Spring Blooms When I'm With You 111 Waiting For The Curtain Call

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Spring City Hotel.

By the time Tsubaki and Grandma arrived, the media had been running back and forth in the lobby of the hotel. The luxurious black car that brought them there pulled over in the underground parking lot. A group of bodyguards had been waiting for their arrival.

"Grandma, before we're going in I have something to tell you." Tsubaki turned her body slightly to face Grandma beside her. She needed to tell the truth in order to avoid Grandma from fainting due to shock. "It's about Ren."

"What about him? Do you have any news about him?" Grandma was practically frantic. She quickly held onto Tsubaki's hands as she stared at her. "Tsubaki, tell Grandma."

Tsubaki smiled. She squeezed the old lady's hands. "Ren is safe. Nothing happened to him."

"W... what?"

Tsubaki quickly nodded before Grandma could ask her any question. "He is safe. And he is here. I haven't seen him yet but he did call me last night."

"He called you?" Grandma knitted her eyebrows. She was utterly confused with what her granddaughter in law was saying. "How did he contact you? And why did he didn't call home?"

"Grandma, easy." Tsubaki raised one of her hands and placed it around Grandma's shoulders. "I'm sorry because I didn't tell you anything but it's Ren's request. He has something he needs to settle today and I have to follow what he says. But I really was surprised by the news last night. Matsuzaki only told me about his safety after you went to bed. He asked me to maintain the secrecy."

Grandma sighed, her old heart felt weary. "This is too sudden. Alright, for now, I won't ask anything anymore. We'll see what that brat has been planning. Come, Tsubaki. Grandma wants to see what's going to happen."

Tsubaki nodded. Both of them get off the car. The group of bodyguards led them to the 25th floor. There were s.p.a.cious and luxurious halls on the floor which usually cater to big seminars and weddings among the riches of the city. The biggest hall, Camellia Hall, was packed with media upon their arrival.

"Look! It's Matriarch Fuse!" One of the journalists saw the little entourage coming their way.

"Eh? What's she doing here?" His friend exclaimed in confusion. "I thought Fuse Corporation is having a meeting with shareholders today?"

"Look at the lady beside her!" A photographer adjusted his camera and quickly taking their pictures. "I heard from my senior that she might be the wife of the mysterious President Fuse!"


"How could it be?"

Even though they had yet to step inside the hall, countless discussions about them could be heard along the way. Tsubaki didn't lower her head nor trying to hide her presence even though it was so overwhelming to be surrounded by the media. She could feel their intense gaze on her. She kept her gaze straight as she walked beside Grandma. The bodyguards held the journalists from trying to get close to them.

Once they were inside, they could see that the hall was already decorated. Rows and rows of chairs were seated by various guests. Tsubaki looked around, trying to locate Mr. Sagara. It took her a few attempts until she finally saw him at a corner of the large hall. He was speaking to a foreign man. Tsubaki couldn't hear them but Mr. Sagara's frowning face showed that it was not a pleasant conversation. The foreign man left as Mr. Sagara's a.s.sistant coming his way.

"Grandma, let's take a seat," Tsubaki lowered her head and whispered to Grandma. Grandma nodded.

But, as they were looking for a secluded place to sit, some of the people had noticed their presence. They didn't recognize the young lady, but it was impossible to forget the face of Matriarch Fuse even though the old lady had stepped down from her post years ago. Several of them came walking their way.

"Good afternoon, Old Madam Fuse!"
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"Greetings, Old Madam! I didn't expect to see you here."

"Condolences for what's happening to you. We sincerely hope President Fuse could be found safely."

"Who's this young lady, Old Madam? I've never seen her before. Is this your granddaughter?"

The commotion created by them attracted Mr. Sagara's attention. His face changed as he stared at their small group. He held up his hand, preventing his a.s.sistant from speaking any further. He turned around and briskly walked to Old Madam Fuse and Tsubaki.

"Excuse me, I've something important to ask Old Madam Fuse."

Mr. Sagara roughly pushed the men who formed a circle around the two ladies, much to their dismay. Mr. Sagara didn't bother with their looks of displeasure as he looked directly at Old Madam Fuse and Tsubaki. It was evident he was trying to conceal his anger when his gaze landed on Tsubaki.

He wasn't sure of anything but when he looked at this witch, he knew this had something to do with her! His plans were almost perfect yet such an incident happened at such a crucial time!

When Mr. Sagara remembered how he was pleading to Mr. Walker's a.s.sistant earlier to allow him to meet the foreign man, he felt humiliated. More so when countless eyes were watching him. In the end, the a.s.sistant left without giving him any face.

"Old Madam Fuse, could we step aside for a bit to speak?" Mr. Sagara lowered his voice as he spoke. He thoughtfully bowed his head to the old lady.

"Is there anything you can't say in the public, Mr. Sagara?" Old Madam Fuse refused. Even though she didn't know anything, she knew that Tsubaki wouldn't budge from this place so she acted indifferently to his request.

"It's something confidential," Mr. Sagara's annoyed tone from earlier was nowhere to be heard. He was clearly pleading to Old Madam Fuse. "I have important things to tell you."

"But, the contract signing should begin soon," Tsubaki chimed in. She looked at the entrance and smiled. "I think the American is Mr. Walker."

All of them turned their heads towards the doors, only to see a group of foreigners walked inside the hall. A j.a.panese man in a black suit was talking to an American man. By the way he carried himself, it was obvious the man was the leader of the group.

"Mr. Walker!"

Mr. Sagara wanted to yell but since he didn't want to attract any unnecessary attention he decided to lower his voice. He abruptly left Old Madam Fuse's side to get to Mr. Walker.

Tsubaki gently held Grandma's right hand. "Come, Grandma. The show is about to start."

Grandma didn't ask anything. She just let Tsubaki led her to a row of unoccupied seats at the back of the hall. They sat comfortably as they watched Mr. Sagara talking to Mr. Walker even though the latter was clearly ignoring him.

As Tsubaki was watching the scene that was going to be unfolded, she subconsciously tightened her grip around her clutch. She pursed her lips, trying to contain the complex feelings she was feeling now.

He's going to be here... I could see him again...

It was so agonizing when she had to wait for the curtain call.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 111 Waiting For The Curtain Call

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