HOTD Mature Parody 4 Amidst The Chaos

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NOTE: From now on I'll use "walkers" to address the people who gets affected by the virus turning them into mindless cannibals.

In the school grounds, "move it or I'll beat the c.r.a.p outta ya!" yelled one of the students that is scurrying for his life away from the walkers with haste as he keeps shoving other students that's blocking his path not caring whether they live or die.

Inside the school building, Kohta and Takagi are waiting at the cla.s.sroom's door observing the students that are running in the hallway in a panicked state because law and order in the school is already null and void, without the presence of teachers it just went so chaotic that its every man for himself.

"Humans eating other humans? What a sick joke." Takagi said as she further tries to think of a way why the f.u.c.k did this happen. "This isn't happening. There's no way this is happening" a bitten student said while walking in the hallway with one of his hands covering his bitten shoulder, fully believing that this just truly cannot happen no matter what. The student also added, "right, Mom? Right?" as he faced one of the other students that is already bitten and all bloodied up from eating others this student is clearly not a sane person.

The walker approached that student and used his hands to grip the face of the student as tight as a vice grip then got dragged away to a corner for the walker to have his fill of student flesh, as this was happening Kohta and Takagi went pa.s.s them making that pitiful student as sacrifice so that they could safely go on.

"Where are we going Takagi?" asked Kohta as he run as fast as he can because he isn't very athletic and fit even him is trying so hard just to keep up with Takagi. Takagi turned her head around and replied, "what, did you have something else to do?".

Kohta lowered his face in embarra.s.sment and said, "well, i was thinking of going to the staff room..." before he could even finished what he's saying Takagi cut him off and said, "that's stupid, what the h.e.l.l do you expect our teachers to do?" as she stopped briefly and observed the surroundings then proceeded again. "But this situation" said Kohta hurriedly following behind Takagi.

Takagi stopped for a moment, "I have a question" she asked, "what is it?" Kohta replied. "Do you wanna die? Or do you wanna live?" Takagi said with a very serious expression as she looked Kohta in the eye sending s.h.i.+vers down his spine.

"Uhm, well..." Kohta can't even finish replying to Takagi as he turned his head and saw a bloodied dead body right besides him, this was the one the trio Takas.h.i.+, Rei and the diseased Hisas.h.i.+ just killed it's Mr. Wakisaka but obviously they don't know this.

"See, there's some people standing outside the office who had the same idea as you" said Takagi as she spots a group of student knocking helplessly on the door of the teacher's office asking for help. But what greeted the students are a bunch of walkers that suddenly bolted out of the room as the door got opened, making the students that are expecting help instead got served death.

Seeing this b.l.o.o.d.y scene, Kohta got scared and shocked. "I wanna live!" said Takagi as she points a finger to Kohta making her resolute about her decision. Kohta which clearly doesn't want to debate with her just nodded his head showing his approval its not like he can do anything about it.

"Move it fata.s.s" yelled Takagi as they resumed running towards their destination.

Meanwhile at the observatory in the school's rooftop, two students can be seen sitting side by side which is Takas.h.i.+ and Rei while one student which is lying dead on the concrete floor this is Hisas.h.i.+, Takas.h.i.+ and Rei are there silently pondering about something. This very moment the walkers outside the blockade are already piling up making it like its impossible to cross to the other side.

They sit there silently acting as like everything around is normal, Takas.h.i.+ is currently staring at the dead body of Hisas.h.i.+ Igo his best friend while Rei is just silently sitting at his side.

Takas.h.i.+ kept thinking when he smashed his steel bat right at Hisas.h.i.+'s head ending his life just by thinking about this waked him up from his daydream. Seeing this Rei asked, "what is it?". "Well, i want to know what's really going on" Takas.h.i.+ replied. "That was blunt" Rei said gloomily as if Takas.h.i.+ isn't talking to a living person but a dead person a person which is dead inside.

"Why would i lie?" said Takas.h.i.+ as he rubbed his head not knowing what to do at this moment of crisis. Rei then suddenly stood up and asked, "Can i see your phone? I wanna try calling my dad" she said.

"I know he's a cop, but how are you gonna contact him when even the police emergency line is busy?" asked Takas.h.i.+ because when Rei tried calling her father last time no one picked up. As Rei was dialing his father's phone number in Takas.h.i.+'s phone she said," he gave me a private number that I'm not supposed to normally use" after that she puts the cell phone right besides her ear waiting for a reply and someone surprisingly picked it up this time.

"I got through!" said Rei along with a happy face. Seeing this Takas.h.i.+ approached Rei at the side to hear the conversation. "h.e.l.lo? This phone number.... Takas.h.i.+'s?" said Rei's father that's speaking on the phone. "Dad! Listen Dad, we're at school right now..." Rei didn't even have time to finish what she's talking about then he's father suddenly said cutting her off, "h.e.l.lo? Is this Takas.h.i.+?" her father didn't seem to hear what she's talking about and went straight to talking about Takas.h.i.+.

"Rei must've given you this number" her father said with a very worried voice. "Is she safe?My connection..." then static followed making the following conversation very hard to understand. The last thing they heard from the phone call was "get out of the city ASAP" followed by a gunshot then the line just got cut off. Rei is shocked hearing this from her father making her worry more than before.

