The Best Of You Chapter 6

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‘Do you like me?'

Shen Nianshen's eyes fixed on the words written by Sun Tiantian. He furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Sun Tiantian. He uttered three words without hesitating, “You think too much.”

Sun Tiantian was going to vomit blood.

Of course, she knew that Shen Nianshen didn't like her; she was joking with him.

But! Why did he have to be so frankly???

Shen Nianshen seriously looked at the book, and Sun Tiantian couldn't possibly bother him again. She curled up on the table and drew on her notebook.

After she drew for a while, she looked up to observe Shen Nianshen, then continued to draw again.

Shen Nianshen was sitting opposite her, and there was only one book separating between the two of them. Shen Nianshen glanced at her and found that Sun Tiantian was again drawing himself.

He stared blankly at Sun Tiantian's sketch for a moment. Sun Tiantian crouched on the table, drawing with high concentration, completely unaware that Shen Nianshen was watching on her.

Unexplained, Shen Nianshen involuntarily raised the tail of his eye and looked at Sun Tiantian's face.

She rested on her hands, curved her lips, she looked more beautiful when the sun shone on her face through the window. The smile on her lips was very bright and warm.

For those who were accustomed to living in the dark, it would be wonderful to see something as warm as this. Because in their hearts, they also want to feel love but were too afraid to experience disappointment.

Shen Nianshen's eyes brushed upon her smiling lips, unable to hold back to be spellbound.

Sun Tiantian drew very seriously, and she had just finished a rough sketch of Shen Nianshen. She was about to observe the man's posture in front of him that she realized that Shen Nianshen was staring at him.

Two pairs of eyes met each other, Sun Tiantian was stunned, but quickly regained her consciousness. The smile on her face was like blossoming flowers and asked excitedly, “Shen Nianshen, are you staring at me?”

Shen Nianshen had no idea that Sun Tiantian would suddenly look up, but his psychological condition was excellent. He didn't feel the slightest bit guilty about being caught red-handed. Still, with that expressionless face, he answered back at Sun Tiantian flatly, “No.”

After saying that, he looked down again and read the book calmly. As if nothing happened.

Sun Tiantian looked at his calm face, almost feeling sure that she was mistaken. She looked at Shen Nianshen doubtfully, then returned to think carefully.

No, it seemed like he was staring at me!

How could this person told a lie without blinking!

Sun Tiantian folded her arms on the table and smiled sweetly, “Shen Nianshen, you were looking at me.”

Shen Nianshen looked up, “And then?”

Sun Tiantian's smile grew brighter, her eyes fixed on Shen Nianshen and asked confidently, “Do you think that I'm beautiful?”

Shen Nianshen was startled, looked at Sun Tiantian as if she were a strange creature, then give out a word, “…Nope.”

Sun Tiantian: “…”

Sun Tiantian was devastated, and glared at Shen Nianshen angrily. Sadly, that man became occupied with his book and didn't feel her anger at all.

Sun Tiantian was tired of glaring at him, finally could only snort. She stood up from her desk and stared at the picture that was almost done. Initially, she wanted to give the drawing to Shen Nianshen, but now because she was angry, she won't give it!

She quickly tidied up a few books on the table, hugged the book, and walked out while carrying her bag.

As soon as she stepped away, Shen Nianshen looked up and his eyes glanced at Sun Tiantian's back. A very rare smile appeared from his lips.

He acknowledged it; Sun Tiantian was indeed beautiful. It's just… he had never met that kind of shameless girl. After all, seriously, how could she ask him, was she beautiful or not?

However, a girl like this was not bad and quite cute.

After Sun Tiantian had walked farther away, Shen Nianshen pulled back his gaze and shook his head.

Sun Tiantian was angry at Shen Nianshen. When she returned to the dormitory and told her roommate, she made all the girls laugh, “If he weren't deliberately to make you angry, he might be an iron-hearted man. Hahaha, how funny!”

“Why are you laughing? I'm angry!” Sun Tiantian snorted on her desk, and her mouth continued to pout. She decided: I will ignore him for three days!

