HOTD Mature Parody 8 Bane Or Boon?

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"No, Takas.h.i.+ I'll..." before Rei could've finished what she's supposed to say which is obvious that she wants to go instead of Takas.h.i.+, Saeko interrupted her and said, "it would be more preferable if i were to go ahead of you" as she held her wooden sword ready to go and face the walkers, because Saeko is much more skilled than Takas.h.i.+ in fighting close range combats but Takas.h.i.+'s pride as a man can't allow it.

"You should stay back in case something happens, Busujimsenpai" said Takas.h.i.+, as a man he can't let a woman face the danger despite knowing the fact that he can also do it. Rei can't take it anymore, if Takagi's claims are false then Takas.h.i.+ will definitely get surrounded by the swarm of walkers and die a gruesome death. She can't take it, if she will lose another important person to her in just a short span of time. "But, why Takas.h.i.+?!" said Rei as she stood up, truly opposing about this risky proposition.

Takas.h.i.+ walked closer to the window and answered Rei's question with a question, "who knows?" he said."Who knows?" Rei repeated Takas.h.i.+'s reply trying to mull it over. Takas.h.i.+ then looked back at Rei with a face devoid of fear but instead with a bright smile, "really, who knows?" he said.

He then walked down the stairs without waiting for Rei's reply, seeing this Rei dashed out to stop Takas.h.i.+ from going but got held back by Saeko, "I understand how you feel but regardless this decision was made by no one but himself" Saeko said while holding Rei's slim waist. Every pa.s.sing second Takas.h.i.+ is getting closer and closer to the swarm of walkers below.

With a determined will and a courageous heart together with his trusty old bat he arrived below and came face to face with the walkers. He is now currently at the center of the swarm, gripping his bat he prepares himself to either welcome death or salvation. He is on high alert, keeping track of every walker that's closest to him, the group that's currently upstairs is also feeling tense.

Then at this very moment a walker is currently walking towards Takas.h.i.+ with its mouth wide open as their distance is so close that Takas.h.i.+ can smell the foul breath being released by the walker. But what happened next shocked Takas.h.i.+ and the group because the walker just went pa.s.s Takas.h.i.+ without him getting bitten. Beads of sweat kept flowing from his face, this moment is a close one a very very close one.

"They really can't see me?" he thought to himself feeling grateful that Takagi's a.s.sumptions are correct because if not he would be already be dead. "In that case..." he said, then he picked a bloodied shoe at his side then threw it far away making a loud sound. The walkers got spooked and then they went straight at where the shoe landed clearing the way for the group to get out safely.

Takas.h.i.+ then went first and walked straight at the door opening it with very minimal sound being produced. Saeko then followed, behind her are Rei, Kohta, Takagi, Ms.s.h.i.+zuka and some of the students that they helped along the way.

Then suddenly, *clangggg* one of the students that's holding a steel tool accidently banged it with the steel rails making it echo so loud that the duped walkers soon picked it up. The walkers outside also heard it making them rally up on where the group is currently at. "RUNNN!" yelled Takas.h.i.+ this was trouble, they're now in a really really big trouble because that sound just now is so loud that it may have made the walkers outside heard it.

Without a moments notice they all scurried outside, then Takagi yelled at Takas.h.i.+."Why'd you do that!?" she yelled, "if you hadn't yelled we'd probably only need to worry about the ones close to us" she added. Then a walker suddenly sprung at the back of Takagi even Takas.h.i.+ didn't react on time when Takagi was about to be bitten, Saeko swung her wooden sword at that walker and *thud* its dead. Thankfully there's Saeko at the back if not Takagi would've been dead and became a walker.

Rei then turned back and said, "no way! Didn't you hear that echo?!" she said not putting the blame on Takas.h.i.+ because he just went moments ago to risk his life just to prove Takagi's claim but instead of being thankful she even reprimanded him. Kohta then positioned himself at the front and aimed but he can't choose who to shot because they're too many. Takas.h.i.+ ignored them, then went ahead leading again the vanguard, "Don't talk!" he yelled, "run!" then they tried their best to break through the mob of walkers.

Saeko, Takas.h.i.+ and Rei as usual lead the vanguard and the rest stay at the back. One of the male students that they helped before got cornered by the group of walkers, then later on he is now being bitten by them. "Takuzo!" screamed one of the female students, "Naomi, run!" yelled Takuzo who si currently being eaten alive by the walkers.

