HOTD Mature Parody 5 Breaking The Odds

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In the school nurse's office, the air-headed Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is currently standing there staring with the arrival of Saeko, not that its different from her everyday behavior. Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's face is now tainted with splashes of walker blood thanks to Saeko slas.h.i.+ng her wooden sword at their head making them finally drop dead.

After a few more minutes, Saeko single-handedly took care of the group of walkers that infiltrated the nurse's office with every swing of her wooden sword, bodies will fall down and blood will splatter truly a gruesome scene to watch.

Now done with the clean up, Saeko steadily approached the bitten student that is currently leaning in the wall that is surprisingly still alive and didn't yet turn into a walker. Saeko sat down in front of this student and stretched out her hand onto the student's shoulder and said calmly, deeply staring into his eyes, "I am Saeko Busujima, Captain of the Kendo Club here in Fujimi High, tell me 2nd year what's your name?" as she laid down her bloodied wooden sword right besides her.

The bitten student which is hanging at death's door that has already one of his feet in the grave said with a rather calm voice that surprised Saeko because most people if they're in this state would panic and say that they don't want to die yet but by seeing this display of courage she respected this student's courage, "Kazu Is.h.i.+" said the student after that he then coughed up blood that went directly down the floor. *Cough* *Cough* *Splattt*

"You fought bravely to protect Dr.Marikawa, Is.h.i.+" said Saeko as she still held the dying student's shoulder. Also the air-headed beauty Ms.s.h.i.+zuka went closer to them. "Your courage is nothing short of praiseworthy, do you know what happens to the one that gets bitten by them?" asked Saeko clearly stating that he will still die despite her saving them because the infection has already spread throughout his body therefore there's nothing left to be done.

"Do you want your friends and families to witness you like them? If you do not, then I shall end your life here and now." said Saeko as she gripped her wooden sword besides her ready to put Is.h.i.+ the student out of his misery and end his suffering once and for all.

"Though it would be my first time killing another" she further added as she waits for his decision. Hearing Saeko's plan for him, Is.h.i.+ can't help but s.h.i.+ver, he already knew that there's nothing he could do so he might just die now as a human person than die as a mindless cannibal that hungers human flesh.

"P-please..." Is.h.i.+ said with a smile, after that Saeko stood up gripped her wooden sword and is now preparing to slash it at Is.h.i.+'s head and kill him.

Seeing this Ms.s.h.i.+zuka which is currently watching and listening at the side got surprised because she never thought that Saeko is a resolute and determined person that can make her easily kill someone even though its her first time doing it.

Ms.s.h.i.+zuka can't permit for something like this to happen, students killing students is bad no matter what. "W-wait a sec, what..."Ms.s.h.i.+zuka didn't even finished what she's supposed to do but Saeko's hand is already gesturing her to stop and said," I recognize that you're the school nurse, but i request you not interfere.""One of our duties as a woman is to protect a man's pride" with that she slashed her wooden sword towards the head of Is.h.i.+ *slash* *swish* then with just a split second blood splattered at the wall where Is.h.i.+ is leaning against.

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*Thud* Is.h.i.+'s dead and lifeless body lay slump at the floor, Saeko lowered her wooden sword as she did that fresh blood trickled down from the tip then to the floor. *Drip* *Drip* *Drip* Seeing this scene Ms.s.h.i.+zuka covered her mouth with her hand clearly shocked on what she have just witnessed right in front of her very eyes.

*Brag* *Krshhh* The steel door get destroyed by the incoming walkers and broken gla.s.s from the window is being stepped on, alerting Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka that its not finished yet. With a smirk Saeko prepared her wooden sword because the feeling that she's experiencing right now is not fear and nervousness but instead ecstasy. She swung her bloodied wooden sword downwards to remove the blood making an arc of blood drawn in the floor.

Inside a room in the school building Takagi and Kohta are currently scavenging for some weapons to defend themselves against those walkers. "What do we do know that we're here, Takagi?" asked Kohta while he's searching for tools *clang* *clang* *clang*. "Some of it does look useful, but..." before he could even finish saying what he's supposed to say Takagi b.u.t.ted in she really likes to cut him down when speaking. "Shut up you fat nerd!" yelled Takagi as she pointed at him clearly annoyed because she is also currently busy searching for something to use.

"Go lock the door so they won't come in!" said Takagi to Kohta like he's a slave or some s.h.i.+t. Kohta just realized that the way she's talking is loud and then hurriedly went to the door and closed it. *Bang!* being nervous at that time Kohta closed the door too rushed therfore creating a loud noise but their seemed to be no walkers that is currently rus.h.i.+ng there making him feel safe.

"Its locked!" said Kohta as he ran back at Takagi to see what she have salvaged and what they can use to defend themselves if the need arises. On the table there's a loot of tools that is laid down, there's a drill, screwdrivers, vice grip, hammer, saw, nail gun, etc.

"Are we going to use these as weapons?" asked Kohta. "You're one of those so called military nerds or gun freaks, aren't you?" said Takagi as she puts her two hands at her slender waist therfore looking somewhat domineering. "Haven't you seen an action movie with one of these?" asked Takagi as she points at the gas powered nail gun. Seeing this Kohta picked the equipment up and inspected it truly acting like what Takagi just said to him about being a military nerd.

"A nail gun? And its gas powered!" said Kohta in surprise. "Well duh! You wouldn't be able to carry it if it had a compressor like in the movies, would you?" said Takagi.