Sun Tiantian just had a thought of ignoring Shen Nianshen for three days. Unfortunately, the next night, she met him again.

Tonight, Sun Tiantian and Cheng Duo were playing roller skates with all members of the roller-skate club in the open s.p.a.ce of the Qijiao Building.

Because Sun Tiantian felt that she had partic.i.p.ated in a club, she had to enjoy it. So, this afternoon, she intentionally took Cheng Duo to Shopping Mall to buy roller skates.

However, the two girls had no experience in playing roller skates. After wore the roller skates, their legs trembled; they were frightened.

Xu Li crouched on the floor and laughed, “You don't need to be so scared, why are you trembling so badly?”

Cheng Duo was annoyed, “What are you laughing about! Come here to help me! I'm afraid I'll die!”

Because there was no place to help her to stand up, Cheng Duo bent her legs and didn't dare to move. She was afraid that if she moved, she would immediately fall horribly. She still had her pride.

Xu Li burst out laughing, stood up, and stepped forward to hold Cheng Duo's hand, “Why are you like this? You used to be pretty great and always jumping here and there like a wild monkey.”

“Don't talk nonsense! Shut up!” Cheng Duo glanced at Xu Li, then turned to look at Sun Tiantian.

Sun Tiantian was braver than her; at least she had tried to move slowly.

“Hey! Tiantian, slowly!” Cheng Duo saw Sun Tiantian move forward alone, afraid she would fall. She hurriedly pushed Xu Li, “You go there and teach Tiantian, I don't want to be taught by you.”

As soon as Sun Tiantian heard it, she immediately waved, “No need, no need! I think this is quite simple, as long as we can maintain our balance!”

Sun Tiantian remembered that she had learned ice skating when she was a child. But because she often fell, his brother and parents didn't allow her to skate again.

But, maybe she was grown up now, her body balance seemed to be much better.

She lowered her head, focused on the path in front of her. She moved forward slowly step by step.

A man slide forward, he was one of the members of the roller-skate club, “Tiantian, do you want me to teach you?”

This man named Liu Jing, a soph.o.m.ore in Computer Department, Sun Tiantian had met him in the representative campus community this morning.

Sun Tiantian chuckled and said, “Thank you, Senior. You can go to play with others, and I will practice by myself to skate slowly.”

Liu Jing immediately said, “Okay, just call me if you need any help.”

“Hmm, fine. Thank you, Senior.”

Liu Jing turned and straightened his body, then slide away.

Sun Tiantian was stunned; the people who joined this club had already practiced for years. Just like Liu Jing, he skated very well and was still able to do some attractions.

Sun Tiantian stared at her roller-skate, she thought deep in her heart, if she could slide it would be very extraordinary.

She shook her head and continued to pay attention to the path, step by step, and carefully moved her steps.

She slightly bent her legs, lowering the effect of gravity so that she could maintain her body balance more efficiently.

It was quite fun.

Sun Tiantian moved slowly on the side, sometimes she looked up and saw Cheng Duo and Xu Li arguing there. It seemed like Xu Li made Cheng Duo fall, Cheng Duo shouted and hit him, but Xu Li also didn't dodge, continued to squat down and let Cheng Duo lightly beat his body.

Sun Tiantian couldn't help but smile; her mood became better.

After Sun Tiantian spent an hour, she was able to maintain her balance. She felt her skills had improved a bit, at least she could slide faster.

When she was sliding, she suddenly heard, “Ah Nian!”

Sun Tiantian's body stiffened, involuntarily looked back. She saw Xu Li waved towards the entrance of the 7th-floor lecture building.

Sun Tiantian looked in the direction of the waving Xu Li, seeing Shen Nianshen just coming out of the lecture hall.

He still carried the book in his hand, as if he had just finished an individual study.

Sun Tiantian remembered yesterday's incident at the library. When she asked that man whether she was beautiful or not, he instead answered no. So, Sun Tiantian snorted and decided to ignore him.

