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Inside the school building while the sun is still high, Takagi and Kohta are observing a walker silently standing there with his mouth wind open and is releasing low growls.

*plock* Takagi threw a wet piece of handkerchief to that walker's head with the purpose of knowing something and she wants to prove it by trying this dangerous move.

However the walker just kept on moving like nothing have ever happened then the wet handkerchief fell down the floor.

Kohta doesn't understand what Takagi is trying to do by inviting trouble and can't help but ask, "w-what're you doing?". Takagi is currently sitting down right besides a bucket of water and is holding another wet handkerchief, "shut up and watch".

Then Takagi threw the wet handkerchief again but her trajectory isn't the walker anymore but a locker that's currently besides it. *planng* The steel locker sounded, hearing this the walker went to it immediately, after observing this Takagi is now sure about her theory.

"Do you understand now?" said Takagi at Kohta proving something like a true genius. The walker just kept on banging the steel locker."See, how he didn't react when the handkerchief hit him?". Seeing this Kohta is amazed by how Takagi could've discovered this helpful information that would help them in the future.

They don't feel pain, so they only react to sound also i don't think that they can see or he wouldn't have run into that locker" she further said truly supporting her claims. Kohta still somewhat felt uneasy and asked, "what about heat?". "We'll try if we have to" said Takagi then she stood up, "let's go".

"Are we really gonna go outside?" asked Kohta. Takagi turned her head and said, "what's wrong with that". "Well i don't like walking" said Kohta in embarra.s.sment, ashamed that even a girl is more physically active than him isn't it supposed to be the other way around?

"This is why i hate fat nerds!" said Takagi clearly she doesn't have the time to worry about Kohta's lack of energy. Takagi picked up the bag and said to Kohta, "i don't wanna hear you complain till you're old enough to drive" as she points her finger at him.

After that maybe due to the loud way of Takagi speaking there's now at least three walkers right in front of them seeing this Takagi again got a.s.saulted by fear.

In the school hallway, Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka are currently staying together, with Saeko leading the front and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka at the back. Whenever they encounter a walker, Saeko just casually push them around to the side not bothering to slash them with her wooden sword.

"The staff room? What a difficult request you got there" said Saeko as they walk towards it because before they left the nurse's office, Ms.s.h.i.+zuka made this request to protect her towards the staff room.

"But everyone keeps their car keys there" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka as she kept running to keep up with the fast phase walking of Saeko making her humongous bounce up and down making her s.h.i.+rt feels like they're gonna be ripped open by the sheer ma.s.s of those globes.

Another walker is up ahead and this time, Saeko just pushed it using the tip of her wooden sword then it fell down the side. "Heyyy, why don't you kill them i mean it should be easy for you" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka.

Saeko then stopped to answer her question, "stopping to crush the head of everything we come across would be no different than delaying our progress and we might get surrounded by a mob making it difficult to break through" Saeko said as she observes the surroundings.

Hearing her answer Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is amazed, "wowww yoi really have thought about this". As Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is about to get closer to Saeko she suddenly tripped looking like a brat. "Oh jeez what was that" she said in a very childish way.

Saeko then sat in front of her and said, "such fas.h.i.+on is unsuitable for running" then she ripped Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's skirt up until the waist revealing her long legs that's perfect for humping material. *kyahhh* squealed Ms.s.h.i.+zuka and also except from her legs being revealed, her laced black panty also got revealed and this kind of style is only appropriate for mature and adult females making her charm go higher than normal.

Seeing her branded skirt got ripped by Saeko, Ms.s.h.i.+zuka said, "this is a brand name skirt" at the same time wiggling her two hands right in front of Saeko really acting like a spoiled brat.

*sigh* Saeko then asked, "which more do you value your clothings or your life?" as she looked at her in the eye. *grrrrr* "bothhh!" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka still sitting down the floor with a torn skirt.

*blag* *blag* Suddenly loud noises are heard by both Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka. "What was that!?" said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka. "Was that from the staff room?" said Saeko also not knowing what the h.e.l.l's happening.

Kohta and Takagi are currently there facing about a dozen of walkers, Kohta as a man is right in the front holding his hand-made nail gun shooting series of nails right at the heads of the walkers.

"I won't be able to figure out more of their traits if you keep killing them" Takagi said while at the back of Kohta holding the bag of equipments. Kohta can't seem to handle the crowd of walkers this time because they're too many. "Help me fight, Takagi" said Kohta.

"Why the h.e.l.l do i have to fight?!" yelled Takagi as she gripped her bag. "I'm almost out of ammo" said Kohta which is clearly the reason why he can't hold them down this time. "So? Just reload it!" yelled Takagi. "B-but behind you.... " said Kohta.

"huhh" as Takagi turned around she saw a walker right behind her all bloodied up. *kyahhhh!!!* Takagi screamed so loud that it alerted both Rei and Takas.h.i.+ that's currently making their way down the stairs. Also both Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka heard it making them hurry to where that scream came from.

