Life As A God 19 Chapter 19: Daggers

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Short daggers. Long daggers. Beautiful daggers. Ugly daggers. Candy daggers. Decorative daggers. Sharp daggers. Blunt dagger. Ancient daggers.

Anything you could think of was in his collection.

Right now, this person was looking at his collection with a pa.s.sionate gaze. It could easily be mistaken to be reminiscing about his lover. But that was not possible. His lover had long pa.s.sed away and he had stopped feeling such emotions when he died.

But that did not mean he did kit love his daggers. He loved them all. It did not matter if they were rusty or chipped. Of course, he loved them to different degrees. You could not compare a dagger in 10th place to one in 1st.
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Today, he was viewing the daggers he deemed to be in the first place. The daggers were carefully placed on platforms/shelves that came out of the wall. The platforms were inlaid with many valuable stones and diamonds. The more precious the dagger the more valuable the decoration.

The roof of the hall was made of gla.s.s to allow light to s.h.i.+ne on the daggers and the decorations. They were arranged so that the light was reflected on the stones in the most eye-catching way. Special care was taken to not make the gems draw the attention of the daggers. Even the lone dagger in the last place could clearly be seen. It was obvious that he had taken a lot of time to come up with this marvelous arrangement.

The decor for daggers in 1st place were especially eye-catching. Overall, there were 157.62 daggers in 1st place. The .62 came from the missing portions of daggers that had broken away as years went by.

To make sure he did not lose any more parts, he had commanded Nature to cast a protective enchantment on them and had her replace it every year. This way threats such as Time and the G.o.ddess of Water would not threaten his daggers. Not that she could steal another one of his daggers from her prison in the Underworld.

But Time was still a threat. Who knew when he would have one of his time swings. Well, it is a mood swing but since time either sped up or slowed down when he had one, everyone just called it a time swing. Less work than say 'mood swing that resulted in time speeding up or slowing down.'

Anyway, these time swings were very dangerous for his precious daggers. If time sped up and there was not enough time to renew all the enchantments, then his daggers could decay into dust.

If time slowed down, then... well, nothing really happens. It would just that he liked how it sparked in normal time and did not want that to slow down.

Fortunately, the last time swing had taken place after the war and had not happened since. So, for now, his daggers were safe, he thought to himself happily.

Then the time sped up and his daggers started decaying as if the world wanted to prove him wrong.

"Why!" he cried and broke down in tears.

Life As A God 19 Chapter 19: Daggers

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