"Jeez, so stupid" Takagi said, " do you like movies?" Kohta suddenly asked. "Don't be so stupid! I'm an all knowing genius!" reb.u.t.ted Takagi but then *bang* *bang* the steel door suddenly is being pounded by the walkers that could've overheard them from talking to each other.

This didn't seem to bother Kohta one bit as he is still focused on that nail gun," we have an extra gas canister and nails here" he said confidently. "Nothing to worry about" he said as he held the gas canister and nails.

"How could you not be worried!" yelled Takagi at the smirking Kohta. "They're coming! They're coming from the hallway!" she said, with every pa.s.sing second the steel door gets looser and looser that'll soon break if they don't do something.

Still ignoring Takagi, "I'd say its about 9 pounds, on par with an older a.s.sault rifle" Kohta said as he held the nail gun and tries aiming it. "But my stance will be messed up, i need a sight" he said.

Takagi can't stand it anymore then yelled again, "hey are you ignoring me!" said the nervous Takagi. Kohta just smirked then began to ignore Takagi again as if he got this in the bag.

*Bang* *bang* *branghhhh* the door can't hold out no more making it break apart from the sheer strength of the walkers."Kyahhhhh.... Noooo" screamed Takagi as she saw the group of walkers rus.h.i.+ng at her.

*swish* A nail suddenly got embedded on the head of the walker that's closest to Takagi then with a *thud* the body falls down like dead meat. On the corner of the room Kohta is there holding his now modified nail gun, "gotchaa" he said full in confidence.

Takagi was surprised by that sudden action and turned around and said, "Hirano?" not believing what she's seeing right now.

At the rooftop in the observatory building, Takas.h.i.+ and Rei is preparing to break through by using the emergency water hose that's currently there. "Rei are you ready?" asked Takas.h.i.+, "mmm" with a nod she then turned the crank open therfore releasing a strong gush of water. *swishhhhhhh* Takas.h.i.+ struggled to control the hose because of the intense pressure but seconds later he finally controlled it. The blockade that they made has now been breached by the walkers and is currently making their way straight to Takas.h.i.+, "f.u.c.kk!".

Back inside the cla.s.sroom where Takagi and Kohta are currently defending against a group of walkers. *swish* *swish* with the series of nails flying out of Kohta's hand-made gun, 4 of the walkers are already down. "Could you put the drill and the nails in the bag?" Kohta asked Takagi.

"Excuse meee!" Talagi flared up. "Who gave you of all the people to order me around!" hmph said Takagi. "Please?" pleaded Kohta, seeing this Takagi swallowed her own pride and do what Kohta just told him to do.

Back at the rooftop, "eat thiss!" yelled Takas.h.i.+ as he pointed the hose towards the incoming walkers and with the help of the strong pressure it easily blowed them away. *swishhh* *bang* *clang* The walkers are getting pushed around like feathers making them get slammed at the floor or the wires.

Inside the cla.s.sroom, "what do you think you're doing? Shouldn't you carry something too?" said Takagi as he looked at Kohta. As Takagi was about to run towards the door Kohta said, "H-hey Takagi, mind if i ask you something?" said Kohta.

"What?" said Takagi as she stopped by the door. "Ermm why me?" askee Kohta. "No reason in particular" she said as she gestured that its time to go.

With Kohta leading the vanguard while Takagi stays at the back holding the bag of equipment they bursted out of the cla.s.sroom and into the hallway.

Now with the help of the hose the situation at the rooftop where Rei and Takas.h.i.+ is stucked is now fixed, "gotta hand it to you, it was a good idea to use the hose" said Takas.h.i.+ as they're walking towards the stairs. "Well the water pressure is strong" said Rei as she held a baseball bat on the left side of her hand and a DIY spear on the other.

There are still some walkers that are left so seeing this Rei handed Takas.h.i.+'s baseball bat then as Takas.h.i.+ was about to get it their fingers touched each other. Making both of them blush from embarra.s.sment. They just f.u.c.ked at the rooftop right besides Hisas.h.i.+ making them feel bad by what they've done but that's all in the past now. What they need to do is leave the past and face the present.

With a baseball bat and a DIY spear they rushed towards the walkers and forced their way, "yahhhhhhh!" he yelled. As Takas.h.i.+ kept bas.h.i.+ng heads, Rei is swinging and piercing the bodies of the walkers. *Bang* *bang* with every second pa.s.sing together with the combined a.s.sault of the two the walkers can barely resist and in the end got wiped.

With their excellent teamwork that covered each others' backs they steam-rolled the walkers and soon arrived inside the school building not in the rooftop anymore.

As they're walking down the stairs with haste, Rei asked, "where are we going?". Takas.h.i.+ turned around to face Rei and said with a bright smile, "home, we'll head to our houses and help survivors on the way".

"This is our hometown so we should be able to feel our way around" Takas.h.i.+ said as he put his basesball bat atop his shoulder. "You should call your parents" said Rei, "i will sooner or later, my dad is currently working in India and my mom is teaching at an elementary school, I'm sure they are fine and if i call them they might not shut up when i get hold of them" Takas.h.i.+ replied lively as he continued to walk down the stairs. But he knew deep down that they're also in trouble he just doesn't want to show Rei that he's troubled by this.

Seeing that Takas.h.i.+ is laughing and not worried, Rei also laughed and said, "jeez we shouldn't be laughing in this kind of situation" as she followed Takas.h.i.+ from behind.

HOTD Mature Parody 5 Breaking The Odds

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