The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 6

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Published at 23rd of October 2019 06:46:56 AM Chapter 6

t.i.tle: The Male Lead’s Villainess Stepmother

Translator: Fringe Alpaca
Chapter 6 - Shameful (3)

If she could land the big boss, her son could be on the top of the world .


The original owner was only toying with the idea originally, what really prompted her to make up her mind was when she overheard CEO Zhou’s phone call two days ago . CEO Zhou, who normally barely showed any emotions, leaned sluggishly on the couch, cell phone in hand, while listening to the childish voice from the other end . His eyes were filled with tenderness and love, and there was a slight smile on his face .

Having witnessed this scene inadvertently had rocked the original owner to her core . She was suddenly filled with bitterness and unreconciled emotions – why was it that some people just had everything when they were born? With unlimited money and a pampering father .  Why was it that her Yuanbao, who was such a good child, would never be able to see his father again?

And, that was the moment that she decided that she wanted to marry Zhou Qinhe . She wanted him to be the father of Yuanbao, and for him to smile at Yuanbao the way he did to the boy on the other end of the phone call .

All mothers were strong . When the original owner was contemplating about remarrying, she was actively avoiding married men . After all, it was hard enough to be a new age Cinderella; if the other party has a wife at home, she had to play the role of a third person first and that would just make the whole thing unnecessarily complicated . But,  now that the original owner had decided to achieve this for her son, the difficulty level no longer seemed to be an issue that stood in her way . She had no idea how many kids did CEO Zhou has, or whether he has a wife . It was as though she was possessed, she only knew that she wanted him to be the father of her son .

The original owner had never been this determined in her entire life .

Same logic, opportunities were for those who were well prepared . Last night it was original owner’s turn to be on duty, and CEO Zhou returned very late at night . It was very rare that he wasn’t working late or in a meeting, but he was out to a social gathering until the wee hours of the night . The cool and handsome man was slightly drunk, and none of his managers or a.s.sistants were sober themselves, so when they saw the original owner, they just handed him over to her .

By now, Zhou Qinhe had been staying at Hotel Dorsett for over 10 days, and everybody working with him were already familiar with the team serving their boss . Original owner had left a particularly good impression with everyone being a gorgeous woman who was tender, has excellent attention to details, and a single mother to top . What a model woman and a model mother!

n.o.body expected that the model woman would have the guts to take this opportunity and bed the big boss when he was drunk!

–– Now that Yan Shuyu had figured out the whole event, she finally couldn’t help but cover her face with her hands and cry loud . Wasn’t this development a little too shameless?

Yan Shuyu always had odd tastes when she was reading novels and watching dramas . She loved any kind of cliché dramas, and she was well aware that she was an oddball . She was lazy ever since she was a child; she was proud to be living off of her parents, and she had always been a drama queen in her relations.h.i.+p, unlike the other cute, innocent girls . Yet, after she had transmigrated, she had turned into the most cliché of all calculating and manipulative women . Compare to this woman, Yan Shuyu was an angel, who couldn’t possibly handle a role like this .

Now that she had a clear understanding of the original owner’s life, Yan Shuyu didn’t care about the script or the male lead anymore . What was occupying her mind right now was: she had abused her position at work and bedded the big boss . Did her colleague at the hotel find out? What would they think of her?

Regardless of whether his colleagues were aware of it, she felt shameless herself . She had planned to change out of her uniform first before heading home, but now she was too ashamed to face anyone . Yan Shuyu took the opportunity that there weren’t too many people in the lobby and ran away with her head lowered, still in her uniform – she would cover up her entire face if only she could .

The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 6

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