Life As A God Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

After setting the girl down, I looked at the other crystals . There were 14 more, still floating in the air . The one containing the girl had turned from an azure blue to black .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt Looking down, I saw that the girl moved slightly . She then slowly sat up and opened her eyes . They flashed red for a second before turning back to a dark blue . She had white hair with hints of pink, blue, and purple mixed in . She was wearing a white robe dotted with designs .

Looking at me she spoke, "Greetings to the Almighty . " She was now kneeling in front of me . Not knowing what to do I just stood there and she just kept kneeling .

Breaking the silence, I said, "I'm afraid that you are talking to the wrong person . I am not the Almighty . "
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She appeared confused for a second and then having come to some sort of realization, she got up . She curiously asked, "So the previous Almighty didn't explain it to you?" Then answering her own question she said, "He must have run out of time . "

What in the world is going on?, I thought . As if she can read my mind, she said, "I can explain everything to you if you agree to free my friends . " She then pointed to the crystals .

Having no other choice, I got to work .

Life As A God Chapter 7

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