The Best Of You Chapter 5

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The surprise came too sudden, when Shen Nianshen handed over the milk, Sun Tiantian felt like her brain was. .h.i.t by something.

She really became dumb, looked up and stared blankly at Shen Nianshen. Even she forgot to accept the milk before her.

Shen Nianshen maintained his position and waited a moment. Seeing that Sun Tiantian didn't receive it, he put the milk in Sun Tiantian's hand, turned around and left.

Sun Tiantian held the milk handed over by Shen Nianshen until that person had gone quite far, then she regained her consciousness.

Sun Tiantian turned and looked at Cheng Duo, her face looked confused, “Am I dreaming? That was… Shen Nianshen, right?”

Cheng Duo was also surprised. The legendary Shen Nianshen, who never talked to a girl, apparently could give a box of milk to Tiantian???

Cheng Duo carefully watched the figure who had walked away. Even though she didn't believe it, but that person was indeed Shen Nianshen.

Finally, Cheng Duo nodded confidently to Sun Tiantian, “Yes, it was him.”

Sun Tiantian: “…”

In the introduction of the art cla.s.s, Sun Tiantian continued to smile while staring at the box of milk given by Shen Nianshen for more than twenty minutes.

She rested her hands on her chin, tilted her head, looked like an idiot.

Cheng Duo couldn't stand seeing her, bowing and wanting to s.n.a.t.c.h Sun Tiantian's milk box.

Sun Tiantian was initially blossoming at the milk given by Shen Nianshen when she saw a hand coming out towards her, and she immediately regained consciousness.

She grabbed the milk and hugging it like hugging her treasure, staring at Cheng Duo cautiously, “What are you doing!”

On Cheng Duo's head as if there was a black line, “Oh my G.o.d, you've been looking stupidly on this thing for almost twenty minutes, please quickly return to your normal self.”

Sun Tiantian hugged it on her chest and smiled sweetly, “I'm happy.”

Cheng Duo shook her head helplessly, “I don't get it, last night Shen Nianshen almost hurt you, and with a box of milk he could fix it up.”

Sun Tiantian looked down and smiled, carefully putting the milk in her bag.

Cheng Duo looked at it and asked curiously, “Don't you drink it?”

“Of course. But this was given by Shen Nianshen. I'm not ready to drink it now.”

Cheng Duo smiled bitterly, “Are you plan to look for incense and wors.h.i.+p that thing?”

“Indeed, I plan to wors.h.i.+p this thing. This is the first thing Shen Nianshen had given to me.”

Sun Tiantian said it with extraordinarily dangerous, and it felt like she would really look for incense and wors.h.i.+p it after cla.s.s.

Again there was a black line on Cheng Duo's head, she just tried to ridicule Sun Tintian which in the end, she still the one who lost.

Sun Tiantian kept the milk well. After a while, she suddenly turned and looked at Cheng Duo, “Ah Duo.”

Cheng Duo looked back at her, “What?”

Sun Tiantian's eyes lit up, and her face was full of hope, “Ah Duo, why do you think Shen Nianshen gave me this? Does it means he likes me?”

Cheng Duo: “……”

Sun Tiantian: “Why don't you answer me?”

Cheng Duo took a deep breath, raised her hand and patted Sun Tiantian on the shoulder, “My Dear, you overthink.”

Sun Tiantian: “… ????”

Cheng Duo: “…He might feel guilty because of what happened yesterday, and he almost pushed you down to the ground.”

Sun Tiantian snorted, supporting her head with one hand and staring at the cla.s.sroom's ceiling. She murmured to herself, ” Then, I'll just pretend that he likes me.”

Cheng Duo: “…”

After Sun Tiantian went through this most shocking event, her courage that had faded away, suddenly came back. And she even more optimistic than before.

In her viewpoint, Shen Nianshen gave a box of milk for her, perhaps as a sign that he was giving her a chance!

Cheng Duo didn't want to make Tiantian down, but she still had to explain, “That person almost made you fall to the ground, he just felt guilty.”

