Spring Blooms When I'm With You 65 Have Monsters As Family

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His heart skipped a beat seeing his bride smiling so dazzlingly to him.

Ren quickly carried Tsubaki to bed. He leaned her against the headboard. Two sets of dinner had already waiting for them on the bedside table.

"Grandma asked the chefs to prepare chicken porridge for you. It is okay?" Ren took one bowl and placed it on a folding table over his lap.

"It's okay, I don't have much appet.i.te either. But yours is porridge too. Don't you want anything else?" Concern tinged her voice.

"I don't want anything heavy tonight." Ren smiled. He scooped the porridge a bit and after making sure the temperature was okay, he brought it to Tsubaki's lips. "Open your mouth."

Tsubaki chuckled, feeling at ease. "I could eat by myself. My hands are fine."

"It is bad for me to pamper you?" Ren arched his eye brows.

"Aren't you afraid I'd turned into a selfish woman?" Tsubaki asked teasingly.

"My wife is allowed to be selfish." Ren replied in a firm tone. "Because she's the most selfless person I've ever met. So, I won't mind if she turned selfish."

His words resounded deep into her heart. She was just teasing him yet she could hear such heartfelt words from the man before her. She was moved beyond words. Tearing up a little, she parted her lips to speak.

"You know what, Mr. Fuse?" Tsubaki smiled earnestly. "If you continue treating me well like this, I might fall in love with you sooner than you'd expected."

Seeing her glistening eyes, Ren smiled hearing the lovely words. The words that brought him hope. And he knew it wasn't a false one.

"I'd love that."

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In the end, Ren agreed to his wife's suggestion. Both of them ate but at the same time, he would occasionally feed her and she would return the gesture too. It didn't take long for them to finish the bowls of porridge.

Grandma Fuse came to visit Tsubaki in the couple's room. Because she didn't want to be a hindrance, the old lady left after a quick chat with Tsubaki and sternly telling Ren to take a good care of his wife.

"Go to sleep." Ren kissed her forehead after tucking Tsubaki in bed. "I have urgent matters to attend now."

"Don't overwork yourself," Tsubaki reminded with a smile.

"Yes, dear."

So as not to disturb her sleep, Ren brought his doc.u.ments to his study room. He immediately focused on his work. He intended to take a few days off, much to Matsuzaki's dismay due to Tsubaki's matter.

Wada Tatsuya had informed him about his progress. His grandfather had moved the shares to his name in secret. The old man didn't hesitate to make him as the biggest shareholder despite Tatsuya was only his adopted grandson.

Good. The time is nearly here.

Akas.h.i.+ called him when he was tidying up his working table. It was 3:45 in the morning. Ren picked up the call.


"It was a stolen van from District 5. I've already identified the two pa.s.sengers. Both of them are friends, unemployed and in their 30s."

"Who hired them?" Ren knitted his brows hearing the unnecessary information. He just wanted to know who was the mastermind and what was their intention in trying to hurt Tsubaki.

"It was... Madam Kitaoji who hired them." Akas.h.i.+ sighed.

"That b.a.s.t.a.r.d's mother?" Ren clenched his fists in anger. The phone almost cracked under his tight grip.

"She wanted to avenge her son. She still doesn't know your ident.i.ty. She a.s.sumed that your wife had seduced her son first and then left him for another rich man. So... what do you want to do?"

"Send the evidences to me. I want to meet Chairman Kitaoji first."

"You're lucky that woman is an amateur in committing crimes. I've already compiled all her misdeeds. She left traces here and there. Check your email in a sec."

Ren hung up.

Akas.h.i.+ wasn't a skilled hacker for nothing. Even though sometimes it was still limited but he had helped Ren for so many times. He decrypted the file from his email and read the contents.

If not for the sake of Old Master Kitaoji, Ren would arrange disaster to befell Kitaoji Family without any warning. That kind old man was so pitiful. He was a good man yet he had monsters as family.

I won't let you off. Just wait for your doom.

Spring Blooms When I'm With You 65 Have Monsters As Family

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