The walker opened its mouth revealing pieces of human meat that's stuck in his yellow teeth's gap truly disgusting Takagi. "Hirano!" yelled Takagi.

*click* *click* "I'm out of ammo!" yelled Kohta, this is really a bad time to lose ammo. Takagi stepped on the bag of equipment and slipped over revealing her striped panties but Kohta is currently having his own problems making him not be able to see it.

"Nooo.... Don't you dare come near me!" yelled Takagi as she is cornered by the wall with the walker slowly approaching her every second. "Takagi!" yelled Kohta but there's nothing he can do because he is out of ammo and is currently facing a dozen of walkers. Takagi kept struggling and tried grabbing the nearby trophies and throwing it at the walker that's right in front of her but to no avail.

Takagi has now only one last hope which is to use the drill that's in the bag she fell over. The walker is now close enough for it to lunge at Takagi and so it did but at the same time Takagi is already holding the drill in her hands and yelled, "go awayyy!!!" as she plunge the drill right at the walker's body splas.h.i.+ng blood all over the place.

Rei and Takas.h.i.+ which is currently just right besides the corner saw Takagi and Kohta. At the same time, Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka also arrived witnessing Takagi's action.

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The walker is still alive and kicking while being drilled by Takagi, as blood splashes at the wall and at her face and body. "I'm sick of this things!" she said as beads of tears are falling from her wet eyes along her fair skin which has now been turned red by the blood of the walker.

"I will take the right!" yelled Saeko as she she dashed out to help Kohta. "Rei!" yelled Takas.h.i.+ as they also went in and joined the fray, "I'll take the left" said Rei. "Yahhhh!" yelled Rei as she impaled one of the walker right in the head. Takas.h.i.+ is currently bas.h.i.+ng the heads of two walkers while Saeko easily dealt with the ones on her side.

After a few seconds the dozens of walkers are now gone with the arrival of Rei, Takas.h.i.+, Saeko and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka they rescued the helpless Takagi and Kohta from death's door.

Takagi is currently traumatized by what she have done and what she's seeing. Rei rushed at her because she might really cry again. "T-Takagi..." as Kohta was about to approach her he got bulldozed by Ms.s.h.i.+zuka's making him fall to the side.

"Takagi are you okay?" asked Rei while sitting right besides her and holding her shoulders. Saeko approached Takas.h.i.+ which is currently closing the door and said, "we are both acquainted with Ms.Marikawa, yes?" Then she introduced herself, "I'm Saeko Busujima of 3-A." she said.

Takas.h.i.+ turned around and said, "I'm Takas.h.i.+ Komuro from 2-B". Hearing this, Rei stood up and asked, "you're the same Busujimsenpai who won at the national champions.h.i.+p last year?". "My name is Rei Miyamoto and I'm in the Sojutsu Club".

At the side, "I'm uhm, Kohta Hirano from 2-B". With a bright and cute smile, Saeko said, "its a pleasure to meet you all" this completely made Kohta blush and made his face red all over.

Takagi then stood up, "what the... You're all soft!" she yelled. "I can do anything once i put my mind into it!" but before she could've spout anymore words Saeko appeared right in front of her and held her shoulders, "that's enough, that's quite enough" she consoled her.

She then looked up herself at the mirror besides her then said, "look at how dirty i am.... I need to tell my mom to get it cleaned..." then Takas.h.i.+ went besides Takagi looking at her in the eye.

Making Takagi feel bad and ashamed therfore burrowing her face right at Saeko's ample bosom. Then she cried again as she fell down the floor grabbing Saeko with her. Saeko then held her tightly like a mom would do to her child when crying.

This made the group stay silent and solemn for a moment. After about a few minutes, Takagi is now feeling better and they decided to go to the staff room.

Inside the staff room, Kohta is currently working on his hand-made nail gun while Takagi and Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is currently taking a nap. Saeko is there silently sitting and cleaning her wooden sword from the blood of the walkers.

In the small comfort room of the staff room, two bodies are currently intertwined with each other both grasping for air. "Is it really alright to do this.... With everyone here I'm afraid they'll hear us" whispered Rei at Takas.h.i.+'s ear. While holding Rei's slim waist Takas.h.i.+ said in a confident voice, "don't worry they're all focused on something so they won't notice about anything".

After he said that, he then inserted his c.o.c.k right at Rei's dripping p.u.s.s.y. *squelch* *ummphhh* Rei held her moan by putting her hand right at her mouth she got surprised by Takas.h.i.+ suddenly penetrating her without even telling her.

"f.u.c.k, you're so tight Rei, you just want to make me c.u.m on the inside" said Takas.h.i.+ as he keeps on pounding Rei's dripping wet p.u.s.s.y *squelch* *squelch* *squelch* lewd sounds are being made from the collision of Takas.h.i.+'s throbbing c.o.c.k and Rei's wet p.u.s.s.y. "mmmmmppp.... Yess just keep going I'm gonna go crazy if this goes onnnn" whispered Rei.