"Takuzo!" yelled Naomi as she tried to run back and help him but got held back by Takagi, "forget him, his done for" she said. "There's no point in saving him if he's bitten!" said Takagi while holding Naomi's waist preventing her from sacrificing herself.

Naomi turned her head around and said, "no" then shrugged Takagi's arms and broke free from her grip. Naomi is now currently heading at Takuzo who is currently being feasted upon by the walkers. "Why? I told her its useless" said Takagi.

"I understand....." said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka, "with the whole world gone to h.e.l.l, I'd much rather die with the one i love" she further said. "What kind of doctor are you...." before even Takagi could've finished saying her words a walker dashed right at her, *swish* a nail got embedded on its head therefore saving Takagi again.

"Please calm down, Takagi" said Kohta as he moved closer to her. "You filfthy nerd!" instead of a thanks Kohta instead got reprimanded. "Who gave you the right to interrupt me while I'm talking!" she yelled. "Well... I don't know" Kohta said with a smiling face despite the situation they're in. "I envy your close relations.h.i.+p" said Saeko while currently engaging with a walker.

"Ms.s.h.i.+zuka the key!" yelled Takas.h.i.+ as he bashed a walker's head ending its life. Then the group went inside the bus with Ms.s.h.i.+zuka in the driver's seat. Kohta opened the bus' window, "target?check" as he aimed his hand-made nail gun. "Public safety?check" he further said without firing. "Ready to rock and roll!", "hurry up and shoot them already!" yelled Takagi.

Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko is still outside the bus trying to buy time, "they're all in, Komuro!" yelled Saeko. "You first, senpai!"yelled Takas.h.i.+, up to this moment Takas.h.i.+ being a gentleman is still up and running.

Ms.s.h.i.+zuka then turned the key making the bus go operational," uhmmm.... This isn't like my car" she said worrying that she might not get to drive correctly. "Uhm..the gas, the break, the clutch" Ms.s.h.i.+zuka is slowly discerning the parts of the bus like a complete novice. Takas.h.i.+ was about to close the bus' door, "wait help us!" yelled someone outside. There are 6 students and one teacher that's currently running towards them.

As Takas.h.i.+ and Saeko swept their eyes across the group they saw the teacher, "who's that?" asked Takas.h.i.+. "That is s.h.i.+do. He teaches cla.s.s 3-A" Saeko said. Upon hearing this teacher's name, Rei felt chills running up her spine. "s.h.i.+do..." she said.

"We're ready to go!" yelled Ms.s.h.i.+zuka, "wait just a bit" replied Takas.h.i.+ that's waiting for the group running towards them. "There's some swarming in the front too" worriedly said Ms.s.h.i.+zuka. "I can't drive if there's too many of them together" she further added.

"Run them over if need be" said Takas.h.i.+. "If we do that with this bus, we'll end up rolling!" Takagi yelled at the side. Seeing Takas.h.i.+'s determined gaze to help the group, Rei held him back and said, "don't save him!" she said. "Rei! What's your problem" Takas.h.i.+ said as he shrugged Rei's arm.

"You don't need to save him!" adamantly said Rei, she really doesn't want s.h.i.+do to be with them. "We should leave him to die!" yelled Rei right in front of Takas.h.i.+'s face. "Everyone hurry! I'll guarantee that you'll make it all alive!" yelled Mr. s.h.i.+do looking a bit heroic. "Okay! Mr. s.h.i.+do!" replied the running students. "Despite what i said, i wonder if they'll even make it to the bus" Mr. s.h.i.+do thought to himself.

One of the running students suddenly tripped and landed in front of Mr. s.h.i.+do, "I sprained my ankle!" yelled the student while grabbing Mr. s.h.i.+do's leg. "Oh... is that so?" calmly said Mr. s.h.i.+do. "Then its the end for you" said Mr. s.h.i.+do with a smiling face, he then lifted up his leg and stomped that student's face. "The world as we knew it has come to an end" said Mr. s.h.i.+do as he is calmly watching the wailing student right in front of him.

"In this world, its the survival of the fittest" Mr. s.h.i.+do said with a s.a.d.i.s.tic smile. He then went ahead and arrived at the bus. After Mr. s.h.i.+do's arrival the bus then went into full throttle ramming into everything.

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Ms.s.h.i.+zuka drived like a madman bulldozing her way through the swarm of walkers and breaking the school's gate therefore making it out of the school campus.

HOTD Mature Parody 8 Bane Or Boon?

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