almost an entire day and a half.

She then also went down to the gate to receive the both of them, she'll think about it some other day.

Rei and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka have also heard that Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko are finally here, Rei immediately dashed to where Takas.h.i.+ was only to see Saeko intimately close to her man.

"I sense a home wrecker" thought Rei because Saeko is a dangerous but beautiful fox if she let's his man be alone with her, then there's no doubt that Takas.h.i.+ will get seduced.

Takagi and Rei immediately sensed a crisis coming up because another contender have appeared in their quest towards conquering Takas.h.i.+ and obviously they aren't happy about it.

Just looking at how close Saeko's acting towards Takas.h.i.+, Rei and Takagi immediately a.s.sumed, "they've f.u.c.ked".

Noticing the gazes of both Rei and Takagi, Saeko immediately returned their gazes by leaning her head at Takas.h.i.+'s shoulders and she then let out her tongue at them. *Bleeeee* Their senior, Saeko is acting like a child at this moment.

Rei and Takagi are infuriated about Saeko and are now both jealous and asked, "why was it supposed to be her, why can't it be me?" they've thought how lucky Saeko was.

After the intense mental war between the girls that even Takas.h.i.+ himself didn't noticed, Rei and Takagi joined them acting like nothing ever happened.

The group is now again back together and after a few minutes, Ms.s.h.i.+zuka who came running towards them with her humongous juggling making Takas.h.i.+ ogle at them.

"Another possible threat!" immediately all the girls felt threatened about the possibility of Ms.s.h.i.+zuka seducing Takas.h.i.+, they immediately looked at their breast and compared it at Ms.s.h.i.+zuka.

"She's way too big!" exclaimed the girls, Ms.s.h.i.+zuka really is the biggest between the 4 of them.

HOTD Mature Parody 33 Time To Go

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