The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 7

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t.i.tle: The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother
Translator: Fringe Alpaca
Chapter 7 - Running away (1)

Naturally, Yan Shuyu, who were too busy scrambling away, only knew that n.o.body seemed to have noticed her on her way out. What she didn't know was that news had exploded in the security room. The two guards, who were on duty and dozing off behind the security cameras, woke up the instant they caught sight of her fleeing the big boss's room like a robber. Their gossiping spirit was on full force -- one of them followed her intently in the cameras as the other one rewind the footages from the night before.

At the rate it goes, probably everyone in the security room would find out that she had spent the entire night in the big boss's room within two hours.

Ignorance could sometimes be bliss. Yan Shuyu at least felt relieved after she had successfully fled the hotel.

She was fairly determined that there was no way in h.e.l.l she would become the stepmother of the male lead. She wouldn't even need this job anymore. She was going to pretend that last night had never happened and forget all about it - after Yan Shuyu and recollected herself. She lifted her head up high and left with no regrets.

She had already organized her thoughts when she was in the elevator. Now that she was going to quit her job at the hotel, she would no longer need to familiarize herself with the environment. She walked toward the familiar bus station to wait for her bus.

As she was in the busier area of town, she did not have to wait long for the bus to come. She got on the bus and swiped her card. It was still early in time, so she picked an empty seat and sat down. Looking at how smooth the traffic was, she gathered she'd arrived at her destination in less than ten minutes. The original owner might be poor and manipulative, but she certainly enjoyed comfort as much as Yan Shuyu.

Yan Shuyu must say that she was very impressed by how decisive the original owner was. She decided to retire from the night scene, and  as soon as she got her new job, she also moved to a new place, just to start over afresh. She had a bit of money with her at the time, so she rented a middle-of-the-road elegant apartment for the singles. For the sake of convenience, it wasn't too far from the hotel. The area wasn't as bustling as where Hotel Dorsett was, but it was still part of the central district. The rent was, of course, horrendous. Even though the original owner had a little cash with her, she only rented a 40 or so square meter apartment. Her kid was still young, so it was still a decent size for the two of them.

Yan Shuyu followed her memory to find her apartment. She opened up the front door, and she saw wooden floor and a bay window with cus.h.i.+ons in front of that. She felt better.

Unlike the original owner who were dazzled by the material world gradually, Yan Shuyu was born into that lifestyle. Ever since she was attending grade school, she had always had everything taken care of for her. Even when she was attending college, she wasn't that much more independent. She attended a local college, so whenever she didn't take the laundry home on the weekends, her mother would go to her college to help her with laundry and cleaning.

Had she transmigrated a few months earlier, when she had no money and living in poverty, the well-spoiled Yan Shuyu wouldn't even bother trying to struggle. She would have tried a lot harder to see if there was anyway to go back to her original life. Even though she'd still be pretty poor in the long run, but at least the quality of life wasn't too bad. Yan Shuyu felt that she could give this a try.

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The Male Lead's Villainess Stepmother Chapter 7

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