The feeling of being able to dominate Rei made Takas.h.i.+ even more h.o.r.n.y and decided to penetrate her deeper and deeper. *SQUELCHHH!!* His c.o.c.k just went so deep inside of Rei that it is touching her womb. "kyahhhh... You're too deep way too deep.... Ahhhhhh, ummmmm" Rei's mind is going crazy because of Takas.h.i.+'s c.o.c.k rampaging inside her p.u.s.s.y.

"You're just way too good Rei i want to do this to you always" said Takas.h.i.+ as he keeps on moving his hips, push and pull in a very fast phase.

Then Takas.h.i.+ sat on the toilet and asked Rei to ride him, Rei then did it, she inserted Takas.h.i.+'s bulging c.o.c.k inside her p.u.s.s.y in a cowgirl position making Takas.h.i.+ go in deeper than ever before. *squelch* *squelch* *squelch* series of moans and lewd noises kept coming from Rei's mouth and p.u.s.s.y. Her p.u.s.s.y is now so wet that with every thrust of Takas.h.i.+'s c.o.c.k will make a *squelching sound*.

Right in front of Takas.h.i.+ he is eyeing on the of Rei that's bouncing up and down as she rides his c.o.c.k. He then grabbed the left side and began to play with the nipples that are already hard and sticking while licking the nipples of the right side. "Youuu.... Mmmmmm ahhhhhh" Rei can't keep but moan like a cat in heat.

Takas.h.i.+ is currently having the time of his life at this very moment. He then grabbed Rei's a.s.s gripped it tight and pulled it up and down further slamming Rei's p.u.s.s.y into his c.o.c.k that's waiting to invade her. "yessss.... Do me moree.... Ughhhh" Rei really is now crazy at this moment.

*plock* *plock* *plock* as Takas.h.i.+ keep slamming his c.o.c.k in Rei's p.u.s.s.y by grabbing onto her a.s.s noises that are moderately loud are being made because of how rough Takas.h.i.+ is f.u.c.king Rei right now and also the a.s.s of Rei is also big that's contributing also in making the sounds.

"They're gonna notice us at this pointt.... Ummm... Ahhhh" Rei said. "Just cover your mouth and we'll be fine". Then Takas.h.i.+ stood up pinned Rei at the wall with her a.s.s facing him, "what're you doing...." but before she could even finish what she's about to say, Takas.h.i.+ inserted his c.o.c.k again inside her but this time she's getting f.u.c.ked backdoor, *squelch* *squelch* *squelch* the lewd noises are now becoming more and more crisp as time by.

"kyahhh.... Go slowww....ahhhhh.....I'm gonna..... Umphh... c.u.mmmm...."said Rei." Really? I'm gonna c.u.m too i can't wait to blow my load deep inside you"said Takas.h.i.+. "Umphh don't do it inside I'll have babies" said Rei but its too late. "f.u.c.kkkm I'm c.u.mingggg...." said Takas.h.i.+ as he gripped Rei's waist and slammed his c.o.c.k deep inside her. "I'm c.u.mminggg tooo..... Aghhhhhh..." moaned Rei.

Both reached the climax of pleasure. Rei and Takas.h.i.+ is currently panting and grasping for air because the way Takas.h.i.+ f.u.c.ked her is way too rough but she didn't hate it but instead liked it even more. Takas.h.i.+ is currently slumping on the back of Rei gasping for air.

"You really did c.u.mmed inside me right i can feel it" said Rei. "Im sorry i just can't help it" said Takas.h.i.+. "You better take responsibility hmphhh" said Rei. "Ok now pull it out my legs are giving up on me" she said. "oh sorry" said Takas.h.i.+ as he pulled his c.o.c.k out of Rei's wet p.u.s.s.y.

As he did, a stream of c.u.m flushed down Rei's p.u.s.s.y just looking at the amount its enough to fill a shot gla.s.s. Seeing this Rei scooped her finger down and tasted it, "soo this is what is taste like as she licked it all over her finger".

"By making me like this you need to take responsibility Takas.h.i.+ and satisfy me always hpmhh..." said Rei as she points a finger at him.

"hehehehehh" Takas.h.i.+ cant help but scratch his head, "did i do something good or bad?" After cleaning themselves up they now went to the group and started to discuss what they're gonna do to escape the school.

As they're discussing their plan the tv suddenly went on and broadcasted the state of the world which is currently in chaos. Seeing this the group got surprised and shocked. Not believing what's currently happening, is it really the end of the world? What kind is this! Then the reporter and her team with soldiers are now being attacked by walkers then after that static showed in the tv cutting the broadcast off making the group silent.

HOTD Mature Parody 6 Fucking Her Brains Ou

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