Spring Blooms When I'm With You 110 My Husband Won't Be Replaced By Anyone

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"What do you mean, a.s.sistant Matsuzaki?"

Mr. Sagara was trying to suppress his fluctuated emotions. He was staring sharply at both Tsubaki and Matsuzaki. Matsuzaki didn't buckle under the pressure. He brought out an envelope from his briefcase.

"This is a copy of the Transfer of Share doc.u.ments. President Fuse has signed it and the legal team of the company had declared the authenticity of these doc.u.ments."

"This is ridiculous!" Mr. Sagara slammed the table in his fit of anger. "How could he leave something important like his shares to a woman who doesn't know anything? Does he want to destroy this company?"

"Yes, Old Madam! What is President Fuse thinking?" Mr. Fujita came to Mr. Sagara's aide. "What if your granddaughter in-law sells them to our compet.i.tor? This company could be doomed!"

Once again the meeting room was in an uproar. Even the other shareholders who didn't actively join the discussion vented out their frustration. All of them were looking at Tsubaki as if she was a vixen who came to seduce the King and brought a country to its ruins. Only Wada Tatsuya who remained undisturbed with the revelations.

"I believe in my grandson's decision," Old Madam Fuse replied briefly. "If he's such a pushover, how could he bring our company to a greater height in only five years of him succeeding the post of a President?"

That statement made them shut up. They couldn't deny that Fuse Corporation's current status had been further elevated because of Fuse Ren. When they first saw his leaders.h.i.+p, all of them were so shocked and enlightened because before he took the post, the precious grandson of Matriarch Fuse had never shown any interest in taking over the family business.

"My husband won't be replaced by someone else."

Tsubaki announced powerfully. She didn't waver under their intense gaze. For anyone who was more accustomed to her gentle demeanor, this was a rare sight to be seen. Yet the gaze of Old Madam Fuse and Matsuzaki were filled with awe and respect.
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Tsubaki continued, "We should adjourn this meeting until it is proven that he won't come back again. Until then, my grandmother would take over his position."

"Don't be reckless, you witch!" Mr. Sagara could no longer contain his anger. He stood up furiously and glaring at Tsubaki.

Old Madam Fuse and the rest of them were shocked when Mr. Sagara suddenly stood up and facing Tsubaki with a contorted face. As they were worried something bad might happen to the young lady, Tsubaki returned Mr. Sagara fiery gaze. She glanced at Matsuzaki who nodded slightly at her. This was where she should begin her task. Tsubaki smiled amusedly before she sneered right in front of the older man's face.

"I heard that Mr. Walker from the foreign company should come to our country in two days but what is he doing now? Coming so early to our city? Is he coming for a sight-seeing?"

Mr. Sagara wanted to further vent his anger but Tsubaki's questions made him stopped himself.

The news about Mr. Walker coming to j.a.pan wasn't a secret for the people who were in Mr. Sagara's circle. But, when this young lady knew about it, it shouldn't be anything good. Even he himself kept it from the people of Fuse Corporation until the last phase. He had arranged the contract signing ceremony to be held in a hall of a six stars hotel in the city within two days.

But, Mr. Walker has come to the country?

"Don't bluff, young lady." Mr. Sagara smirked. "I didn't do anything wrong. It's a collaboration between my company and theirs. It shouldn't concern you. I didn't do anything despicable to gain the collaboration."

Tsubaki wasn't in a hurry to reply. She turned to Matsuzaki. "Isn't he at Spring City Hotel right now? Surely Mr. Walker didn't mistake the time and day to be there, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Walker is there." Matsuzaki glanced at his wrist.w.a.tch. "The contract signing should be held within 30 minutes. He's already waiting in his room. The media has gathered there even though they received the news a bit late."

"You're bluffing..."

Mr. Sagara stuttered. As much as he didn't want to believe what this crude woman was saying, he couldn't just brush it off. At the same time, his phone started ringing. He frowned when he saw the caller ID on the screen. It was his personal a.s.sistant.


"President! Bad news! Mr. Walker has arrived and he's in Spring City Hotel right now!"

Even though Mr. Sagara didn't turn on the speaker, they could still hear what his a.s.sistant was saying. His tone was filled with panic and anxiety thus making Mr. Sagara's widened his eyes in shock. As if he didn't care if the people around him heard him, he asked anxiously, "What do you mean by that?"

"Mr. Walker and his a.s.sistant are here! The media is flocking the Camellia Room in Spring City Hotel! They said it's for the contract signing event for the project!"

"What nonsense are you speaking?" Mr. Sagara roared. "I've never heard of this! He should come to this city in two days' time!"

"Yes, President!" The a.s.sistant cursed inwardly as he was scolded. "But... I've already checked and Mr. Walker's a.s.sistant said they are here to sign the contract!"

"Bulls.h.i.+t! I'm coming right now!" Mr. Sagara furiously hung up. His breath turned ragged as he tried to calm down.

"You're going to where, Mr. Sagara?" Tsubaki calmly asked, as if she wasn't affected by his display of anger earlier. "Aren't we supposed to appoint an Acting CEO today?"

Mr. Sagara turned his head towards Tsubaki. He gritted his teeth, trying to contain his anger. He turned around and face Old Madam Fuse. "I'm sorry for the rude interruption, Old Madam. But, something important is happening now and I've to take my leave."

Old Madam Fuse didn't ask or say anything. She just nodded.

Mr. Sagara quickly packed his things and ran to the exit. The sight of him hurrying from the meeting room made the other shareholders whispered in confusion. Even Mr. Fujita was dumbfounded with the sudden turns of events.

"Since Mr. Sagara isn't here, we should adjourn our meeting." Tsubaki looked at each of the shareholder's faces. She bowed as a form of respect. "I'm sorry for making you witnessed such a scene. The good news would be coming to you soon."

"Tsubaki, what's happening?"

Grandma Fuse asked after the last of the shareholders left the room. They were initially exasperated but were quickly pacified by Matsuzaki. Matsuzaki and two of the secretaries working under him led them outside the room, inviting them to have refreshments in the lounge while Tsubaki remained in the room with Grandma.

"There's a good show happening in Spring City Hotel," Tsubaki replied as she looked at her watch. "Why don't we go there and watch it? Mr. Sagara is heading there as well."

Grandma didn't object to her suggestion. She was really curious over what was going to transpire.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 110 My Husband Won't Be Replaced By Anyone

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