The K-Pop Dream 71 Goodnight Part 1

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"Let me tell you a secret... " Yoo-ah gathers the attention of the room.

"Yoo-ah! Watch what you are you about to say" I interject

She however ignores my call "Dylan.....calls Abeoji Soo-man.... Hyung"

"Really!?" The rest of her members asked shocked. Knowing the gravity that implies Soo-man will never let anyone younger than him address him casually unless they are 1 ) Someone important's son or 2) Someone very wealthy's son.

"Yeah, I saw it live. So you must be careful.. I don't know if Dylan is a Chaebol or if his parents are in Parliament. Be careful"

This causes Soo to immediately change her tone, "Why h.e.l.lo there, young master Dylan, are you into noonas? Please take care of me"

Uri however blocks any attempts of Soo to be seductive, "Ewwww what was that!"

"Shhhh I'm making sure I get more lines in our next comeback.. You can talk to Abeoji right Dylan"

"I can... but I won't you aren't pretty enough. Anyway I'm going to greet the chef. And then we can leave right you guys are done right?"

"How dare you!" Soo tries to pick a fight but I scurry away fast enough avoiding any of her attempts at a.s.sault.

After exchanging pleasantries with Jungsik hyung, thanking him for the meal.

We leave the restaurant, as the SNSD girls head to their car.

Yoo-ah goes with them as its relatively late but not before making me force the manager to get them tteotbokki and snacks for the evening.

"You just had a 5-course meal and you are still hungry?"

"I have a seperate stomach for snacks" She says as she pushes me to concede.

"Fine. But don't stay up to late. You have a schedule tomorrow"

"Oooh are you concerned about me?" She pokes against my s.h.i.+rt

"Not really. But I'm concerned about my money. Go earn me loads more my little piglet" I proceed to pinch her cheeks. Before sending her off.

She looks around for a second and noticing that n.o.body is near she leans into me and says "Aren't you forgetting something?"


Thinking back, the last time I was with her, was that day right?

"Bye? Goodnight Yoo-ah" I say gently earning a small smile as a reward.

Suddenly she shouts " Eomma! What are you doing here?"

Shocked I turn around in the direction. What are the chances of meeting her mom here of all places.

But contrary to my view instead of being greeted by an older women. I'm greeted by the sight of empty sidewalk.

"Hey! I nearly ha..."

Before I even knew what was happening, I feel my head being pulled down and someone else's lips meeting mine.

Her kiss was not gentle- it was far from it this time. Her mouth presses against mine, urging a response from it, as she wraps her hands around my shoulder. My brain exploded into shards of sensation, the feeling in my stomach spreads out and downwards.

She tastes of green moccha, but it was not unpleasant. Far from it, in fact.

Pus.h.i.+ng her away, "My G.o.d, Yoo-ah!" I say in a rough voice "Can you please stop.."

She silences me with a finger on my lips and slowly shakes her head.

It appears that she doesn't want to talk about it now.

She just flashes me a bright smile, as bright as that at 11 a.m. The type that warms you. That is able to sterilize you of all germs.

"Goodnight Dylan" Is all she says as she turns around and runs to the other car leaving me standing there with no clue on what to next.

'd.a.m.n it Yoo-ah, atleast get my oppinion first!'

While I'm still lost in my thoughts, a voice brings me back to reality.




"Huh?" I see hands flying in front of my face

"Oh sorry, I was s.p.a.cing out Won. You ready to leave?" I ask as I reach into my pocket looking for my keys.

"U-huh" she answers courteously

"Then lets go" I turn around and begin walking away from the scene of the crime, with her following in tow.

As soon as we get into the vehicle I finally notice we are a man down, "Where's hyun-joong hyung?"

"He took a taxi. He said to thank you for the night"


And with that brief conversation, I start the engine and we leave.

During the entire ride, we don't speak much. The radio DJ is doing that tonight.

As we pa.s.s through the busy night streets, the cacophony of lights flicker in through the windows which make the view of Won staring into the distance all that more beautiful.

All the while I can't help but wonder, why that kiss from Yoo-ah was so .... bitter. It seemed less like a confession this time and more like.... a farewell.

After 20 minutes of silence, I finally arrive at Won's apartment complex and turn to her.

She has fallen into a deep sleep with her head resting against the headrest.

How she is able to make this mundane action, so elegant, I do not know.

Trying not to disturb her, I reach into her handbag to find her house key. After scrimmaging in that Davey Jone's locker. I finally wrestle it free.

Getting out of the driver side door, I make my way around to her side where I slowly unbuckle her.

Lifting her into a princess carry. I am once more reminded of how light she is. She really has to eat more.

Almost instinctively, she ruffles her head against my chest, messing up my s.h.i.+rt before finding a resting spot on my shoulder.

Her warm breath tickles the side of my neck, sending s.h.i.+vers down my spine as I can hear her rhythmical breathing right next to my ear.

She sounds so much like a cat purring that I can't help but slightly chuckle as I picture Won in cat ears and a tight leather suit.

Now that's an image I wouldn't mind seeing....

The K-Pop Dream 71 Goodnight Part 1

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