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Inside a room in the Takagi Family's Mansion, three silhouettes are staying together.

Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko are at the bed, with Saeko being naked but her body's lower half is covered using the bed's blanket, her breast is exposed but again is covered by both of her hands and Takas.h.i.+ himself is holding her shoulders, looking at her deep in the eyes.

"K-komuro..." said Saeko, her cheeks red as tomatoes, still embarra.s.sed about exposing her naked body at Takas.h.i.+ even though she's already been explored by him in a deeper sense.

"Saeko" said Takas.h.i.+ without a trace of embarra.s.sment and shyness because what's the point in acting like a b.i.t.c.h if you have the option not to act like one.

At the side. Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is rubbing her slippery hands which she will obviously use to treat Saeko's aching back that's hurt when they're separated from them days ago. Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's hands are so slimy and slippery that it doesn't look like an ointment covered hand but lube covered hand instead.

"Her we go. Don't let her get away, Komuro!" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka with a grin plastered all over her face as she ogles Saeko's ravis.h.i.+ng and s.e.xy naked body even though she's trying to cover herself up it doesn't help at all instead it even makes Saeko more cute because in this situation she's looking so vulnerable and weak that you can't just help but have dirty thoughts about her.

"O-okay!" said Takas.h.i.+ as he gave Ms.s.h.i.+zuka a thumbs up he then made Saeko lay down the bed face down. "Nooo! It hurts!" complained Saeko, she just doesn't want her body to get defiled by that slimy substance Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is currently rubbing in her hands.

Saeko is now facing Takas.h.i.+'s crotch area, her face touching the bulge in his pants. She can't help but breath in a ragged way. Her worries about Ms.s.h.i.+zuka applying the ointment on her body immediately got dispelled with Takas.h.i.+'s crotch up at her face.

"Noooooo~!" suddenly cried Saeko because Ms.s.h.i.+zuka immediately applied the cold, slimy, sticky ointment at her back.

Moans then followed because Ms.s.h.i.+zuka ma.s.sages are soothing and relaxing making Saeko's tense body loosen up and fixing her aching back in no time.

With the slimy and sticky ointment being applied on Saeko's body, some of it managed to slide onto the crack between her b.u.t.t, "ahhhh~" moaned Saeko feeling the ointment flowing in between her b.u.t.t.

"Well...I never thought Saeko is this sensitive" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka as she applied the last drop of ointment at Saeko's back. "Ahahaha" Takas.h.i.+ can only laugh at Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's discovery because he already knew that Saeko is a sensitive woman.
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Seeing the happy and joyful atmosphere at the room, Takas.h.i.+ can't help but think about something, "it had been a day since Saeko and I arrived here. This was our first 'normal' day since everything began except the one at Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's friend's house".

"Did it seep in already? It's my own special mix" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka as she removed her hands away from Saeko's slimy back because of the ointment but after a minute it'll eventually dry out.

"T-traitor" Saeko whispered as she drags the blanket to cover her beasts and lower body, she sat at the bed facing Takas.h.i.+.

"What? All i did is help Ms.s.h.i.+zuka put the ointment on" said Takas.h.i.+. "I'm not talking about this!" exclaimed Saeko.

"Then what are you talking about?" asked Takas.h.i.+ because he's a little bit confused on what Saeko is telling him.

"Think about what happened the other day!" she said making Takas.h.i.+ remember everything they've done at the temple.

"What?" Takas.h.i.+ is feigning ignorance. "I don't care if you put the ointment on my back" Saeko said in a low voice but still Takas.h.i.+ heard it.

"Ms.s.h.i.+zuka doesn't have to be the one to apply it" said Saeko. Takas.h.i.+ then looked at Saeko's s.e.xy figure, noticing her alluring curves that makes you just want to grab and caress them.

He thought, "why didn't i applied the ointment instead?" but what's done is done it's already finished by Ms.s.h.i.+zuka.

"Ok, Komuro you need to get out now, she needs to change her clothes because the ointment have already dried up" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka alerting the two that they are not alone in this room.

Saeko and Takas.h.i.+ immediately blushed after realizing that Ms.s.h.i.+zuka still haven't left after putting the ointment on Saeko's back.

Takas.h.i.+ then got off the bed, tidied his pants and heads out of the room and proceeded to seat at the stairs just outside of the room where Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka are.

"How carefree..." said Takas.h.i.+ as he sat at the stairs with nothing to do but let time pa.s.s. He then saw two adult workers of the mansion holding a heavy box.

"It fell cuz you're walking to fast!" yelled one of the man because it obviously fell to the ground. Seeing that they needed help, Takas.h.i.+ went there to provide a.s.sistance because he's got nothing to do at the moment so it's better to help than be idle.

"I'll help" said Takas.h.i.+ as he proceeded to help the two of them. "Oh its okay, we can handle it" said one of the adult man.

"Let the adults do this" said the other one he even emphasized on the word 'adult' to try and dissuade Takas.h.i.+ from helping them because in their eyes he's still a kid that's not used to doing works like this.

"Adults?" said Takas.h.i.+ because he's not a kid anymore and he can do some heavy lifting to some extent already.

"You kids can sit back and relax" said the man as they proceeded again and lifted the box towards their destination.

"What?" said Takas.h.i.+ just as he was supposed to head back at the stairs to sit, there he saw Saeko's room opening.

"Do not be concerned" said Saeko she might have overheard him talking with the workers.

Takas.h.i.+ is stunned and flabbergasted by Saeko's clothing. She's wearing a yukata that perfectly matches her, giving off the air of elegance and beauty.

Noticing Takas.h.i.+ unable to speak, "is something wrong?" asked Saeko. "Uh, no" said Takas.h.i.+ as he moved closers towards Saeko.

