The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 5

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Published at 19th of October 2019 09:24:48 PM Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Shameful (2)

She was a very pretty girl, even in the night scene she stood out among all the other pretty girls . Even though she would only drink with her customers and not leave with them, she was still easily bringing in tens of thousands a month . Her life was enriched in terms of her financial standings, and at the same time, she had been exposed to a world that she never had before .  

Having experienced eloping, having a child out of wedlock, and losing her spouse before she joined the night scene, the original owner had discovered the world of riches . She had a crazy thought all of a sudden – find herself a rich man, marry him, so her child can also become one of the top ten percenter .

Having been in this field for a few months, the original owner knew that customers went there for entertainment, n.o.body would seriously look for a wife at a place like that . It’d be crazy to think that she’d be able to find her a rich man . Not to mention that most of these men were middle-aged men who had let themselves go; she couldn’t even imagine being in bed with them, let alone anything else .


After some careful consideration, the original owner came to the conclusion that her best option was to take the money she had saved up and retire from the night scene . And that was how she ended up in Hotel Dorsett .

At the time, the original owner had no idea that the well renowned Hotel Dorsett was also one of Zhou’s properties . She hadn’t even heard of Zhou Qinhe . The reason she picked Hotel Dorsett was simple – it was the most famous hotel in the area . Words had it that everyone that went there was either officials or wealthy individuals . If she was to find herself a rich husband, a 5-star hotel seemed to be a good choice .

 Getting into Hotel Dorsett wasn’t easy . The original owner quit midway through senior high school, meaning her highest completed education level was only junior high school . Most upscale hotel required their candidates to be at least college educated . Hotel Dorsett, being a world-cla.s.s hotel, naturally had even higher requirement . Their candidates must have a degree in Hotel Management or equivalent experience . The original owner knew that if she just sent in her resume, she’d never hear anything back . She resorted to dressing herself up and just going there in person, and that actually worked!

The original owner was well prepared for this job . She decided on a new setting for her personality and tried her darndest to create the image of an independent single mother – compared to a working girl, an outstanding mother had much better odds of scoring herself a rich man .

Opportunities were for those who were well prepared . The Original owner’s beauty, and her mild and tender temperament made a perfect combination and she immediately because the most well-loved stewardess at the hotel . She was more popular than other single girls with higher education .

All sorts of qualifying suitors came out of the woodwork, making the original owner dizzy from all the options and didn’t know who to choose . While she was looking at the sideline, the big boss of the organization’s headquarters, who rarely ever showed up, had arrived . His first appearance was stunning . The original owner and her coworkers were summoned into the lobby and lined up to welcome the big boss . The young and handsome big boss, surrounded by all his elite workers, walked pa.s.sed them and didn’t even take a look at any of the young and hot stewardesses . He only exchanged a couple of words with Han Yu, the hotel manager, before he entered the elevated while surrounded by everyone .

The original owner’s eyes lit up suddenly .

At this point in time, she still didn’t dare to make the big boss her target; she was merely aiming for the few elite upper management personnel around the big boss – even Manager Han was quite eager to appease them, so she figured they were fairly high up within the organization .

Partly it was her luck, the internal news had it that for whatever reasons, the big boss would be staying at their facility for a while . Manager Han specifically hand picked the team that would wait on the big boss – a senior manager as their butler and the original owner and two of her colleagues, none of them had ever received any complaints, as their housekeepers, and promising 24 hours, around-the-clock service for the big boss .

And just like that, the original owner had landed the opportunity to get up close and personal . And, just as she had hoped, all the elite upper management personnel also came daily to meet up with the big boss .

Yet, an even more brazen idea occurred to the original owner: why go above and beyond for an employee instead of going for the big boss right in front of her?

The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 5

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