Xie Yan looked at the opposite bed, Sun Tiantian was hugging her teddy bear and rolling with a happy face on the couch, whispered, “Don't make her lose confidence, letting her have good thoughts is quite good.”

With her great confidence, the next day, Sun Tiantian woke up early in the morning. She took a bath, dressed up, changed into many clothes, then came out wearing a loose pink sweater and light blue jeans. Paired with white flat shoes, she carrying a black backpack, leaving the dorm room happily.

Last night she got information from Xu Li that today they didn't have cla.s.s. When there was no cla.s.s, Shen Nianshen would go to the library for individual study.

Sun Tiantian came out of the dormitory, bought two cups of coffee at the school gate, then cheerfully went to the library.

According to information provided by Xu Li, Shen Nianshen usually studied in the 3rd-floor library, so she immediately took the elevator and pressed number 3.

This was the first time Sun Tiantian went to the library. That place was quiet, almost no sound.

Through the gla.s.s door, she could see the figure of a man who was studying seriously. Sun Tiantian was suddenly very impressed, and a nerd was a nerd. If she was told to stay in a library, with this quiet atmosphere, she maybe couldn't stand even only for ten minutes.

Because the library was too quiet, she slowed her footsteps and stood in front of the study room. Leaning over and glancing inside.

The study room was huge, but because Shen Nianshen was too handsome, his presence was imposing even in the midst of the crowd. Sun Tiantian found him quickly.

Shen Nianshen sat by the window with a thick stack of books in front of him. He lowered his head, studying seriously.

Sun Tiantian slowly walked into the library study, took a random book from the bookshelf, then walked towards Shen Nianshen.

The desks in the library faced each other, coincidentally the table on the opposite side of Shen Nianshen was empty. So Sun Tiantian stood opposite him and said, “Schoolmate, is it empty here?”

Shen Nianshen, who was concentrating on reading a book, suddenly heard a familiar voice. He narrowed and looked up it was Sun Tiantian again.

The girl looked at him with a bright smile.

Sun Tiantian saw Shen Nianshen look up, didn't waiting for his approval. She took the chair and sat across Shen Nianshen, greeted him with a sweet smile, “We quite have a fate, Xue Zhang. We meet again.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian handed over a cup of coffee that she had just bought to Shen Nianshen, “I happen to over buying a cup, this is for you, Xue Zhang.”

The reason made by Sun Tiantian… maybe could only trick three-year-old' skids.

Shen Nianshen finally looked up again, stared intensely at Sun Tiantian.

Such a large campus, being able to meet again was indeed not easy. But, the coincidence of buying two cups of coffee was too outrageous.

Shen Nianshen thought in silence when he went back to the dormitory he had to give lessons to that traitor Xu Li.

Sun Tiantian giggled, whether Shen Nianshen wanted it or not, she placed the coffee right in front of that man.

Shen Nianshen glanced at Sun Tiantian, then ignored it. He looked down and continued to read his book.

Sun Tiantian who sat opposite him also didn't speak, her hands supported her chin, smiling sweetly as she looked at Shen Nianshen.

At first, Shen Nianshen was still able to concentrate on his activity, but as soon as there was a person opposite who kept staring at him, even though he tried hard to stay focused and concentrated, he was still a slight affected. When he couldn't take it anymore, he looked up at Sun Tiantian, “What are you looking at?”

Sun Tiantian smiled with a gorgeous smile and answered, “Looking at you.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

Sun Tiantian smiled mischievously, “Alright, I won't look at you again. I won't bother you, I promise.”

Shen Nianshen looked at her suspiciously, finally decided to trust her this once, looked down again to continue reading a book.

Sun Tiantian didn't look at Shen Nianshen anymore, and she turned the book in front of her boringly.

Earlier she just randomly took the book, it turns out the book contained information about architecture, she didn't understand any of it.

Sun Tiantian supported her head with one arm, carelessly flipping a few pages of the book. In the end, she felt too bored and closed the book, took out a notebook and pencil from her bag.

He curled up on the table and wrote a few letters on the notebook.

After finis.h.i.+ng writing, she showed it to Shen Nianshen.

The Best Of You Chapter 5

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