Shen Nianshen heard Xu Li's voice, turned to look at him. Then in a glance, he found the figure of Sun Tiantian with her high ponytail.

Shen Nianshen strolled, Xu Li hurriedly slid in front of him, “Ah Nian, by chance you came, please teach Tiantian to skate. I'm afraid she can't.”

Sun Tiantian heard these words; her steps suddenly stopped. She wanted to hear Shen Nianshen's reaction.

Shen Nianshen glanced at Sun Tiantian, then calmly pulled his gaze, “I have other things to do. I'll go back to the dorm.”

Xu Li said and said, “You have been studying all day, take a bit rest. Let's relax and teach Tiantian for a while.”

Shen Nianshen saw several members of the roller-skate club across there, “They are still there; let your other members teach her.”

After saying that, he turned and left.

Sun Tiantian discovered Shen Nianshen handed over her to others, and she felt uncomfortable. She turned and shouted, “Who wants to be taught by you! I can skate well myself!”

After saying that, Sun Tiantian proved that she could skate well, her footsteps were so fast and pa.s.sed Shen Nianshen. He slid quickly, without falling and smoothly. More than ten meters away, she stopped in front of Shen Nianshen and Xu Li.

Cheng Duo was fascinated by Sun Tiantian's excellent performance earlier, her eyes almost separated from his place, “Oh G.o.d, Tiantian, you are truly extraordinary.”

Sun Tiantian raised her chin, deliberately glanced at Shen Nianshen briefly and said, “Isn't it just skating, I can do it very well.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

When the first performance was successful, Sun Tiantian's confidence skyrocketed, so she was very proud to slide around there. She turned and slid towards Shen Nianshen and the others.

In order to show off her skating technique, Sun Tiantian decided to spin around Shen Nianshen. Just when she was about to stop, she suddenly turned around and drove away to leave Shen Nianshen.

However, she never thought that pride would make people fall. Sadly, she indeed didn't have a problem skate in a straight path, but she met obstacles when she reached the corner of the hall.

Just when she proudly wanted to slide away from the side of Shen Nianshen, she forgot to slow down. Her legs bend too hard, so she hurt her ankles. This resulted in her body wasn't stable, and her whole body was going to fall to the ground!

She was surprised and shouted. She immediately grabbed Shen Nianshen's hand by his side, trying to stabilize her body.

When she held Shen Nianshen's arm, that man's rejection of the woman's touch made Shen Nianshen didn't have time to think, let alone condition. He frantically pulled his arm roughly.

Right when he pulled his hand with too much force. Sun Tiantian, who initially just couldn't stable her body, immediately fell to the floor as Shen Nianshen pulled his hand.

“Ah!” Sun Tiantian screamed and closed his eyes.

From sprains to falls, it was all happened in only a short time. When Shen Nianshen realized and wanted to help Sun Tiantian, that girl had already fallen hard on the floor.

Sun Tiantian fell on her stomach, and she tried hard to get up herself. She didn't realize that she had been using her elbow to hold her body on the floor.

At first, she a.s.sumed that the elbow and knee pads on her body were doing a good job.

She just wanted to boast of her mighty self. But when she held her elbow, she suddenly heard a cracking sound. Her body was stiff, a few seconds later, followed by a sharp pain in her arm.

Instantly she became stupid.

Some people by his side also stared blankly.

Shen Nianshen was the first to react, he immediately squatted beside Sun Tiantian and unwittingly wanted to help her stand up. But as soon as he reached out his hand, he looked doubtful. Finally, pulling his hand back and looking at her anxiously, “How was it? Are you okay?”

Sun Tiantian was started to cry, “I think I broke my arm.”

Shen Nianshen: “…”

“Why did you let go of my hand?” Earlier she shouldn't need to fall. Sun Tiantian stood up from the floor, and she felt extreme pain on her arm.

Shen Nianshen didn't know what to do, he said sincerely, “I'm sorry, I didn't mean it.”

The Best Of You Chapter 6

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