Seeing Rei's worried and nervous behavior, Takas.h.i.+ talked to her to calm her down a bit because panicking won't do them any good. Rei can't take it anymore and beads of tears began rolling down her face as she turned around and faced Takas.h.i.+, Takas.h.i.+ didn't know what to do so he can only do what a man's supposed to do when he's woman is crying which is to be her pillow and support.

Takas.h.i.+ hugged Rei and told her, "don't worry everything will be alright let's just first think of a way to get out of our current situation before anything else" he said as he held the weeping Rei right in his chest. Rei just continued to cry to her heart's content further burrowing her face in Takas.h.i.+'s chest making his clothes a little wet from the tears..

Back inside the school building, "T-Takagi, do you happen to have your cell phone on you? Its against the rules, but...." he didn't even finished speaking then Takagi suddenly said, "I'm an honors student, who would i even call if i have mine?" as they stopped on a corner hiding.

"Uhmmm well there's always the police" said Kohta while lowering his head clearly embarra.s.sed by his actions. "You really are stupid" said Takagi without caring if she might hurt Kohta's feeling. "Just look at how bad this situation has gotten? Don't you think someone's tried to call the cops already?" she further added.

"We haven't heard a siren yet, have we?" asked Takagi. "Do you get it now?" she said making Kohta really sick and nervous knowing that even the authorities can't do s.h.i.+t about this kind of situation then what can they do?

"Is the whole city in an uproar?" asked Kohta. "Probably, the police have already been dispatched but still they can't control the current situation instead of it getting better it is just getting worst every minute" Takagi said as she peeked a little in the hallway trying to see if there are walkers currently heading over.
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"Should we call like.... the JSDF?" asked Kohta. "I won't count on then either" Takagi said, "because they won't move without orders from the government and they can't be dispatched for defense or public security".

Kohta moved way too close to Takagi and b.u.mped shoulders with her, seeing this Takagi flared up and said, "don't get too close to me!" she said as she pushed him further away from her clearly not wanting Kohta to be close to her.

As they are talking some of the walkers already is closing in on them so they decided to move, "come on let's go" Takagi said as they began to run again after that short break.

As they are running Takagi thought in her mind, "sigh, I'm stuck with fata.s.s here since Komuro ran off" she clearly wants to be with Takas.h.i.+ instead of Kohta because Takas.h.i.+ is way more reliable in this kind of a situation than Kohta but there's nothing she could do she can't just leave Kohta to fend for himself and wait for his death.

In the nurse's office, one of the student that's laying there which is bitten suddenly stood up and he's not a living person no more he's a walker now, one that hunger for human flesh.

One of the healthy students in the nurse's office took one of the equipment and bashed the walker's head until it no longer stood up and just died in the corner. The nurse, s.h.i.+zuku Marikawa is still there acting like its not a dire situation because she is an air head but together with her long blonde hair that stretches up to her a.s.s that's also very well shaped and firm makes her look so erotic. Coupled with big that's even bigger than Rei and Takagi combined makes every male around just want to let their instincts take over and ravage Ms.s.h.i.+zuka and f.u.c.k her till they can't move their hips anymore.

"Whatever shall I do?" said Ms. s.h.i.+zuka as she runs clumsily towards the medicine stocks as she runs those big melons that she possessed can't help but bounce up and down making it look like as if her clothes' b.u.t.tons might pop off any minute.

"I can't get a hold of the police and fire department, i could treat people but they're screwed once they get bitten and once that happen they turn into something that eats other people" she said as she went down the chair she used as a boost to get the medicines, she bended a little but even just this simple action highlighted her round and firm a.s.s that makes you just wanna slap it and have fun. She's currently wearing a short, tight green skirt that really does make this scene possible.

The student who is currently with her said, "Ms. s.h.i.+zuka get a hold of yourself" and said "let's go Ms.s.h.i.+zuka"."Hold a sec" said Ms. s.h.i.+zuka as she tries to get more medicine above the shelf.

But then suddenly the gla.s.s window broke because there's already a lot of walkers outside that broke through it, after sensing that there's someone inside the nurse's office. Hordes of walkers barged inside thru the window overwhelming the student and got bitten in the process as he tries his best to defend Ms. s.h.i.+zuka just as the student and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka was supposed to get eaten by the horde of walkers someone slashed the walkers near Ms.s.h.i.+zuka with just a single and swift strike to the head of the walker blood splattered in the wall and some of it got in Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's face, staining her white and pristine skin.

Holding a wooden sword,with a long purple hair, and a rather well proportioned breast and a long skirt that stretches up to her knees that are way different from normal j.a.panese female students.

Saeko Busujima, captain of the Fujimi High Kendo Club, with a swift strike of her wooden sword she delivers accurate and strong strikes making whoever that her wooden sword hits really feel pain. With the arrival of a strong person like the captain of the Kendo Club can Ms.s.h.i.+zuka and that bitten student survive this onslaught?

HOTD Mature Parody 4 Amidst The Chaos

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