"You look good in that" Takas.h.i.+ said because he can't help but compliment Saeko at this moment her looks are a feast for the eyes.

"Like really good" Takas.h.i.+ added as he further complimented her making Saeko blush a little bit.

Then suddenly the door opened with Alice coming inside, "Huh? What's going on?!" exclaimed Alice because despite her age she wants in on whatever is happening between the group.

Alice then rushed towards the two of them, "why are you in a good mood?" asked Alice because Saeko and Takas.h.i.+ are all full of smiles.

"We were telling each other how nice it is to see you, Alice" said Takas.h.i.+ because he can't just bluntly say that he's flirting with Saeko that would be too soon of an exposure regarding love for the little Alice so he just decided to change the topic.

"Yeah. I'm happy!" yelled Alice as she raised her hand in the air. Takas.h.i.+ then remembered when he saw Alice in the embrace of Ms.s.h.i.+zuka in a room inside Takagi's house.

Alice must've missed her mom so much because just look at how she cuddles to Ms.s.h.i.+zuka.

" I wonder what happened to her dad?" he thought. "Hang in there, okay?" said Takas.h.i.+ as he bended down and patted Alice's head.

"Yes!" said Alice with a smile as bright as the sun. Suddenly there's a yell that's coming from the second floor of the house.

"Yeah I know! You're ALWAYS right!" yelled someone obviously not happy about something.

"Takagi?" said Takas.h.i.+ because there's no mistake that's her voice and knowing her she easily gets angered even by the smallest of failures or arguments.

Takas.h.i.+ then went upstairs to try and find out what's going on. "What's up, Takagi?" asked Takas.h.i.+ as he saw Takagi coming towards him clearly not happy.

"Didn't i tell you to use my first name?" said Takagi not in a friendly manner it's like she's demanding that Takas.h.i.+ must use her first name.

"Oh yeah, sorry" said Takas.h.i.+ as he scratched his head, "what has gotten into her?" thought Takas.h.i.+.

"Well, whatever. You're fine now, just you" she said and decided to calm down a little as she headed downstairs.

"What was that?" he said because Takas.h.i.+ really doesn't know what made Takagi flip so bad.

"She's troubling you, isn't she?" suddenly a soft and mellow voice sounded.

"Oh. No" Takas.h.i.+ said because what he saw is Takagi's mom in a hot red dress with her cleavage out in the open for him to see. Takagi's mom is a beauty, she gave off an aura that's even more mature and refined than Saeko.

Despite her being a mom she's still hot no matter what, "Takagi's father sure is a lucky man" thought Takas.h.i.+.

"You've gotten used to her?" asked Takagi's mother as she moved closer at Takas.h.i.+. A sweet scent is currently wafting around the two of them, a scent that's so intoxicating that it will charm most men but Takas.h.i.+ is already used with this particular scent after f.u.c.king Rei, Saeko and especially her daughter, Takagi.

"You've been friends since kindergarten" said Takagi's mother she then stopped a meter away from Takas.h.i.+.

"Naw, ah...Anyway, cool place you got here" Takas.h.i.+ tried to change the topic because he's a little bit sensitive regarding his childhood with Takagi.

"I always knew your house was nice but not this nice" Takas.h.i.+ said as he looked outside the window, marveling at the beauty of the Takagi Family's mansion.

"Oh, you've been here before haven't you?" asked Takagi's mother because she knew that Takagi always sneak together with Takas.h.i.+ inside their house when they're still children.

"Eh, well..." Takas.h.i.+ and Takagi's little secret have already been busted a long time ago without them even knowing.

"You were afraid, weren't you?" ask Takagi's mother because their house has a lot of scary looking guards outside with their katanas and their scary faces.

"Uh, well...sorry" apologized Takas.h.i.+, its best to come clean rather than try to cover it up when you're already busted.

"I like honest men" said Takagi's mom then suddenly she grabbed Takas.h.i.+'s hands and pressed them at her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"I already knew you laid your hands on my daughter" said Takagi's mom as she used Takas.h.i.+'s hands to caress her b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

"Uhhh....Ma'am they'll see us and i didn't touch Takagi" said Takas.h.i.+ trying his best to deny the truth about him f.u.c.king her daughter.

"Oh don't lie, there's one time when i walk inside Takagi's room at night to check on her. She's saying your name over and over again, she must be dreaming that night, unbeknownst to her that she's saying 'Komuro' loud enough for me to hear" Takagi's mom said.

"And the most interesting part is she's even fantasizing when you f.u.c.ked her that time at Ms.Marikawa's friend's house. She kept on repeating on how big you are down there. I also want to experience it, you see my husband is lacking in that department and he's always out there, leaving me all alone" Takagi's mom said.

Takas.h.i.+ can't help but sweat because aside from being busted on sneaking at their house when they're children and he's even found guilty at f.u.c.king Takagi, what bad luck.

"Uhmm..." Takas.h.i.+ doesn't know what to say but he sure is enjoying the feeling of a ma.s.saging a MILF's b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

Takagi's mom can't help but giggle as she saw Takas.h.i.+ getting hard down below, his pants can't seem to contain his big a.s.set.

She then moved away from Takas.h.i.+ and said, "come to my chamber tonight if you want more of this" as she ma.s.saged her in front of Takas.h.i.+.

He can't help but gulp at what's happening in front of him, it's just way too good. Takagi's mom then went downstairs leaving him there with his d.i.c.k already setting a tent.

"Am i really that lascivious that i even dare to fantasize about Takagi's mom?" thought Takas.h.i.+ as he fixed his pants, looking at the departing silhouette of Takagi's mom.

HOTD Mature Parody 34 Milf 1

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